1. mountain bikers ride up a single track trail
  2. snow on the linear trail with the bridger mountains behind
  3. people on the elliot bay trail with the seattle post intelligencer (seattle pi) sign behind them
  4. skier with a backpack tours up a trail on skins in the woods with tall trees
  5. two squirrels fighting in a tree
  6. a large orange leaf sits in the middle of a wooded trail
  7. heavy dark trees shade a forest path
  8. a runner running on a paid trail alongside the lake in lake shore park, chicago
  9. mountain biker
  10. a grove of cottonwoods on the linear trail
  11. sunrise on the bridger mountains
  12. aspen trees draped in fresh snow
  13. can of olympia beer left abandoned on a sign post on the galligator trail
  14. yellow meadow in bozeman
  15. man rides up a singletrack mountain biking trail
  16. mountain biker on slick rock trail outside of moab on an overcast day
  17. singetrack mountain bike trail snaking through a cow pasture indented with the holves of cows
  18. clouds over the bridger mountain range
  19. mountain biker riding the shaft house singletrack in the east bridgers
  20. mountain bikers on montana's mile creek trail, on top of the continental divide at targee divide
  21. mountain bikers riding the slickrock mountain bike trail outside of moab utah with the colorado river in the background
  22. cottonwood trees with strong accent lighting
  23. a trail winds up through a forest
  24. a trail of dark dirt sneaks through a densely wooded forest on the oregon coast
  25. 2008-09-12.jpg
  26. 2008-08-25.jpg
  27. red berries
  28. yellow leaves
  29. golden retriever running along a trail
  30. yellow leaves backlit by the afternoon sun
  31. a strong sun lights up the sides of trees on galligator trail
  32. orange-brown leaves hanging from a tree on a trail
  33. black lab lays alongside galligator trail on a warm fall afternoon
  34. headlamps and street lights combine with fog on a near 0 degree night
  35. bright yellow leaves with red stems
  36. seven week old black lab puppy lays with paws outstretched
  37. orange berries, lonely on a bare bush, on the southeast end of bozeman
  38. peering through young aspen trees and fresh tall grass on the galligator trail
  39. leaves bare fall colors in the mountains
  40. an 8 week old black lab pup follows along a dry trail on a leash
  41. a fencepost along the galligator trail in bozeman montana
  42. subdivision in south bozeman as seen from the galligator trail
  43. loopy light of a headlamp at night in a vast scape of blue snow
  44. a snowy muddy trail snakes through old growth cottonwoods lit up by the winter sunset
  45. girl and a dog walking along a ridgeline trail
  46. girl walks along an aspen lined snowy trail on a cold afternoon
  47. 04-19-06_4.jpg
  48. two girls silhouetted against the setting sun on peet's hill
  49. 01-20-06.jpg

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