1. sun dips behind a peak, backlighting clouds
  2. people on the elliot bay trail with the seattle post intelligencer (seattle pi) sign behind them
  3. First Presbyterian Church in Portland with a purple steeple
  4. ducks float in a lake in denver
  5. spindly trees and puffy clouds in seattle
  6. heavy dark trees shade a forest path
  7. a runner running on a paid trail alongside the lake in lake shore park, chicago
  8. palm trees grow around a pavilion built onto the beach
  9. a grove of cottonwoods on the linear trail
  10. a swimmer walks out of the water at ala moana beach
  11. runners run along the curves of the seawall with Burrard Inlet in the background.
  12. giant sculptures in the seattle sculpture park shot through the trees
  13. pink and orange lights of new york city reflected in the fog and river
  14. skeletal frames and high rises stand above waterfront park in downtown portland
  15. a cyclist carries their bike up a steep flight of concrete stairs on a hill in the woods
  16. hawthorne bridge and waterfront park
  17. the spire of the space needle and glass highrises of downtown rise over lake union in this overcast photo
  18. pale pink flowers
  19. stairwell descending into a park somewhere in prague
  20. crowded pedestrian walkway in san jose costa rica
  21. baseball field with a hill of houses behind it in downtown seattle
  22. people wander around in the green grass of seattle's gasworks park
  23. man sleeps under a tree in a park
  24. deep snow in a park in south bozeman
  25. sands of ala moana beach park with the lights of downtown honolulu and the ala moana neighborhood rising behind
  26. a giant red and white sculpture in the seattle sculpture park
  27. people standing on a hill in gasworks park in seattle with downtown in the distance across the lake
  28. black and white photo of the skyline of downtown denver rising over city park in the foreground
  29. black and white trees and gravel in the seattle sculpture park
  30. two cyclists walk their bikes off the path and into the grass in gasworks park while people lounge and play in the background
  31. girl on a bike in the trees near lake calhoun in downtown minneapolis
  32. night on the east river, overcast sky reflects city lights, new york
  33. pedestrian crosses the street out side of madison square park in the flatiron district of new york on an overcast day
  34. strong sunset on the grass of phelps mill park casts long shadows
  35. looking up at a radio tower at night
  36. a shaved golden retriever plays in tall green spring grass
  37. people sit on a bench in empire fulton ferry state park on the brooklyn side of the east river, under the brooklyn bridge
  38. a brick path leads off in the foreground to intersect with a bridge leading into new york city shrouded in fog
  39. phelps mill below the dam on the otter tail river
  40. palm trees blow in the wind on a peninsula in ala moana beach park in honolulu
  41. a rainy morning in a park in vancouver looking at the official countdown clock to the 2010 winter olympics
  42. the sun sets behind a hill on the other side of the otter tail river on a summer evening in phelps mill park
  43. a detail photo of the center of an orange flower
  44. trees growing in a kind of park in downtown lahaina with mountains rising behind
  45. a man rides a road bike through central park
  46. sand and palm trees flanked by the towers of downtown honolulu
  47. a black labrador shakes off after swimming in a river spraying droplets of water
  48. aa runner in sunset beach park in vancouver british columbia's west end neighborhood on a winter afternoon
  49. benches in the park under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass
  50. a mural of ronald mcdonald in a park in
  51. the manhattan bridge rises over the DUMBO neighborhood
  52. two kids with a video camera in portland's waterfront park
  53. looking up from the theatre at grant park at the chicago skyline
  54. Ala Moana Beach
  55. a garden wall in downtown Prague
  56. looking down at phelps mill on the otter tail river
  57. people walk along english bay beach on a winter day
  58. two men spray water on a park to create a skating rink
  59. gold medal flour mill and new condos rise up alongside the mississippi river
  60. geese on a lake in fergus falls, minnesota
  61. people wander around the lakefront at Lake Okoboji, Iowa on a warm summer evening
  62. Girl walks barefoot through a park holding her flip flops.
  63. 2008-07-06.jpg
  64. 20080820.jpg
  65. dog dries off
  66. water surges over a dam
  67. phelps mill on the otter tail river
  68. tree bark
  69. water rushing over a dam
  70. yellow leaves
  71. sun sinks behind trees on the horizon
  72. a flock of birds flying over the vancouver skyline
  73. a cloudy afternoon in seattle
  74. fog rises over a river
  75. man sitting on a bench playing guitar
  76. yellow leaves backlit by the afternoon sun
  77. warm summer sunset hazes out a minnesota park
  78. pink cherry blossoms
  79. clouds blowing off the hyalite range south of bozeman
  80. snow gathers on rocks along side the willamette river in downtown portland
  81. black lab puppy looks down at the camera in a suburban park
  82. bright yellow leaves with red stems
  83. pikes place market at sunset, 2 men outside a public restroom in waterfront park
  84. flowers along the otter tail river fill the foreground while the red and white phelps mill stands in the background
  85. a royal blue pool sits in bright orange and plain gray mud in yellowstone park
  86. Pillsbury Flour Mill in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River
  87. a girl walks barefoot through freshly mown grass at sunset in a park
  88. the gold medal flour mill along the mississippi river in minneapolis
  89. a long-dead tree lies in a desolate valley in yellowstone national park
  90. a large man stands next to the old phelps mill fishing in the twilight
  91. a shaved golden retriever runs next to a creek in the patchy morning sun
  92. lone orangypinkishred-yellow rose in the Portland Rose Garden
  93. portland skyline rising above the willamette river valley
  94. dark purple berry obscures the view of vancouver washington
  95. a pale white, pink, and yellow flower blooms in a tree in seattle
  96. swollen river surges through downtown spokane at night
  97. snow covers red leaves in a park between the willamette river and condos
  98. a lonely bench sits in a park on a corner lot, in the background a church and a yellow tree
  99. redhead in blue striped cami sitting on a blue metal bench in a park
  100. motion capture of ferris wheel spinning, from the ground looking up
  101. large deciduous tree stands guard at the corner of a parking lot
  102. tree trunk laying in the water at the shore of lake mcdonald on a grey and overcast day
  103. large snowflakes obscure the dark, hulking steel mass of Hawthorne Bridge
  104. dry shrubs front the snow-capped Bridger mountain range
  105. snow capped peaks frame the gallatin valley where a water tower and nursing home sit atop a hill on the east side of bozeman
  106. 06-25-06.jpg
  107. Portlands park blocks covered in wet leaves on a rainy winter night
  108. 04-19-06_4.jpg
  109. two girls silhouetted against the setting sun on peet's hill
  110. 05-03-06.jpg
  111. 02-08-06.jpg
  112. 02-06-06.jpg
  113. 01-27-06.jpg
  114. 01-23-06.jpg
  115. large snowflakes settle on the lawn of Riverfront Park with the Portland Marriott standing guard above
  116. 01-16-06.jpg
  117. 01-15-06.jpg
  118. bridges over the willamette river at dusk in portland oregon
  119. cooper_park_tree.jpg
  120. bright red lights of the carnival set off from the dark sky of dusk, motion of people as they spin around
  121. IMG_0036.jpg
  122. IMG_0053.jpg
  123. IMG_0046.jpg
  124. wetgrass1.jpg

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