1. The wingtip of an airplane caught in silhouette against the rising sun over central Washington.
  2. portland oregon as seen from the interstate on the east side
  3. wheat field in montana
  4. fog covers the hills silhouetting a bare tree in the foreground
  5. the space needle against an inky blue sky
  6. a runner running on a paid trail alongside the lake in lake shore park, chicago
  7. runners run along the curves of the seawall with Burrard Inlet in the background.
  8. xterra triathletes in wetsuits run down the shore to enter hyalite lake past an inflatable killer whale toy
  9. people on the street in chinatown
  10. surfboards lined up near a lifeguard tower on waikiki
  11. a surfer on a short board surfs a dark blue wave in playa guiones
  12. deep snow on a residential street in south bozeman
  13. winter sunrise
  14. can of olympia beer left abandoned on a sign post on the galligator trail
  15. yellow meadow in bozeman
  16. heavy early season snow in south bozeman
  17. an old shot of a group of MSU students on Bozeman's main street promoting a sawyer brown concert
  18. heavy fog around trees in the pacquare river valley
  19. inbound cta train at the mount prospect train station on a bright crisp day
  20. deep snow in a park in south bozeman
  21. heavy snow in south bozeman
  22. green blue glass of the vancouver skyline
  23. an orange bnsf train rolling along the tracks below the seattle skyline on the seattle waterfront
  24. an NYPD police officer talks to a gentleman on the street in the Chinatown neighborhood of new york city
  25. sunrise illuminates the tracks and poles of beaverton transit center
  26. security guards mill under an awning, avoiding the rain in an empty pike place market
  27. heavy fog shrouds downtown portland around pioneer square
  28. sunrise at the beaverton transit center in beaverton, oregon
  29. two females perched on top of a peak in the bridger mountain range with the bangtail mountains in the background
  30. raising a yagi antenna in a field
  31. looking down at the intersection, wet newspapers scattered across the street
  32. blue classic schwinn cruiser bicycle chained to a sign post in brooklyn
  33. two max trains on opposite sides of the platform at the beaverton transit center
  34. sign for pete's kitchen on colfax avenue in denver
  35. fresh snow in gallatin canyon, north of yellowstone park
  36. heavy snow in a neighborhood in south bozeman
  37. cars parked along a snow covered street, the first rays of sun touching the tops of the trees, a bluebird sky
  38. port of vancouver between lighted windows of towers of downtown
  39. white toyota celica sports coupe shot low in a parking lot
  40. Two men study a cell phone at pike place public market
  41. sunrise behind an apartment building in southeast bozeman
  42. a row of mailboxes buried beneath a foot of snow
  43. Snow on South Harrelson Avenue in Bozeman early on a winter morning.
  44. cars driving on interstate 84 in portland in the pre-dawn light, mt. hood rising in the distance
  45. a female wades through a creek barefoot holding her shoes up above her head
  46. waterbottle, coffee mug, shoes, bag, socks, down coat
  47. thick clouds block the rising sun from reaching the towers of downtown honolulu.  a blue morning.
  48. the rising sun backlights steam rising up from geysers around the shore of yellowstone lake
  49. a group of people crowds around the the railing of a deck on the Hawaii Super Ferry to watch the sun rise over honlulu
  50. fresh snow dusts the hills of gallatin canyon while the rising sun catches rock formations along the gallatin river
  51. a fruit vendor in new york city on a rainy summer morning
  52. sparsely crowded pike place farmers market early on a wet saturday morning
  53. black and white photo of dresses and a tuxedo in the window display of after 5 and weddings, a formal wear store
  54. a wet golden retriever running along a trail
  55. a rainy morning in a park in vancouver looking at the official countdown clock to the 2010 winter olympics
  56. black labrador in a field of fresh snow
  57. a classically lettered facade to the bicycle renaissance store in new york
  58. a female sits on a rock and digs around in a backpack while another female drinks tea on top of a rock at bridger bowl
  59. a parking attendant in hat and coat in the entrance of a hotel parking garage in downtown Vancouver
  60. heavy snow on trees creates a tunnel effect looking up a street
  61. a bright red coffee pot in neon in front of pike place market
  62. a white bus parked in a parking lot outside a motel in central washington
  63. a man walks down the street holding a sign on a stick
  64. fishmongers setting up their displays for the day at the Pike Place Fish Market
  65. window display of after 5 and weddings features a feathered gown
  66. construction cones, steam and cement barricades in the middle of wall street
  67. an older model dark navy volvo drives past pike place market
  68. a yellow suv taxicab on broadway in downtown portland
  69. orange leaves against a pale blue and yellow sunrise
  70. tight vertical crop of a brick building juxtaposed against a steel and glass one in downtown seattle
  71. condos along the mississippi river
  72. sunrise on a mountain hillside
  73. ivy grows out of a plastic pot in a windowsill
  74. people with umbrellas walk past the countdown to the 2010 winter olympics clock in front of the vancouver art gallery
  75. looking down at a bus at the intersection of pine and seventh street in downtown seattle
  76. newspaper dispensers in downtown chicago on the corner of wacker and madison
  77. black labrador retriever blinks in heavy snow
  78. fresh snow on the interstate in North Dakota
  79. neon sign for the rawhide motel stands against a steep hill leading into Jackson Hole
  80. silhouette of a hiker on a ridge line against the sky
  81. diamond head point rises over the pacific ocean
  82. glass buildings catch the first rays of sun
  83. brightly colored glass bulbs hanging from a christmas tree
  84. people walk to work in the rain down the sidewalk on burrard street
  85. small crystals of snow on dead flowers
  86. MSU Students protesting to promote the Sawyer Brown concert on the sidewalk next to Main Street in Bozeman. A girl walks past
  87. out of focus image of a tree with orange leaves and the portland skyline on an autumn day at sunrise
  88. 2008-09-14.jpg
  89. 2008-09-10.jpg
  90. 2008-09-05.jpg
  91. 2008-08-30.jpg
  92. 2008-08-26.jpg
  93. autumn leaves, orange
  94. a bathroom wall
  95. roses with snow on them
  96. silhouette of chairlift against sunrise
  97. honolulu emerging from a cloud bank
  98. 2008-06-30.jpg
  99. 2008-06-23.jpg
  100. 20080818.jpg
  101. sunrise over a brick roofline
  102. yellow leaf
  103. street and skyline
  104. people walking on the ridge at bridger
  105. snowy street in the early morning light
  106. twin dirt tracks ascending along a rock wall
  107. Rena Heer outside CTV offices
  108. wet rainy street reflects traffic lights and a blue-grey sky
  109. an ivy plant grows in a windowsill
  110. fog rises over a river
  111. golden retriever running along a trail
  112. vehicles parked along harrison street
  113. single bike on an empty street
  114. hooded person silhouetted against the rising sun
  115. three people with umbrellas walk past a hotel restaurant
  116. backlit aspen leaves
  117. blue and gray tarps hang from a steel structure under construction next to an old brick building
  118. a dumpster for recycling cardboard in an alley
  119. the seattle convention center
  120. a nearly deserted wet street in seattle
  121. man in a blue coat with a hood watches for runners on the bridger ridge
  122. bridger chairlift
  123. golden retriever on a blue leash being held by a female in an orange coat on a sidewalk at sunrise
  124. sunrise on the Bantail mountain range silhouettes the lift towers at Bridger Bowl
  125. a crowd gathers to get onto a bright yellow school bus headed to the taste of minnesota
  126. crowd gathered on top of a hellicopter pad at bridger bowl waiting for runners to come by
  127. bright red chairlifts catch the sunrise at bridger bowl
  128. two people put on extra clothes on a windy exposed ridge above bridger bowl ski area
  129. small pink flowers and deep red leaves hold little droplets of water on a cool spring morning
  130. cars at an intersection just outside of downtown seattle
  131. a 7 week old black lab looks at the camera as he sits in the shade
  132. a yellow lab standing on the sidewalk on a crisp spring morning
  133. a parking lot along I5 in Seattle on a bright weekday morning
  134. white corn and other veggies for sale in an outdoor market
  135. a shaved golden retriever runs next to a creek in the patchy morning sun
  136. fish vendors set up their ice display on an early saturday morning
  137. sleet falls down on the roof of a subaru outback in bozeman
  138. man in a dark blue hoody sweatshirt lays out fruit for sale
  139. redheaded girl on a patio in the sun on a spring morning
  140. a pale white, pink, and yellow flower blooms in a tree in seattle
  141. predawn blues and yellows of towers in downtown seattle
  142. sunrise warms a quiet neighboorhood street in south bozeman
  143. silver bmw races through an intersection headed into downtown seattle
  144. cheeses and meats behind a display counter at pikes place public market
  145. cars parked on a snowy side street in downtown bozeman montana on a chilly winter morning
  146. magenta dresses sit in the window of a store
  147. fresh snow sits atop a picnic table outside bozeman's longfellow elementary school
  148. quiet residential avenue at sunrise after a fresh snow
  149. frosty window lit up by sunrise and a streetlamp

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