1. quiet street in downtown seattle
  2. looking south down 1st avenue in downtown seattle
  3. angie's umbrella, a red umbrella statue between bellotown and the market
  4. red coffee cup neon sign against blue sky in seattle's pike place representing seattle's best coffee
  5. security guards mill under an awning, avoiding the rain in an empty pike place market
  6. overcast night in seattle
  7. an out of focus orange flower obscures the bottom left corner of a view through a window of a sur la table store
  8. men in orange overalls load fish onto an ice-covered table in pike place market early on a saturday
  9. a man in a yellow rain jacket heads towards pike place market
  10. three ladies walking along the pavement
  11. dark red strawberry tomatos for sale in a plastic container vendor stall in pike place market
  12. a light in pike place market protected by a slim metal bracket
  13. sparsely crowded pike place farmers market early on a wet saturday morning
  14. sunset light reflecting on the buildings around pike place market in seattle
  15. very narrow depth of field shot of a public vegetable market in the pike place public market
  16. setting sun warms up the walls of buildings surrounding pike place market
  17. a bright red coffee pot in neon in front of pike place market
  18. fishmongers setting up their displays for the day at the Pike Place Fish Market
  19. an older model dark navy volvo drives past pike place market
  20. hipsters walk into a building
  21. green beans in a box on a table at pike place market
  22. Porch of Seattle's Best Coffee outside Pike Place Market in Seattle
  23. looking down pine street at pikes place market and puget sound
  24. The MarketSpice tea shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market.
  25. a cloudy afternoon in seattle
  26. multicolored pamphlets pasted to a wall
  27. female in a hoody in a small store
  28. a boy in a brown coat with a big hood walks along a sun-bleached street at sunset
  29. bright kernels of corn on the cob in a food vendor stall
  30. pasta vendor in pike place market selling spicy thai linguini
  31. girl walking along a sidewalk in seattle
  32. a girl in a white jacket and pink umbrella stands next to a man with a black umbrella on a street corner
  33. macys, seattle public market and puget sound beyond
  34. white corn and other veggies for sale in an outdoor market
  35. fish vendors set up their ice display on an early saturday morning
  36. bright colors of a public posting
  37. seattle public fruit market at pikes place
  38. girl in a white jacket holds a red umbrella up to a rainy seattle evening
  39. fresh cut, orange tulips in a vendors stall at the seattle public market
  40. man in a dark blue hoody sweatshirt lays out fruit for sale
  41. fish sitting out on ice for sale at Pike Place Market
  42. typography on a sign

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