1. man sleeps under a tree in a park
  2. sands of ala moana beach park with the lights of downtown honolulu and the ala moana neighborhood rising behind
  3. many small orange flowers on a bush
  4. peering out at the blue pacific ocean from the gun turret at the top of diamond head
  5. thick clouds block the rising sun from reaching the towers of downtown honolulu.  a blue morning.
  6. two females in pink walk along the sand of ala moana beach park at sunset with the shopping centers of honolulu behind
  7. a group of people crowds around the the railing of a deck on the Hawaii Super Ferry to watch the sun rise over honlulu
  8. people walking on a sunny street in downtown honlulu, hawaii
  9. two surfers and a dog surfing in the green ocean off diamond head
  10. palm trees blow in the wind on a peninsula in ala moana beach park in honolulu
  11. Diamond Head juts out of the island of Oahu obstructing the skyscapers of Honolulu behind it
  12. sand and palm trees flanked by the towers of downtown honolulu
  13. a cruise ship off the coast of honolulu
  14. two sailboats and a vast expanse of pacific ocean
  15. two lonely palm trees against the pacific ocean and cloudy horizon
  16. man sits on a bike balancing off a palm tree on ala moana beach
  17. life guard rescue surf board on ala moana beach
  18. two helicopters over an island in hawaii
  19. looking out at kaneohe station on honolulu hawaii
  20. Ala Moana Beach
  21. white sun drenched hotels and palm trees in waikiki
  22. sun streaming out of clouds over the city of honolulu
  23. heavy clouds blanket the sky over a valley in Honolulu, Hawaii
  24. tourists hide from the sun under an umbrella on diamond head
  25. an old man in a silver convertible car in waikiki
  26. buildings in the ala moana district on honolulu at sunset on a summer evening
  27. diamond head point rises over the pacific ocean
  28. Sun rays break through heavy storm clouds sitting over downtown Honolulu
  29. Palm trees stand tall, blowing in the wind, on Honolulu's Ala Moana Beach.

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