1. The wingtip of an airplane caught in silhouette against the rising sun over central Washington.
  2. hotels, highrises and businesses rise up before a backdrop of sea and sky in downtown vancouver, british columbia
  3. winter sunrise
  4. can of olympia beer left abandoned on a sign post on the galligator trail
  5. Alpenglow sunrise on the Bridger mountains
  6. sunrise and mist on yellowstone lake
  7. yellow meadow in bozeman
  8. sunrise illuminates downtown seattle and puget sound
  9. sunrise illuminates the tracks and poles of beaverton transit center
  10. fresh snow in gallatin canyon, north of yellowstone park
  11. cars parked along a snow covered street, the first rays of sun touching the tops of the trees, a bluebird sky
  12. sunrise behind an apartment building in southeast bozeman
  13. rising sun catches the edges of the buildings of downtown seattle
  14. heavy wet snow on a residential street in south bozeman
  15. the sun rises over puget sound lighting up the brick buildings of downtown seattle
  16. waterbottle, coffee mug, shoes, bag, socks, down coat
  17. the old bridger chairlift red chairs at bridger bowl in the summer without the green seats
  18. sunlight catches the posts and rails of beaverton transit center
  19. thick clouds block the rising sun from reaching the towers of downtown honolulu.  a blue morning.
  20. the sunrise backlights smoke billows out from a fire at st. mary's lake in glacier national park
  21. looking through my apartment window at the rising sun over downtown Portland
  22. the rising sun backlights steam rising up from geysers around the shore of yellowstone lake
  23. a young elk with its antlers in felt stands beside the road in yellowstone
  24. the rising sun turns the ground fiery red and illuminates the bridger chairlift on a steep hill in the mountains
  25. a group of people crowds around the the railing of a deck on the Hawaii Super Ferry to watch the sun rise over honlulu
  26. fresh snow dusts the hills of gallatin canyon while the rising sun catches rock formations along the gallatin river
  27. Diamond Head juts out of the island of Oahu obstructing the skyscapers of Honolulu behind it
  28. a white bus parked in a parking lot outside a motel in central washington
  29. orange leaves against a pale blue and yellow sunrise
  30. tight vertical crop of a brick building juxtaposed against a steel and glass one in downtown seattle
  31. sunrise on a mountain hillside
  32. sun streaming out of clouds over the city of honolulu
  33. Seattle Sunrise on Glass
  34. backlit by the rising sun, the bridger chairlift
  35. silhouette of a hiker on a ridge line against the sky
  36. glass buildings catch the first rays of sun
  37. Sun rays break through heavy storm clouds sitting over downtown Honolulu
  38. 2008-08-30.jpg
  39. silhouette of chairlift against sunrise
  40. honolulu emerging from a cloud bank
  41. seattle buildings and puget sound
  42. hiking up to the ridge
  43. sunrise over a brick roofline
  44. twin dirt tracks ascending along a rock wall
  45. vehicles parked along harrison street
  46. male in a red beanie and a dog wait on top of a mountain helipad
  47. sunrise turns a red brick building yellow-gold on a crisp morning
  48. bright primary-colored balls on a christmas tree in the morning sun
  49. sunrise turns the sky pink over a green mountain side at bridger bowl
  50. sunrise on the Bantail mountain range silhouettes the lift towers at Bridger Bowl
  51. bright red chairlifts catch the sunrise at bridger bowl
  52. a yellow lab peering down into the camera on a sun-lit street
  53. a brick wall on a muddy, snowy alley at sunrise
  54. sunrise warms a quiet neighboorhood street in south bozeman
  55. winter sunrise catches a snow covered hill and apartment building in its light
  56. beat up old toyota land cruiser parked in the snow
  57. sunlight streaming through an open window catches the top of a couch
  58. red rust stains a blue metal pipe
  59. first ray's of morning sunshine catch a fresh coat of frost on autumn leaves.
  60. snow covers a tree and sidewalk lit by streetlights on a lonely residential street
  61. quiet residential avenue at sunrise after a fresh snow
  62. longfellow elementary school shrouded in deep fresh snow
  63. brick apartment building turned yellow by the sunrise
  64. morning fog catches and distorts the reflection of the sunrise on a glass building
  65. cars covered in fresh snow line the curb at dawn
  66. tail lights streaking through a snowy instersection lit by street lights
  67. backlit plexiglass running the length of the entrance to an underground parking garage
  68. frosty window lit up by sunrise and a streetlamp
  69. peak of roof catches yellow light from rising sun and the shadow of a chimney
  70. Portland's US Bank Tower glows at sunrise surrounded by a shadow-cast skyline
  71. Light rail tracks lit up by the rising sun lead down to a MAX Red Line train shillouetted against the Williamette River in downtown Portland
  72. graffiti spells out .pp. Loser HQ on the top of a brick building, shaded yellow by the rising sun, near burnside on 11th ave in portland, to the left fading lettering can be seen from an old, hand-painted sign
  73. with the foreground lit by fill flash, sunrise at Bridger Bowl with a girl and the Bridger Station Patrol Hut in the background
  74. smoke from the Red Eagle forest fire in glacier national park billows up between two trees at sunrise
  75. power lines silhouetted against sunrise in a back alley off of Main St., Bozeman, MT
  76. tiny red dot of the sun trying to break through a thick veil of smoke at sunrise looking over the roofline of the apartments at 908 s tracy in bozeman, montana
  77. Charilift at Bridger Bowl silhouetted against a pink sunrise in August
  78. Alley between Tracy and Bozeman lit up by sunrise in mid summer
  79. sun siholuetting trees at sunrise on the north face of Bridger Bowl
  80. Brick roofline and trees at sunrise, looking south from the 2nd story, downtown Bozeman, Montana
  81. couch
  82. 06-28-06.jpg
  83. 01-28-06.jpg
  84. 01-26-06.jpg
  85. IMG_0185.jpg
  86. IMG_0142.jpg
  87. IMG_0166.jpg
  88. IMG_0144.jpg

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