1. The friendly market
  2. a max light rail train passes bicycles on a bike rack in downtown portland
  3. snow falling, garage doors
  4. First Presbyterian Church in Portland with a purple steeple
  5. two pedestrians walk down the sidewalk as snow blows around them
  6. snow reflected in the clouds
  7. looking down on snow falling on a parked pickup truck and passing cars on bozeman's main street
  8. the empty district around the convention center
  9. the baxter hotel sign lit up in downtown bozeman while heavy snow falls diagonally down
  10. cyclists backlit by artificial lights kicking up dust
  11. condos and sailboats reflected in false creek, vancouver
  12. a train on the lower track of portland's steel bridge at night
  13. a cyclocross racer kicks up a cloud of dust on a cyclocross course backlit by spotlights
  14. blurry moving light image of portland at night
  15. quiet street in downtown seattle
  16. snow covers the sidewalks around brick houses, overcast sky reflects the lights
  17. an overcast sky reflects the san diego cityscape
  18. city lights reflected in the water of false creek
  19. pink and orange lights of new york city reflected in the fog and river
  20. bright lights illuminate the structure of the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego
  21. bikes chained up to a bike rack in downtown portland while a streetcar passes behind
  22. people and taxis in times square at midnight
  23. skeletal frames and high rises stand above waterfront park in downtown portland
  24. street car sitting in a terminal in san diego
  25. people on the roof of rockefeller center, high above new york city, look down on the lights
  26. yellow taxi going down a dark street
  27. looking out over I405 and downtown portland
  28. self portrait reflected in an elevator with portland in the background
  29. a bus pulls up to a bus stop in the twilight of a winter evening on south michigan avenue
  30. silhouettes of the heads of people watching an outdoor concert
  31. neon sign for gil's goods
  32. police cars block off bozemans main street while up the road a fire engine battles a blaze
  33. red baxter hotel sign lit up while it snows in bozeman
  34. neon lights advertising establishments on park street in livingston light up a winter night
  35. lights from portland reflected on the willamette river
  36. bikes on a bike rack next to a busy street in downtown lahina
  37. Looking across the Willamette River at Portland
  38. panning photo of several new york city taxis at night
  39. long exposure of portland's night sky
  40. looking northwest over downtown seattle at the round towers of the westin
  41. boekh image of portland, oregon
  42. lights from the morrison bridge reflected in the willamette river at night
  43. night in portland, lights from the steel bridge reflect in the willamette river
  44. strong light on the brooklyn bridge
  45. red, white and blue lights on the empire state building with the island of manhattan and new york beyond
  46. silhouettes of workers at a hot dog stand
  47. yard light backlights a large overhanging tree on a hill which provides shelter for people sitting and watching a concert
  48. grain bins and elevator in north dakota
  49. yellow taxis lined up at an intersection in times square, new york city
  50. boyd tinsley playing violin, tim reynolds and dave matthews playing guitar on stage
  51. cars parked under the saint john bridge in north portland
  52. taxi and car on pine street in downtown seattle
  53. wet, heavy snow falling in downtown bozeman on main street
  54. a hipster single speed bicycle with bull horn handlebars chained up in the DUMBO neighborhood of brooklyn
  55. looking down at pine street and nordstrom and old navy at night in downtown seattle
  56. the willamette river and city lights of portland
  57. Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds and Boyd Tinsley on stage
  58. lights in buildings rise up against a dark blue sky in downtown seattle at night
  59. quiet residential street at night
  60. dave matthews band on stage in chicago lit up with blue lights
  61. looking down at a public transit bus in downtown seattle on pine street
  62. a yellow cab under the washington convention center awning on pike place
  63. moon obscured by clouds rises over portland state university and the I-405 corridor in downtown portland.
  64. cross proccessed photo of bombadier grooming machines at breckenridge ski resort
  65. night on the east river, overcast sky reflects city lights, new york
  66. a roadie sets up a guitar on stage at a micky and the motorcars concert
  67. scooters and bicycles parked along a busy road, tourists walking past, an open window and a shop full of necklaces on display
  68. night along the willamette river with the lights of downtown portland in the distance
  69. people sitting around a bonfire at night
  70. night at the baxter hotel
  71. looking up at a radio tower at night
  72. snowy sidewalk and neon lights of the murray hotel
  73. tungsten lights illuminate the long slab of concrete in an empty parking garage
  74. a white toyota camery in a parking garage at night lit up by fluorescent lights
  75. looking down from above at a row of brick apartments in brooklyn at night
  76. The cobblestone sidewalk of downtown Portland at night as a cyclist rides by.
  77. blurry silhouettes of people walking in front of the east river in dumbo, new york city
  78. shadow of a person walking
  79. lights of downtown portland buildings reflected in the willamette river at night
  80. taylor street overpass of I5, downtown portland oregon, night
  81. dark towers of buildings rise up against an overcast sky on a rainy night in downtown seattle
  82. an overcast night and fluorescent lighting yields green windows from an apartment building
  83. the lights of buildings in downtown portland are reflected in the willamette river on an overcast night
  84. think heavy wet snow on the branches of a tree
  85. a fire burns while people sit around it
  86. a partially raised Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 5.1 on an overcast night in Portland
  87. panning photo of a new york city taxi going through an intersection in manhattan
  88. a winter evening in downtown Vancouver, people walking along the street
  89. night shot, black and white, looking down at I-405 as it winds into the Pearl District
  90. night in new york city. manhattan skyline seen from the rockefeller tower. times square glowing. red white and blue empire.
  91. blurry max train heads off past portland's pioneer courthouse square on a summer evening
  92. cruiser bikes parked along the curb in lahaina
  93. gate 7, construction, vancouver
  94. a yellow taxi speeds down madison avenue in new york city on a rainy night
  95. watching a country music concert
  96. birds eye view of the st. johns neighborhood of north portland from the saint john bridge
  97. bright lights of cars driving across the st. johns bridge at nigh
  98. a panning shot of a yellow nyc taxi at night on broadway
  99. a dark summer night in new york city, on top of NBC studios at 30 Rockefeller Center, looking down at Central Park
  100. a man rides his bike on the sidewalk alongside morrison street in downtown portland in the dark of the night
  101. looking across pioneer courthouse square at pioneer courthouse on a summer night
  102. old faithful geyser exploding after dark in yellowstone national park
  103. dark silhouette of a person against out of focus lights of a city in the background
  104. guitarist singing and pat green, a tall blonde country musician jamming on a guitar on stage
  105. people sit under a tree, backlit by a spotlight, in a rainstorm at an outdoor concert
  106. people sit on a bench in empire fulton ferry state park on the brooklyn side of the east river, under the brooklyn bridge
  107. lahaina ice cream parlor lit up at night
  108. lights reflect on pine street on a rainy evening in seattle
  109. fireworks explode above forest lake minnesota on the fourth of july
  110. central park and skyscrapers at night
  111. a ferry in front of the statue of liberty on a foggy night
  112. night photo of portland's morrison bridge lit up for night and reflecting in the willamette river
  113. a red pedicab follows a yellow pedicab through a sea of taxis in the middle of times square in new york city at night
  114. long exposure photo of old faithful geyser in yellowstone national park
  115. the willamette river reflects the city lights and overcast sky of portland oregon
  116. a brick path leads off in the foreground to intersect with a bridge leading into new york city shrouded in fog
  117. looking down at a row of houses in brooklyn
  118. girls walking down burnside avenue, the blur of lights behind
  119. taxis on a street in new york city at night
  120. a church tower in downtown portland lit up purple
  121. cars crossing the brooklyn bridge on a foggy night
  122. highly saturated image of the city lights of portland reflected in the willamette river at night
  123. scene lit by streetlights and headlights -- cars stream through the I405 corridor in portland, oregon on a summer evening
  124. fountain of the pioneers on burrard street in vancouver at night
  125. night photo of the steel bridge over the willamette river in portland oregon with a freight train on the bottom tier
  126. highrises and condos in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn in new york city at night
  127. a MAX train goes by several bicycles chained to a bike rack on southwest morrison avenue
  128. bright lights of an oncoming car reflected in the snow
  129. looking down at harrison avenue with a thick cloud cover overhead reflecting the city lights and fresh snow
  130. the intersection of southwest 14th ave and jefferson st in portland oregon illuminated by streetlights on an overcast night
  131. an army national guard humvee parked on south bozeman avenue in front of first security bank
  132. yellow taxis speeding along the street in new york city
  133. a lonely residential street with few cars parked along it in hawaii at night
  134. a restaurant worker climbs up from a basement to deposit trash bags on the sidewalk for sanitation workers to pickup
  135. blue and green and pink lights on the columns of the morrison bridge over the willamette river in downtown portland oregon
  136. looking up at the manhattan bridge, the lights of new york city and the bridge reflected in the river below, haze and fog
  137. people crowded around on the top of rockafeller center in new york at midnight looking out over new york city
  138. american apparel building on burnside in portland as cars blur by the front
  139. heavy snow and overcast skies in south bozeman
  140. streaks of lights from cars passing underneath on I405
  141. looking south from rockefeller center at the empire state building and manhattan skyline
  142. southwest morrison street in downtown portland
  143. benches in the park under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass
  144. a staircase leading down to DUMBO from the Brooklyn Bridge
  145. photo of the us bank tower and made in oregon sign with the willamette river and vera katz esplanade
  146. bright neon lights of times square at midnight
  147. a yellow NYC taxi speeds down a street at night
  148. a snowy winter street
  149. the pacific ocean crashes against a wall on front street in downtown lahaina at night
  150. the downtown skyline of Portland Oregon with the Willamette River in the foreground
  151. a small bodega in a brick building in southwest portland
  152. a man who pedals a pedicab around new york's times square district at night
  153. bags of trash on a street in new york
  154. brick buildings in layers of fog and smoke and haze on the island of manhattan in new york city
  155. the brooklyn bridge at night
  156. the manhattan bridge rises over the DUMBO neighborhood
  157. the lights of portland oregon reflected in the willamette river
  158. people walk down burrard street at dusk in winter
  159. a parking garage on southwest 1st avenue in portland, oregon
  160. a metal fire escape on an old brick apartment in downtown portland
  161. stars and two heads of grass and a big blue sky over bozeman, montana
  162. panning shot of a yellow NYC taxicab
  163. lights on the morrison bridge over the williamette river in downtown portland, oregon
  164. fireworks over forest lake minnesota
  165. panning shot of a jeep going through an intersection at night
  166. people standing on top of the ge building looking out over new york city at night
  167. lights of the hawthorne bridge and downtown portland reflected in the willamette river
  168. lights on in the windows of the vancouver sun at night
  169. the historic pioneer courthouse in downtown portland lit up at night
  170. a max train rolls across while a freight train goes along the lower part of the portland steel bridge
  171. a max train streams past a lonely bicycle chained to a post
  172. looking up the street at teh waterfront skytrain system in downtown vancouver
  173. the lights of downtown portland reflected in the Willamette river
  174. heavy rain falling at night on a seattle street
  175. smoke billowing out from a burning building in downtown bozeman following a natural gas explosion
  176. a pickup truck at an intersection in tappen north dakota
  177. Fountain of the Pioneers on burrard street
  178. construction crane on a rainy, foggy night
  179. fire engines with ladders extended hover over the space where boodle's restaurant used to be on bozeman's main street
  180. snow covered residential street in Bozeman at night
  181. smoke billows up behind mackenzie river and first security bank from a natural gas explosion at boodles restaurant
  182. heavy clouds blanket the sky over a valley in Honolulu, Hawaii
  183. out of focus lights of cars and signs on robson street
  184. the blue light on the hotel baxter sign on bozeman's main street knows when its snowing at bridger bowl
  185. lights from the grouse mountain ski area light up a hilltop above north vancouver
  186. a minivan drives through an intersection in lahaina while people walk along the street
  187. heavy clouds reflect the city lights back down of fresh snow on a roof
  188. a bicycle locked to a bike rack under a christmas spider in downtown bozeman on a snowy night
  189. two men spray water on a park to create a skating rink
  190. us bank tower in portland, oregon lit up at night
  191. water falls down two layers of bronze, spilling into a pool below
  192. Porch of Seattle's Best Coffee outside Pike Place Market in Seattle
  193. looking down pine street at pikes place market and puget sound
  194. sport utility vehicle follows a semi truck over bozeman pass
  195. Looking down on Vancouver's Fraser Port lit up at night. Heavy rain clouds overhead. Cars drive by.
  196. Man walks down a well-lit alley at night as a car goes past in downtown Vancouver.
  197. The half or three-quarter moon over Honolulu.
  198. Teenage girls in satin gowns and high heels disembark from a party bus on a rainy winter night in Vancouver.
  199. Cars parked on a residential street in Honolulu.
  200. Lahaina Boats
  201. 2008-09-23.jpg
  202. 2008-09-20.jpg
  203. 2008-08-24.jpg
  204. shadow of a tree on the sidewalk
  205. warehouses near the river
  206. a castle on the danube river
  207. interstate 5 through downtown portland
  208. birds eye view looking down at a taxi on the street
  209. blurry city lights
  210. steep driveway in a valley
  211. 2008-07-14.jpg
  212. 2008-07-12.jpg
  213. 2008-07-09.jpg
  214. lights on in the windows of downtown buildings
  215. snowy front yard
  216. red brick against a bright blue sky
  217. ski hill looming over the ocean
  218. towers at night
  219. crowds of people around a lake to watch fireworks
  220. thick spring snow clumped onto tree branches
  221. 2008-04-05.jpg
  222. lonely field
  223. streaks of light from the headlights and taillights of passing cars
  224. teenagers in brightly colored satin spill out of a black bus onto the sidewalk
  225. a white suburban pulls into a snowy driveway
  226. girl in a faux-fur hooded coat wipes at her eye on the sidewalk
  227. heavy rain falling on pine street in downtown seattle
  228. brick building and trash can at night
  229. streetlight bounces off an untouched parking lot
  230. city lights reflected in clouds
  231. teenagers walk out of a black bus
  232. city lights reflected in storm clouds
  233. bright blue sky and reflected towers
  234. heavy snow blankets cars parked along the street
  235. heavy spring snow on a tree and powerline
  236. subaru with open hatch under a cloudy night sky
  237. clouds blowing off the hyalite range south of bozeman
  238. rainy sidewalk cafe
  239. a thick blanket of heavy snow blankets a southwest portland street
  240. footsteps down a dark sidewalk lined with trees
  241. neon lights mingle with car lights and street signs in a blurry landscape of light
  242. heavy fresh snow covers an intersection
  243. Pine Street on a rainy night in seattle
  244. warning buoys stretched across the swollen spokane river
  245. the twin round columns of the westin hotel rise above seattle skyline on a rainy night
  246. a white dodge ram pickup truck driving down north 7th avenue at night
  247. headlamps and street lights combine with fog on a near 0 degree night
  248. a large snowman in the yard of the story mansion on a snowy winter evening
  249. fresh snow, lit by street lights, piled up outside the emerson cultural center
  250. neon lights indicate vacancy at the murray hotel on 2nd street in livingston
  251. filling up with gas around 1am at BP in Jamestown, North Dakota
  252. people run across an intersection on a near empty street on a rainy spring night in seattle washington
  253. cars whiz past an open garage on south wilson avenue
  254. a girl in a white jacket and pink umbrella stands next to a man with a black umbrella on a street corner
  255. brick buildings front a lonely street in rural north dakota
  256. people sitting in front of the main stage at sweet pea during an evening concert
  257. the swollen spokane river surges through downtown spokane
  258. the roof of a mall in the foreground while business towers and hotels fill out the rest of the seattle skyline
  259. fireworks flare above a lake shore in northern iowa a few days after the fourth
  260. a tent sits in a clearing near a tree backlit by a headlamp inside
  261. macys, seattle public market and puget sound beyond
  262. power poles stand next to an icy gravel road outside of bozeman montana
  263. a sprint car with the number 13 speeds around a dirt track in rural minnesota
  264. large arrows mark the lanes of traffic in an empty parking garage
  265. cars race under an overpass on martin luther king jr boulevard in portland
  266. moon rises up over a grain silo on a lonely rural lot
  267. a lightpost and a tree guard an intersection in a lonely north dakota town
  268. streetlights turn the rain amber on an especially wet seattle evening
  269. outdoor lighting highlights the barn at langhors flowerland
  270. towers of downtown seattle reflect the lights of the city
  271. taxis drive down a wet pine street towards pike place market
  272. loopy light of a headlamp at night in a vast scape of blue snow
  273. a man crosses an intersection scattered with rain-soaked newspapers
  274. dense fog distorts the lights from strip malls along TV highway
  275. the spokane river rushes under warning buoys strung across it
  276. girl in a white jacket holds a red umbrella up to a rainy seattle evening
  277. Four people in black, one with an umbrella, walk past a taxi in front of a hotel
  278. TriMet MAX Red Line train pulls into a station at night
  279. snowy street corner at night in bozeman
  280. 2007-04-13.jpg
  281. swollen river surges through downtown spokane at night
  282. city lights reflected on a rainy street with puget sound beyond
  283. brick apartments and a rain-soaked parking lot reflecting the city lights
  284. lights of cars streaking past a snowy yard on a winter night
  285. girl walking on a dark trail at night is reduced to a dark shilouette
  286. last rays of sun lighting up a tiny corner of the sky behind mountains and telephone lines
  287. brick mansion looking out at a snowy evening
  288. heavy snow drapes the winter-naked limbs of lilac bushes
  289. snowy trees line a dark avenue, city lights color the clouds overhead, cars race by on a cross street
  290. stop sign lit up by street lights on a city corner after a snowstorm
  291. neon store lights and passing cars pass through the window of a moving suburban
  292. fireworks explode in the night sky over tacoma's baseball park
  293. shaky lights of the skyline viewed from portland's hawthorne bridge
  294. streaks of moving light obscured by the condensation inside the window of a moving car
  295. deep snow reflects the artificical lights of of cars and street lights along main street bozeman
  296. tailights of cars passing through a dark intersection as the last rays of sun catch the clouds on the western horizon
  297. postal carts sit, abandoned for the night, on a USPS loading dock
  298. tailights streak north along I405 into the Pearl District through a wire fence at night
  299. streetlights turn a snowy, icy alley yellow and red
  300. yellow lights from inside illuminate the snowy porch of a small bungalow
  301. trash can, illuminated by street lights, in a snowy, icy alley between two brick buildings
  302. downtown portland skyline in the evening, just on the other side of the interstate bridge work
  303. storelights light up parking lot and road where fresh snow sits
  304. backlit hardees sign at night
  305. dark intersection overlooked by the lewis and clark motel
  306. large deciduous tree stands guard at the corner of a parking lot
  307. a fresh dusting of snow covers the ground and cars predawn
  308. ambient light fills a streetcorner at night in Spokane near the Smokestacks and railroad tracks on the west end of town, a pedestrian walks down the empty street past parking meters
  309. side of a white, brick, building lit yellow by streetlights on a rainy night in downtown portland, oregon
  310. railroad bridge in downtown Spokane, Washington, lit up at night
  311. slightly blury image of a crowd gathered to watch the football playoffs in the town square in Prague, Czech Republic
  312. Telephone poll silhouetted against the December sky in Portland, Oregon
  313. Joseph Bergantine
  314. 2006-09-16.jpg
  315. 2006-09-12.jpg
  316. 2006-09-09.jpg
  317. 2006-09-07.jpg
  318. 2006-08-31.jpg
  319. 07-28-06.jpg
  320. 06-30-06.jpg
  321. 06-27-06.jpg
  322. Portlands park blocks covered in wet leaves on a rainy winter night
  323. 06-16-06.jpg
  324. 06-09-2006.jpg
  325. 06-04-2006.jpg
  326. IMG_1878.jpg
  327. 05-10-06.jpg
  328. 05-03-06.jpg
  329. 02-05-06.jpg
  330. 01-24-06.jpg
  331. 01-23-06.jpg
  332. 01-21-06.jpg
  333. 01-13-06.jpg
  334. soft fresh snow fallen on a quiet intersection
  335. cooper_park_tree.jpg
  336. IMG_0058.jpg
  337. euro_trip0012.jpg
  338. Joseph Bergantine
  339. 100_0033.jpg
  340. 100_0078.jpg

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