1. dark storm clouds over downtown minneapolis
  2. warbled reflections in the glass of a building
  3. the otter tail river flows through the phelps mill damn, sunset illuminating phelps mill in the background
  4. black and white photograph of downtown minneapolis street
  5. white chickens
  6. happy dog looking at the camera
  7. storm clouds brewing over the mississippi river and downtown minneapolis
  8. silhouettes of workers at a hot dog stand
  9. red white and blue reflections
  10. chain grease on a leg after a ride
  11. beer bottle shaped billboard for grain belt beer in downtown minneapolis
  12. green grapes growing on a vine
  13. detail photo of an old blue wooden rowboat
  14. Soybean fields outside of Jackson, Minnesota.
  15. girl on a bike in the trees near lake calhoun in downtown minneapolis
  16. sun sets across from an overgrown lake in central minnesota
  17. dog laying on a cement step looking up with big dark eyes
  18. strong sunset on the grass of phelps mill park casts long shadows
  19. black and white photo of hennepin avenue bridge
  20. low-profile photo of grandpa
  21. dog looking up, face poised, at attention
  22. blue light and yellow highlights from the settings sun on a whitewashed brick warehouse with a neon sign that reads coffee
  23. farmers cooperative association grain bin in jackson minnesota
  24. black and white image of the front steps and facade of the cathedral of st. paul
  25. gray blue house with a white porch catches the light of the setting sun adding a yellow tone to the image
  26. pink and purple clover flower
  27. bicycles and bicycle wheels stacked in the back hatch of a subaru
  28. yellow sunlight in an alley warming a brick building
  29. fireworks explode above forest lake minnesota on the fourth of july
  30. a large snapping turtle with curved beak, beady eyes, and long claws lays on cement, its back covered in moss and grass
  31. dinosaur tracks on the sidewalk leading into the science museum of minnesota
  32. a building in downtown Minneapolis
  33. phelps mill below the dam on the otter tail river
  34. a very old living room
  35. narrow-focus photo of a moss-covered tree branch in minnesota
  36. a galleria in a mall in minneapolis minnesota
  37. panning photo of a a stock car racing around the track at the Jackson County Fairgrounds
  38. a wet black labrador dog sitting on a river bank in a park lit by the setting sun
  39. a couple in their 80s stands with trees behind them
  40. hand painted name on the side of a wooden row boat
  41. walking in jackson minnesota
  42. black and white photo of a minneapolis street with strong lighting and shadows on a summer afternoon
  43. the sun sets behind a hill on the other side of the otter tail river on a summer evening in phelps mill park
  44. spires of the cathedral of st paul against a cloudy sky
  45. brignt orange tent fly
  46. a black labrador shakes off after swimming in a river spraying droplets of water
  47. the blur of falling water over a dam
  48. smokestacks stand silhouetted against an overcast sky
  49. supports on the hennepin avenue bridge in minneapolis just after sunset
  50. a parking meter on the north side of the mississippi river in downtown minneapolis
  51. john deere tractor in a shed
  52. busses in minneapolis
  53. fireworks over forest lake minnesota
  54. a lonely old brick barn
  55. the watertower for the city of jackson, minnesota
  56. ice cream vendor with a colorful umbrella atop her cart on the stone arch bridge in minneapolis
  57. condos along the mississippi river
  58. family hanging a clothesline in a backyard
  59. the sun sets behind a grove of trees along the otter tail river in northern minnesota
  60. small family farm yard in rural southern minnesota
  61. girl in a park wearing an orange t-shirt
  62. a girl rides a pink road bike through downtown minneapolis
  63. looking down at phelps mill on the otter tail river
  64. flower beds around a glass building
  65. cabless john deere tractor next to a barn on a minnesota farm
  66. gold medal flour mill and new condos rise up alongside the mississippi river
  67. geese on a lake in fergus falls, minnesota
  68. Grandpa
  69. an old house on a hill in Phelps, Minnesota
  70. Girl walks barefoot through a park holding her flip flops.
  71. A wet black labrador dog in Phelps Mill Park by the Otter Tail river.
  72. Bright green leaves on a tree with blue sky behind.
  73. Pillsbury Flour Mill
  74. 2008-09-14.jpg
  75. 2008-09-13.jpg
  76. 2008-08-08.jpg
  77. pillsbury flour mill on the banks of the mississippi
  78. 2008-07-15.jpg
  79. 2008-07-04.jpg
  80. 20080820.jpg
  81. water surges over a dam
  82. mill reflected in water
  83. phelps mill on the otter tail river
  84. tree bark
  85. water rushing over a dam
  86. white barn against a deep blue sky
  87. minneapolis cityscape
  88. crowds of people around a lake to watch fireworks
  89. sun sinks behind trees on the horizon
  90. group of young people cross the street
  91. head sticks out of the water
  92. fog rises over a river
  93. brown river flows under dark storm clouds
  94. looking down at a downtown minneapolis street
  95. two mannequins in suits
  96. orange flowers
  97. warm summer sunset hazes out a minnesota park
  98. baker sign painted on an old brick building
  99. cows hanging out in a feedlot next to a barn
  100. clover, cattails, and lily pads grow on a lake in minnesota
  101. girl in a polka-dot dress stands on a sidewalk
  102. small green leaves sit on a tree branch, catching the summer sunset
  103. sprint car on the jackson raceway
  104. a male and female sittiing under an umbrella at a sidewalk cafe on nicollet mall in minneapolis
  105. the mississippi river in east st. paul complete with river boats on the fourth of july
  106. century-old italian in a blue baseball cap and sweater sitting in a kitchen
  107. pink and white clover flowers line a lake overgrown with lilypads
  108. cars parked along main street in jackson, minnesota
  109. scruffy bearded male in an old dairy queen hat with an american flag attached to it
  110. a crowd gathers to get onto a bright yellow school bus headed to the taste of minnesota
  111. foshay building, a concrete structure spouting antennas against a stormy minnesota sky
  112. man in his 80s sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper
  113. pink petals of a flower on a wall outside a minneapolis restaurant
  114. a silo sits next to a cattle feed lot
  115. flowers along the otter tail river fill the foreground while the red and white phelps mill stands in the background
  116. reflection of photographer in window storefront
  117. young workers at a fried cheese curd stand at a fireworks show in forest lake minnesota
  118. Pillsbury Flour Mill in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River
  119. a girl walks barefoot through freshly mown grass at sunset in a park
  120. the gold medal flour mill along the mississippi river in minneapolis
  121. cows stand in a feeding pen behind diesel tanks on a farm in rural jackson county Minnesota
  122. people look over the railing of the stone arch bridge at the mississippi gushing below
  123. a tent sits in a clearing near a tree backlit by a headlamp inside
  124. two john deere tractors lined up in a machine shed
  125. small pink and white flowers and lilly pads on a small lake
  126. saint paul minnesota and the mississipi river on a bright summer morning
  127. a sprint car with the number 13 speeds around a dirt track in rural minnesota
  128. a large man stands next to the old phelps mill fishing in the twilight
  129. a brick building stands on a street corner in a deserted midwest town
  130. woman rides a bike over the mississippi river in minneapolis
  131. a crowd sits along a park on the waterfront in forest lake minnesota watching the fireworks
  132. rural watertower sits atop a hill next to a cenex station in minnesota
  133. stand offers fired cheese curds at a fireworks show in forest lake
  134. black shape of a tree in full bloom against a rainbow-colored evening sky
  135. Phelps Mill lit up at sunrise sits upstream as the Otter Tail River flows by
  136. Dark trees and grass on the banks of the Otter Tail River at sunset
  137. 07-27-06.jpg
  138. red wood of an old mill from an ants eye view
  139. grass on the bank of the wide and dark Otter Tail
  140. boy in a red shirt walks up to an old white house surrounded by trees
  141. boy and man fishing on the bank of the Otter Tail next to an old mill and dam
  142. an old sign on a bridge over the Otter Tail River
  143. 06-06-2006.jpg
  144. a slow river flows through lush banks of overhanging trees
  145. 06-03-2006.jpg
  146. person stands at the edge of a yard while laundry hangs drying

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