1. an old dump truck in a puddle in a parking lot on a rainy day
  2. portland oregon as seen from the interstate on the east side
  3. backlit grass on coronado beach in san diego
  4. people on the elliot bay trail with the seattle post intelligencer (seattle pi) sign behind them
  5. ducks float in a lake in denver
  6. rain and overcast skies in the village neighborhood of east bozeman
  7. snow on a road in northeast bozeman
  8. a snowboarder stands next to an american flag on top of breckenridge
  9. a small skier in a field of snow
  10. bright day on the coast in california
  11. the shadow of a tree falls on a groomed ski run
  12. snow ghosts on trees
  13. skier on a line in the nose section of bridger bowl
  14. small lilac buds
  15. wind blown fresh snow on the slopes of the bridger mountains
  16. sun sets over the yellowstone geyser basin backlighting a lot of steam
  17. a grove of trees in the snow on top of discovery ski resort
  18. mountain biker
  19. cyclists leave the transition area on their bicycles
  20. blurry out of focus photograph of a southeast portland street
  21. headframe of the travonia mine in butte, painted with the words butte
  22. cars along a street in butte, montana
  23. yellow flowers in a garden
  24. old faithful geyser going off at sunset
  25. tiny purple lilac buds wrapped in fresh green leaves
  26. spring light in south bozeman
  27. pink flowers slowly wilting brown
  28. the columbia river gorge
  29. sunset catches snow on the teton mountains across a valley of farmland
  30. white and orange flower
  31. pink light on a seattle street
  32. little pink flowers in a brown dirt field
  33. snowboarders in a line hiking up the ridge at bridger bowl
  34. red flowers on a bush
  35. red motel sign in the shadow of much taller towers, downtown seattle
  36. trees and sidewalk in southeast
  37. burger king off of martin luther king boulevard, lloyd district
  38. portland street. tree's line the road.
  39. a ferry in the waters of puget sound moving into the sunset
  40. lavendar and purple lilacs blooming in spring
  41. orange poppy
  42. mountain biker on slick rock trail outside of moab on an overcast day
  43. peet's hill and the bridger mountain range
  44. singetrack mountain bike trail snaking through a cow pasture indented with the holves of cows
  45. a cow elk grazes on grass near a river in yellowstone national park
  46. elk fawn facing away from the camera into a tree
  47. setting sun illuminates some trees on the horizon across a field
  48. snow and fog cover a hillside in the mountains near big sky, montana
  49. seattle skyline and piers on the waterfront
  50. bridger bowl. skiers hiking along the ridge on a spring afternoon getting ready to drop into routes off of the north end of the ridge.
  51. steam spouts out of old faithful geyser in yellowstone national park
  52. black and white photo of the skyline of downtown denver rising over city park in the foreground
  53. sunset turns the book cliffs red in the desert outside of Fruita, Colorado
  54. red coffee cup neon sign against blue sky in seattle's pike place representing seattle's best coffee
  55. black and white trees and gravel in the seattle sculpture park
  56. mountain bikers riding the slickrock mountain bike trail outside of moab utah with the colorado river in the background
  57. overcast night in seattle
  58. narrow focus minimum depth of field photograph of purple and lavender lilac flowers with dew drops dripping off and dark green leaves out of focus in the foreground and background
  59. two cyclists walk their bikes off the path and into the grass in gasworks park while people lounge and play in the background
  60. brick wall spray painted purple with a head in a space helmet and lettering made of twisted pipe shapes
  61. snowboarder and tele skiier in deep snow on the nose of the ridge at bridger bowl with a clear sky
  62. strong afternoon sunlight on the U.S. Bank Tower as it stands over seattle's west lake park
  63. yellow bicycle next to an iron gate in belltown seattle
  64. skiiers on the summit of peak 8 at breckenridge on a blue bird day
  65. cross proccessed photo of bombadier grooming machines at breckenridge ski resort
  66. a man in a thong and another in a bikini ski across a pond at big sky ski resort during the 2011 big sky pond skim
  67. rocky mountain mountain bike in a yakima fork mount rack on top of a subaru wagon in arches national park with a big rock in the background
  68. pink alpen glow on the cliff bluffs in fruita at sunset in the spring
  69. looking down at the intersection, wet newspapers scattered across the street
  70. female skiing fresh powder in the apron at bridger bowl
  71. sign for pete's kitchen on colfax avenue in denver
  72. fresh snow in gallatin canyon, north of yellowstone park
  73. Two men study a cell phone at pike place public market
  74. a shaved golden retriever plays in tall green spring grass
  75. pink tulips against a sea of green plants
  76. small light pink apple blossom flowers on a tree
  77. think heavy wet snow on the branches of a tree
  78. fresh snow on the mountains
  79. girl stands at the top of rendezvous peak in jackson hole, wyoming looking out at the snow on nearby mountains
  80. macro narrow depth of field photo of a branch sticking out of a bush with a pink flower on it and the leaves fanned out
  81. the rising sun backlights steam rising up from geysers around the shore of yellowstone lake
  82. a tree blooms with green and orange leaves
  83. an old looking sepia toned black and white image of mount teton in wyoming
  84. lights reflect on pine street on a rainy evening in seattle
  85. flowering lilacs
  86. a pink petal on a branch with orange and green leaves
  87. an old wood and rusty farm implement in a field with snow covered bridgers in the background
  88. fresh snow dusts the hills of gallatin canyon while the rising sun catches rock formations along the gallatin river
  89. the willamette river reflects the city lights and overcast sky of portland oregon
  90. a girl with yellow pants and a white jacket and bunny ears skis bumps during a freestyle skiing competition at bridger bowl
  91. a large snapping turtle with curved beak, beady eyes, and long claws lays on cement, its back covered in moss and grass
  92. the setting sun reflects on fresh snow on bridger mountain range
  93. a trail snaking through aspen trees and shrubs covered in snow with snow falling down in blurry streaks
  94. a bison with patchy, molting fur, covered in leaves and grass stands with his head slightly turned
  95. out of focus pink and purple flowers
  96. dark pink and purple storm light on a suburban street
  97. snowboarder descending through blowing billowing snow
  98. a bison calf walks in front of a much larger grazing bison in a meadow in yellowstone national park
  99. sparsely crowded pike place farmers market early on a wet saturday morning
  100. black and white photo of bison taking a dust bath in yellowstone national park
  101. bokeh photo of flowers blooming on a tree
  102. black and white photo of skiiers hiking along the ridge going north from the patrol station at bridger bowl
  103. sunset light reflecting on the buildings around pike place market in seattle
  104. a snowboarder riding in heavy snow
  105. two skiers race each other down a mogul field in warm spring snow during a freestyle competition at bridger bowl
  106. a street lined with old brick buildings in the spring sun
  107. blonde mannequin in a nordstrom window dressed in khakis and a 3/4 length red and white striped shirt
  108. a long exposure looking down at a creek leaves long lines of movement
  109. out of focus lilac flowers
  110. sign atop the baxter hotel during a snowstorm
  111. faint pink flower petals
  112. very narrow depth of field shot of a public vegetable market in the pike place public market
  113. setting sun warms up red brick of buildings on bozemans main street
  114. setting sun warms up the walls of buildings surrounding pike place market
  115. a bright pink tree in the yard of a small bungalow in north portland
  116. two skiiers race through the bumps in between jumps on wet thick snow
  117. blue and green and pink lights on the columns of the morrison bridge over the willamette river in downtown portland oregon
  118. looking down at the glass-covered awning of the grand hyatt hotel and pine street
  119. Lewiston Hotel and the Frontier Room
  120. portland's pioneer place mall
  121. orange and red leaves around a pink flower blossoming on a tree
  122. a bicyclist rides down a downtown portland street next to a MAX light rail train
  123. flowers blooming in the portland rose gardens
  124. the downtown skyline of Portland Oregon with the Willamette River in the foreground
  125. a MAX light rail train rolls past Pioneer Square
  126. pink flowers on a tree
  127. people on bicycles ride along cannon beach, oregon
  128. the lights of portland oregon reflected in the willamette river
  129. fishmongers setting up their displays for the day at the Pike Place Fish Market
  130. a parking garage on southwest 1st avenue in portland, oregon
  131. a purple bike with training wheels sits abandoned on a sidewalk
  132. a lonely rose in portland's international rose test garden
  133. two kids with a video camera in portland's waterfront park
  134. People walk past the adidas store in the pearl district
  135. lights on the morrison bridge over the williamette river in downtown portland, oregon
  136. pale pink flowers against a blue and yellow backdrop
  137. brick apartment building
  138. white and pink cherry blossoms on a branch with dark red leaves
  139. flowers and other beach flora in front of haystalk rock on the oregon coast
  140. a spray can in the weeds outside an abandoned building in portland's pirate town
  141. an older model dark navy volvo drives past pike place market
  142. the historic pioneer courthouse in downtown portland lit up at night
  143. spray paint on a building in pirate town
  144. pink flowers on a tree
  145. looking down on south burnside avenue from the pittock mansion
  146. a pink bicycle chained to a blue post
  147. a yellow suv taxicab on broadway in downtown portland
  148. tiny pale pink cherry blossom
  149. a max train streams past a lonely bicycle chained to a post
  150. empty spray cans and other trash litter the floor of an abandoned run down building
  151. pink flower blooming in the portland rose garden
  152. a bright orange poppy
  153. heavy rain falling at night on a seattle street
  154. cyclist in yellowstone national park
  155. sunset on pine street in seattle
  156. pink apple blossoms and purple leaves on a tree
  157. looking down at a bus at the intersection of pine and seventh street in downtown seattle
  158. Seattle Sunrise on Glass
  159. mannequins in a window display at nordstrom downtown in Seattle
  160. a baby bison calf naps in a field in yellowstone national park
  161. sailboats docked in the everett harbor
  162. a cherry tree blossoms outside an apartment building in Portland, Oregon
  163. a leaf bud on a small branch with snow
  164. a mannequin in a floral jacket holds a pair of sunglasses in her hand
  165. looking down pine street at pikes place market and puget sound
  166. small pink and white apple blossoms and purple leaves with fresh dew drops
  167. small crystals of snow on dead flowers
  168. 2008-09-17.jpg
  169. 2008-08-28.jpg
  170. sailboats in everett bay
  171. roses with snow on them
  172. birds eye view looking down at a taxi on the street
  173. 2008-06-22.jpg
  174. mannequin in a nordstrom window display
  175. lights on in the windows of downtown buildings
  176. snowy front yard
  177. yellow leaf
  178. front yard on a dead end street
  179. dog dries off
  180. water surges over a dam
  181. mill reflected in water
  182. phelps mill on the otter tail river
  183. tree bark
  184. still blue river
  185. water rushing over a dam
  186. street and skyline
  187. sunset
  188. seattle sidewalk
  189. grizzly bears
  190. two bison laying down in a field
  191. sandhill cranes walking
  192. thick spring snow clumped onto tree branches
  193. 2008-04-05.jpg
  194. clothes in bright spring colors
  195. a cloudy afternoon in seattle
  196. golden retriever running along a trail
  197. bike messenger on a yellow bike turning through an intersection
  198. heavy rain falling on pine street in downtown seattle
  199. a strong sun lights up the sides of trees on galligator trail
  200. female brushing extra fur off a shedding yellow lab
  201. backlit aspen leaves
  202. heavy spring snow on a tree and powerline
  203. the seattle convention center
  204. dry yellow grass sticks out of white snow against blue mountains
  205. footsteps down a dark sidewalk lined with trees
  206. white snow decorates a bare branch against a bluebird sky
  207. a boy in a brown coat with a big hood walks along a sun-bleached street at sunset
  208. a nearly deserted wet street in seattle
  209. Pine Street on a rainy night in seattle
  210. small white blossoms set off the dark red leaves of a cherry tree
  211. the red bridger chairlift stretches across a meadow and up the face of the bridger mountains
  212. warning buoys stretched across the swollen spokane river
  213. the twin round columns of the westin hotel rise above seattle skyline on a rainy night
  214. golden retriever on a blue leash being held by a female in an orange coat on a sidewalk at sunrise
  215. people walk down a sidewalk on a dark street in seattle
  216. three woman walking underneath the alaskan way viaduct
  217. pikes place market at sunset, 2 men outside a public restroom in waterfront park
  218. man crosses a street with traffic in downtown seattle
  219. fresh snow, lit by street lights, piled up outside the emerson cultural center
  220. people walk past a bright pink and green ipod wrapped bus on a seattle street
  221. a mannequin stands behind a mannequin sitting on a modern red chair in a window display
  222. yellow-jacketed sailors pilot a sailboat through the harbor in everett
  223. rain droplets glisten on bright purple lilacs against a periwinkle evening sky
  224. a dented blue car and drift boat sit on a quite residential bozeman street
  225. neon lights indicate vacancy at the murray hotel on 2nd street in livingston
  226. spring sunset on south bozeman avenue
  227. peering through young aspen trees and fresh tall grass on the galligator trail
  228. a royal blue pool sits in bright orange and plain gray mud in yellowstone park
  229. people run across an intersection on a near empty street on a rainy spring night in seattle washington
  230. girl walking along a sidewalk in seattle
  231. fire engines converge on the scene where a construction worker fell while working on a high-rise hotel
  232. the swollen spokane river surges through downtown spokane
  233. bridger bowls bright red bridger lift carrying skiiers up the face of the bridger mountain range
  234. the roof of a mall in the foreground while business towers and hotels fill out the rest of the seattle skyline
  235. a long-dead tree lies in a desolate valley in yellowstone national park
  236. small pink flowers and deep red leaves hold little droplets of water on a cool spring morning
  237. driving along I-90 West just outside of Missoula Montana
  238. cars at an intersection just outside of downtown seattle
  239. two mannequins in the window of nordstrom downtown in seattle surveying the scene around them
  240. macys, seattle public market and puget sound beyond
  241. power poles stand next to an icy gravel road outside of bozeman montana
  242. a man in a tan coat and a woman in gray pants walk up a sidewalk in seattle
  243. a yellow lab standing on the sidewalk on a crisp spring morning
  244. a parking lot along I5 in Seattle on a bright weekday morning
  245. large arrows mark the lanes of traffic in an empty parking garage
  246. tourists lean out the window of a hummer h3 to take photos of bison in yellowstone park
  247. white corn and other veggies for sale in an outdoor market
  248. bison walk up a hill eating their way along
  249. a shaved golden retriever runs next to a creek in the patchy morning sun
  250. fish vendors set up their ice display on an early saturday morning
  251. american flags wave above pine street in seattle
  252. bikes stacked against the side of the 2nd Street Bistro
  253. red berries hang from a sparse green twig
  254. streetlights turn the rain amber on an especially wet seattle evening
  255. bright orange poppy backlit by the afternoon sun
  256. red and white stripes decorate the shirt of a mannequin in a nordstrom window display
  257. shoppers walk along a seattle street at sunset
  258. sleet falls down on the roof of a subaru outback in bozeman
  259. neon vacancy sign of the murray hotel
  260. girl in a white honda watches me take a photo of her
  261. a yellow flower on one side of the bank and an overflowing geyser on the other
  262. a bison and calf walk up a hill looking for food
  263. girl washes dishes on the other side of a window
  264. geese walk along a river bank in a meadow near indian creek in yellowstone
  265. a tree casts a sharp blue shadow on cristally white snow
  266. a yellow lab peering down into the camera on a sun-lit street
  267. three bison in yellowstone national park taking a dust bath
  268. the spokane river rushes under warning buoys strung across it
  269. girl in a white jacket holds a red umbrella up to a rainy seattle evening
  270. Four people in black, one with an umbrella, walk past a taxi in front of a hotel
  271. towers of the westin hotel against an evening sky
  272. woman on phone walks past a bus watching me snap a shot
  273. curly haired boy walks in a group on pine street in downtown seattle
  274. fresh white snow juxtaposed against a dark brown tree trunk and dark blue sky
  275. sunset caught by the brick building of plonk on main street bozeman
  276. a pale white, pink, and yellow flower blooms in a tree in seattle
  277. a brick wall on a muddy, snowy alley at sunrise
  278. sunrise warms a quiet neighboorhood street in south bozeman
  279. silver bmw races through an intersection headed into downtown seattle
  280. swollen river surges through downtown spokane at night
  281. pink flower blossoms and red leaves
  282. downed timber cradled by a standing tree in a dark riverbed
  283. setting sun reflected through the windows of a greenhouse
  284. creek running through emrald green grass surrounded by dead yellow grass in a valley
  285. snow capped peaks frame the gallatin valley where a water tower and nursing home sit atop a hill on the east side of bozeman
  286. 04-19-06_4.jpg
  287. 05-08-06.jpg
  288. 05-06-06.jpg
  289. 02-04-06.jpg
  290. IMG_0050.jpg

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