1. looking down on snow falling on a parked pickup truck and passing cars on bozeman's main street
  2. an old green truck and an alley
  3. a ford f150 and hipster portlandite meet at an interstection
  4. police cars block off bozemans main street while up the road a fire engine battles a blaze
  5. ups truck in an alley in chicago
  6. cars driving on interstate 84 in portland in the pre-dawn light, mt. hood rising in the distance
  7. a restaurant worker climbs up from a basement to deposit trash bags on the sidewalk for sanitation workers to pickup
  8. a snowy winter street
  9. people and taxis in times square in the middle of new york
  10. front yard on a dead end street
  11. heading up a service road predawn at bridger bowl
  12. a white dodge ram pickup truck driving down north 7th avenue at night
  13. cars whiz past an open garage on south wilson avenue
  14. macys, seattle public market and puget sound beyond
  15. small dog looks into the camera
  16. firefigther picking through gear on the side of a rescue truck
  17. dead bugs obscure the view of a grain truck and rolling plains of central montana at sunset
  18. black truck drives underneath a christmas spider on main street bozeman
  19. firefighters and arborists raise bozeman main street christmas spiders
  20. Blonde girl sitting on the roof of a Chevy Suburban

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