1. a small blue and white boat pulled up on a sandy beach of costa rica with the caribbean sea in the background
  2. hotels, highrises and businesses rise up before a backdrop of sea and sky in downtown vancouver, british columbia
  3. backlit grass on coronado beach in san diego
  4. out of focus palm trees
  5. tortoise in the surf off the north shore of o'ahu
  6. surfer silhouetted against the waves on the oregon coast
  7. a branch hangs out over animi beach with the ocean behind
  8. warm colors drench the sand of playa guiones
  9. heavy trees loom over cyclists riding around the seawall at stanley park
  10. the setting sun catches the trees on a golf course on kauai turning them golden
  11. a pigeon on the beach at ala moana beach park in hawaii
  12. yoginis sit on the beach facing into the setting sun at the seawheeze sunset yoga practice
  13. a swimmer walks out of the water at ala moana beach
  14. runners run along the curves of the seawall with Burrard Inlet in the background.
  15. white sands and blue sky at Hanakapi'ai beach on Kaua'i.
  16. locks locked to chain link fence on makapu'u point lighthouse overlook
  17. sun sets over kenomene
  18. palm trees and sand on coronado beach
  19. subaru crosstrek used by san diego lifeguards on coronado beach
  20. a surfer on a short board surfs a dark blue wave in playa guiones
  21. sunset on playa guiones costa rica
  22. overcast wet oregon coast. waves in the water create a rippled pattern.
  23. girl in a red hoodie and swimsuit bottoms standing on the beach at smuggler's cove on the oregon coast
  24. surfer walks along the beach carrying his surfboard while another surfs in the waves of playa guiones
  25. waves crash against the shore after dark in this long exposure photograph of the pacific ocean
  26. blue of the caribbean sea runs up against the white sand of cahuita national park
  27. cyanotype oregon coast surfers
  28. mol cosmos carrier ship in the san francisco bay
  29. hazy, overcast day in san francisco looking down at the golden gate bridge from the marin highlands
  30. sunrise illuminates downtown seattle and puget sound
  31. crowd walks along the beach as the sun sets over play guiones
  32. long exposure image of the sun setting over the pacific ocean
  33. boat pulled up to the sand of cahuita national park
  34. surfer walks along the beach while another couple looks out at the sun setting over the ocean in nosara costa rica
  35. palm trees against a cerulean blue sky
  36. a ferry in the waters of puget sound moving into the sunset
  37. families walking on cannon beach in front of haystack rock
  38. surfers on the oregon coast
  39. people in neoprene wet suits in the pacific ocean on the oregon coast
  40. black and white photo of surfers on the oregon coast
  41. a surfer walks along the beach on the oregon coast backlit by the afternoon sun
  42. teal and purple sunrise in the harbor around aloha tower
  43. a yellow lab running up the beach
  44. young girls playing in the surf off the oregon coast
  45. a young man holds a surfboard on the sand of the oregon coast waves crashing in the background
  46. peering out at the blue pacific ocean from the gun turret at the top of diamond head
  47. a yellow lab running through the surf on the beach with a toy
  48. the pacific ocean as seen from a high point along the oregon coast
  49. walkers and cyclists on the oregon coast
  50. thick clouds block the rising sun from reaching the towers of downtown honolulu.  a blue morning.
  51. people walking along the beach, silhouetted against the sky, out of focus sand in the foreground
  52. a dog bends down to grab its toy in the water at oswald beach
  53. looking down at the oregon coast and pacific ocean from a high wooded bluff
  54. a group of people crowds around the the railing of a deck on the Hawaii Super Ferry to watch the sun rise over honlulu
  55. overhead view of a group of seagulls floating in the Pacific ocean
  56. black and white photo of a ferry leaving seattle through puget sound on an overcast day
  57. two surfers and a dog surfing in the green ocean off diamond head
  58. people walk and ride bicycles on cannon beach, oregon
  59. Diamond Head juts out of the island of Oahu obstructing the skyscapers of Honolulu behind it
  60. a cruise ship off the coast of honolulu
  61. the pacific ocean crashes against a wall on front street in downtown lahaina at night
  62. looking down at the pacific ocean from diamond head state monument in honolulu
  63. two sailboats and a vast expanse of pacific ocean
  64. two lonely palm trees against the pacific ocean and cloudy horizon
  65. family walks along cannon beach while another couple rides bikes in the opposite direction
  66. an old man in a silver convertible car in waikiki
  67. diamond head point rises over the pacific ocean
  68. people walk along english bay beach on a winter day
  69. sun slips behind a cloud over the Pacific Ocean and the Auau channel
  70. Looking down on Vancouver's Fraser Port lit up at night. Heavy rain clouds overhead. Cars drive by.
  71. Lahaina Boats
  72. The Aqua Bus in Vancouver, British Columbia on an overcast winter day.
  73. seattle buildings and puget sound
  74. 2008-07-06.jpg
  75. ski hill looming over the ocean
  76. chainlink fence
  77. rail cars
  78. boats in the water
  79. rail lines filled with railcars wrap around the coast
  80. yellow-jacketed sailors pilot a sailboat through the harbor in everett
  81. walker shilouetted against the ocean and horizon at cannon beach, oregon
  82. a woman in an orange jacket walking barefoot along the oregon coast
  83. male taking pics on a sepia toned cannon beach with haystack rock in the background
  84. sepia-toned image of resorts along the coast in cannon beach, oregon
  85. rock on the Oregon Coast silhouetted against an angry sky
  86. 06-13-06.jpg
  87. IMG_881.jpg
  88. 02-11-06.jpg

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