1. First Presbyterian Church in Portland with a purple steeple
  2. rain and overcast skies in the village neighborhood of east bozeman
  3. snow settled down around the bridgers behind the village downtown
  4. snow reflected in the clouds
  5. snow on the grass in portland, oregon
  6. bicycles and hawaiian print dresses surround a coffee shop in kapa'a
  7. skier drops in to a steep chute
  8. blurry moving light image of portland at night
  9. snow covers the sidewalks around brick houses, overcast sky reflects the lights
  10. bright red road on kauai
  11. skeletal frames and high rises stand above waterfront park in downtown portland
  12. a ford f150 and hipster portlandite meet at an interstection
  13. the spire of the space needle and glass highrises of downtown rise over lake union in this overcast photo
  14. heavy snow in a field on an overcast day in montana
  15. bokeh image of a wet street with cars and busses on it
  16. blue and pink windows of vancouver condos
  17. sailors on a sail boat on an overcast and rainy day
  18. green blue glass of the vancouver skyline
  19. jet plane in the clouds
  20. male in oakley goggles on the ski hill
  21. bright green blue windows of condos lining the waterfront in downtown vancouver
  22. seattle skyline and piers on the waterfront
  23. people standing on a hill in gasworks park in seattle with downtown in the distance across the lake
  24. mountain bikers riding the slickrock mountain bike trail outside of moab utah with the colorado river in the background
  25. overcast night in seattle
  26. night on the east river, overcast sky reflects city lights, new york
  27. pedestrian crosses the street out side of madison square park in the flatiron district of new york on an overcast day
  28. concrete and steel skeletons of building
  29. white toyota celica sports coupe shot low in a parking lot
  30. blurry silhouettes of people walking in front of the east river in dumbo, new york city
  31. old white lighthouse with a red roof on lake michigan
  32. a red volvo drives across a 4-line bridge into downtown vancouver, bc on an overcast day
  33. 5th avenue outside the met. taxis on a rainy street, people walking with umbrellas, an overcast sky
  34. dark towers of buildings rise up against an overcast sky on a rainy night in downtown seattle
  35. an overcast night and fluorescent lighting yields green windows from an apartment building
  36. the lights of buildings in downtown portland are reflected in the willamette river on an overcast night
  37. blurry max train heads off past portland's pioneer courthouse square on a summer evening
  38. looking down at the oregon coast and pacific ocean from a high wooded bluff
  39. view looking down at southwest jefferson street and the goose hollow and downtown neighborhoods of portland oregon
  40. an overcast night in new york city below the manhattan island bridge on the edge of the east river
  41. the willamette river reflects the city lights and overcast sky of portland oregon
  42. CNN building as seen from central park
  43. black and white photo of bison taking a dust bath in yellowstone national park
  44. a purple specialized road bike chained to a bike post on southeast hawthorne boulevard in portland
  45. black and white photo of dresses and a tuxedo in the window display of after 5 and weddings, a formal wear store
  46. portrait looking up
  47. ferrys circle around the statue of liberty in a compressed shot taken from the top of the empire state building
  48. highly saturated image of the city lights of portland reflected in the willamette river at night
  49. scene lit by streetlights and headlights -- cars stream through the I405 corridor in portland, oregon on a summer evening
  50. people walk and ride bicycles on cannon beach, oregon
  51. sign atop the baxter hotel during a snowstorm
  52. night photo of the steel bridge over the willamette river in portland oregon with a freight train on the bottom tier
  53. tourists crowd around on the observation deck of the empire state building
  54. skiiers in bright colors with their skis on their backs hike through fresh snow in the fingers at bozeman's bridger bowl
  55. black and white photo of a skier in cold smoke powder in the second finger of bridger bowl
  56. black and white condos rise above boats parked along english bay with an overcast sky in the background
  57. blue and green and pink lights on the columns of the morrison bridge over the willamette river in downtown portland oregon
  58. flowers blooming in the portland rose gardens
  59. smokestacks stand silhouetted against an overcast sky
  60. a metal fire escape on an old brick apartment in downtown portland
  61. lights of the hawthorne bridge and downtown portland reflected in the willamette river
  62. lights from the grouse mountain ski area light up a hilltop above north vancouver
  63. Chicago skyline including the John Hancock Building and Trump Tower

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