1. panning photo of yellow nyc taxi
  2. yellow nyc taxi racing down a street in the rain
  3. the blur of Yellow taxis speed along a new york city street in this panning photo
  4. a rider in an orange suit on a black giant bike in motion blur as they race down the street flanked front and rear by others
  5. panning photo of a new york city taxi going through an intersection in manhattan
  6. a panning shot of a yellow nyc taxi at night on broadway
  7. two female riders, one in blue and one in pink, race down bozeman's main street on bicycles in a panning shot
  8. panning with a white oldsmobile convertible yellow with sunset in vancouver's west end neighborhood
  9. panning photo of a a stock car racing around the track at the Jackson County Fairgrounds
  10. panning shot of a bike messenger pedaling with traffic on a busy seattle street
  11. yellow taxis speeding along the street in new york city
  12. a yellow NYC taxi speeds down a street at night
  13. panning shot of a yellow NYC taxicab
  14. panning shot of a jeep going through an intersection at night
  15. an older model dark navy volvo drives past pike place market

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