1. looking down the chicago river
  2. a train on the lower track of portland's steel bridge at night
  3. dog splashes water running across the west boulder river
  4. shadows on the stone of the chicago mercantile exchanage
  5. hawthorne bridge and waterfront park
  6. lights from portland reflected on the willamette river
  7. Looking across the Willamette River at Portland
  8. mystery ranch big sky pack in the foreground blue rafts and the rio pacquare in the background
  9. dark storm clouds over downtown minneapolis
  10. lights from the morrison bridge reflected in the willamette river at night
  11. the otter tail river flows through the phelps mill damn, sunset illuminating phelps mill in the background
  12. night in portland, lights from the steel bridge reflect in the willamette river
  13. brick river center building in the loop, chicago, just after sunset
  14. chicago tribune building catching the last sunlight of the day
  15. a cow elk grazes on grass near a river in yellowstone national park
  16. red white and blue reflections
  17. the willamette river and city lights of portland
  18. night on the east river, overcast sky reflects city lights, new york
  19. night along the willamette river with the lights of downtown portland in the distance
  20. lights of downtown portland buildings reflected in the willamette river at night
  21. a female wades through a creek barefoot holding her shoes up above her head
  22. the lights of buildings in downtown portland are reflected in the willamette river on an overcast night
  23. a partially raised Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 5.1 on an overcast night in Portland
  24. waterfalls running under a natural bridge at natural bridge state park south of mcleod montana
  25. birds eye view of the st. johns neighborhood of north portland from the saint john bridge
  26. an overcast night in new york city below the manhattan island bridge on the edge of the east river
  27. people sit on a bench in empire fulton ferry state park on the brooklyn side of the east river, under the brooklyn bridge
  28. a ferry in front of the statue of liberty on a foggy night
  29. night photo of portland's morrison bridge lit up for night and reflecting in the willamette river
  30. the willamette river reflects the city lights and overcast sky of portland oregon
  31. phelps mill below the dam on the otter tail river
  32. ferrys circle around the statue of liberty in a compressed shot taken from the top of the empire state building
  33. highly saturated image of the city lights of portland reflected in the willamette river at night
  34. night photo of the steel bridge over the willamette river in portland oregon with a freight train on the bottom tier
  35. black and white image of the willamette river with snow falling along the bank and ducks swimming
  36. looking south along the willamette river in portland oregon
  37. blue and green and pink lights on the columns of the morrison bridge over the willamette river in downtown portland oregon
  38. looking south from rockefeller center at the empire state building and manhattan skyline
  39. photo of the us bank tower and made in oregon sign with the willamette river and vera katz esplanade
  40. the blur of falling water over a dam
  41. the downtown skyline of Portland Oregon with the Willamette River in the foreground
  42. the brooklyn bridge at night
  43. the lights of portland oregon reflected in the willamette river
  44. two kids with a video camera in portland's waterfront park
  45. lights on the morrison bridge over the williamette river in downtown portland, oregon
  46. lights of the hawthorne bridge and downtown portland reflected in the willamette river
  47. a female elk dozing by the river in yellowstone national park
  48. a max train rolls across while a freight train goes along the lower part of the portland steel bridge
  49. ice cream vendor with a colorful umbrella atop her cart on the stone arch bridge in minneapolis
  50. flags on a bridge over the chicago river
  51. the lights of downtown portland reflected in the Willamette river
  52. condos along the mississippi river
  53. Pillsbury Flour Mill
  54. a castle on the danube river
  55. pillsbury flour mill on the banks of the mississippi
  56. dog dries off
  57. water surges over a dam
  58. mill reflected in water
  59. phelps mill on the otter tail river
  60. still blue river
  61. water rushing over a dam
  62. elk by a river
  63. flying trumpeter swan
  64. bluejay flying off a branch
  65. grizzly bears
  66. head sticks out of the water
  67. fog rises over a river
  68. brown river flows under dark storm clouds
  69. snow gathers on rocks along side the willamette river in downtown portland
  70. the mississippi river in east st. paul complete with river boats on the fourth of july
  71. flowers along the otter tail river fill the foreground while the red and white phelps mill stands in the background
  72. Pillsbury Flour Mill in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River
  73. the swollen spokane river surges through downtown spokane
  74. saint paul minnesota and the mississipi river on a bright summer morning
  75. a large man stands next to the old phelps mill fishing in the twilight
  76. woman rides a bike over the mississippi river in minneapolis
  77. a yellow flower on one side of the bank and an overflowing geyser on the other
  78. the spokane river rushes under warning buoys strung across it
  79. swollen river surges through downtown spokane at night
  80. Phelps Mill lit up at sunrise sits upstream as the Otter Tail River flows by
  81. three men fishing along the madison river in yellowstone national park near the west entrance at sunset
  82. Dark trees and grass on the banks of the Otter Tail River at sunset
  83. 2006-09-03.jpg
  84. large snowflakes obscure the dark, hulking steel mass of Hawthorne Bridge
  85. grass on the bank of the wide and dark Otter Tail
  86. 06-12-06.jpg
  87. boy and man fishing on the bank of the Otter Tail next to an old mill and dam
  88. 06-06-2006.jpg
  89. a slow river flows through lush banks of overhanging trees
  90. bridges over the willamette river at dusk in portland oregon

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