1. bike rack designed to look like a bicycle
  2. people crowd michigan avenue in downtown chicago on an autumn morning
  3. fire truck and ambulance in front of a cheap motel on colfax avenue
  4. two men confer behind some flowers on a new york city street in the rain
  5. group of students stand on the north side of the whitehouse
  6. girl walks along the sidewalk in nyc's flatiron district
  7. breakdancer on the sidewalk
  8. crowded pedestrian walkway in san jose costa rica
  9. bikes on a bike rack next to a busy street in downtown lahina
  10. an el train rolls on overhead tracks while a gray line bus and other traffic cross underneath
  11. man in jeans and a black jacket carrying a black umbrella down a new york city street in a rainstorm
  12. trees and sidewalk in southeast
  13. girl in a red dress and brown leather sandals standing on the sidewalk
  14. heavy snow in south bozeman
  15. visual noise in the city: flowers, cars and people clustered together on michigan avenue at lake street
  16. crowds of people and busses on michigan avenue at lake street in downtown chicago
  17. crowd of people walks down the sidewalk in chicago
  18. many people walking along michigan avenue in downtown chicago
  19. corner of bleeker, ciao vineria concucina restaurant
  20. looking down at the intersection, wet newspapers scattered across the street
  21. blue classic schwinn cruiser bicycle chained to a sign post in brooklyn
  22. heavy snow in a neighborhood in south bozeman
  23. An American Eagle panty display - large posters of bums in panties in a window
  24. bright green-blue/teal building with red roof and 007 sign in se portland
  25. a man sits on a sidewalk on a portland street
  26. The cobblestone sidewalk of downtown Portland at night as a cyclist rides by.
  27. looking down a pink bike frame from wheel to wheel
  28. 5th avenue outside the met. taxis on a rainy street, people walking with umbrellas, an overcast sky
  29. people walking along the sidewalk in downtown portland near pioneer square
  30. cruiser bikes parked along the curb in lahaina
  31. a busy sidewalk and a cobblestone street in the soho neighborhood of new york city
  32. a man rides his bike on the sidewalk alongside morrison street in downtown portland in the dark of the night
  33. black and white photo of a rainy morning in downtown vancouver with rena heer
  34. people hide from the rain under umbrellas on a street corner in new york city during a summer down pour
  35. dinosaur tracks on the sidewalk leading into the science museum of minnesota
  36. a purple specialized road bike chained to a bike post on southeast hawthorne boulevard in portland
  37. black and white photo of a street in new york city
  38. a man wearing jeans and a dark jacket walks down madison avenue carrying a black umbrella on a rainy evening
  39. a young male break dances in the middle of the sidewalk while people look on in new york city
  40. dry brown leaves in a low-perspective shot of the sidwalk looking out towards the street with tall trees standing between
  41. black and white photo, looking down at macy's from the empire state building
  42. a MAX train goes by several bicycles chained to a bike rack on southwest morrison avenue
  43. a classically lettered facade to the bicycle renaissance store in new york
  44. a restaurant worker climbs up from a basement to deposit trash bags on the sidewalk for sanitation workers to pickup
  45. a black urban fixie chained to a post on a cobblestone street in the soho neighborhood
  46. an old fading paint job, once red and now blue, on a brick wall in new york city
  47. people walk down 5th avenue with umbrellas while a heavy rain pours down
  48. aa runner in sunset beach park in vancouver british columbia's west end neighborhood on a winter afternoon
  49. female with a blue patagonia bag in a teal hoodie and shorts walks across an intersection on pike street in downtown seattle
  50. a fruit stand in chinatown
  51. a staircase leading down to DUMBO from the Brooklyn Bridge
  52. bright neon lights of times square at midnight
  53. a boutique on hawthorne Boulevard named eight women
  54. a man who pedals a pedicab around new york's times square district at night
  55. bags of trash on a street in new york
  56. people walk down burrard street at dusk in winter
  57. a purple bike with training wheels sits abandoned on a sidewalk
  58. People walk past the adidas store in the pearl district
  59. people and taxis in times square in the middle of new york
  60. a max train streams past a lonely bicycle chained to a post
  61. looking up the street at teh waterfront skytrain system in downtown vancouver
  62. bike tread in snow
  63. heavy rain falling at night on a seattle street
  64. newspaper dispensers in downtown chicago on the corner of wacker and madison
  65. black labrador retriever blinks in heavy snow
  66. heavy snow falling on the sidewalk along main street, downtown bozeman
  67. people walk along the sidewalk on burrard street, going home
  68. tourists walk down a street in chicago towing suitcases behind them
  69. a minivan drives through an intersection in lahaina while people walk along the street
  70. a black town bike locked to a post in an urban neighborhood
  71. man with a shoulder bag hikes up a hill in seattle
  72. trees line a nearly empty street in belltown, seattle
  73. rena heer stands under an umbrella talking into a camera in downtown vancouver
  74. 2 year old black labrador covered in snow
  75. people walk to work in the rain down the sidewalk on burrard street
  76. an old house on a hill in Phelps, Minnesota
  77. Asian girl in red sweater walks alone down Chicago sidewalk while buildings loom in the background
  78. Teenage girls in satin gowns and high heels disembark from a party bus on a rainy winter night in Vancouver.
  79. MSU Students protesting to promote the Sawyer Brown concert on the sidewalk next to Main Street in Bozeman. A girl walks past
  80. Mirrored Sidewalk
  81. shadow of a tree on the sidewalk
  82. girl walks past 4runner
  83. busses parked along the sidewalk
  84. street and skyline
  85. seattle sidewalk
  86. group of young people cross the street
  87. single bike on an empty street
  88. three people with umbrellas walk past a hotel restaurant
  89. a white suburban pulls into a snowy driveway
  90. girl in a faux-fur hooded coat wipes at her eye on the sidewalk
  91. female in dark blue jeans and white boots walks along the sidewalk
  92. footsteps down a dark sidewalk lined with trees
  93. girl in a polka-dot dress stands on a sidewalk
  94. a male and female sittiing under an umbrella at a sidewalk cafe on nicollet mall in minneapolis
  95. girl walking along a sidewalk in seattle
  96. small sidewalk cafe setup on a lonely street in seattle
  97. golden lab peering down into camera on a suburban street
  98. brick mansion looking out at a snowy evening
  99. shaky lights of the skyline viewed from portland's hawthorne bridge
  100. bright red flowers against a dark sea of wet green and gray on a sidewalk

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