1. sunrise illuminates downtown seattle and puget sound
  2. a ferry in the waters of puget sound moving into the sunset
  3. seattle skyline and piers on the waterfront
  4. rising sun catches the edges of the buildings of downtown seattle
  5. the sun rises over puget sound lighting up the brick buildings of downtown seattle
  6. lights reflect on pine street on a rainy evening in seattle
  7. black and white photo of a ferry leaving seattle through puget sound on an overcast day
  8. a bright red coffee pot in neon in front of pike place market
  9. puget sound in between an apartment building and a parking garage
  10. glass buildings catch the first rays of sun
  11. looking down pine street at pikes place market and puget sound
  12. 2008-08-30.jpg
  13. seattle buildings and puget sound

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