1. a ford f150 and hipster portlandite meet at an interstection
  2. man rides up a singletrack mountain biking trail
  3. man in jeans and a black jacket carrying a black umbrella down a new york city street in a rainstorm
  4. young male skier in a retro united airlines snowsuit
  5. mountain biking in bozeman with autumn colors: red and yellow leaves
  6. a surfer walks along the beach on the oregon coast backlit by the afternoon sun
  7. a man in a thong and another in a bikini ski across a pond at big sky ski resort during the 2011 big sky pond skim
  8. people sitting around a bonfire at night
  9. Two men study a cell phone at pike place public market
  10. washed out portrait of a girl
  11. freestyle skiier going off a jump into a spin at a freestyle ski competition at bridger bowl
  12. low-profile photo of grandpa
  13. shadow of a person walking
  14. a man stands with an umbrella next to the subway tracks
  15. staring up at the brooklyn bridge arches
  16. young couples cross a chicago crosswalk on a blustery november day in jeans and coats
  17. cruiser bikes parked along the curb in lahaina
  18. a young couple walks down the street hugging
  19. a group of people gathered below the summit of a hike waiting for the rest of the group to come down
  20. watching a country music concert
  21. two police men from the portland police bureau stand between two cars setting up wires to jump one of them
  22. a young couple stands on a hill overlooking an outdoor concert
  23. a cyclist rides over the camera on bozeman during the main street sprints bike race
  24. people hide from the rain under umbrellas on a street corner in new york city during a summer down pour
  25. passengers disembark from a nyc subway wearing brightly colored raincoats
  26. a man walking down burnside avenue in bright sunlight past a row of wastemanagement dubmsters
  27. a man boards a new york city subway carrying a pepsi in a can with a straw and wearing an apple store bag
  28. a man break dances on the sidewalk in new york city
  29. portrait looking up
  30. a snowboarder riding in heavy snow
  31. two surfers and a dog surfing in the green ocean off diamond head
  32. a man wearing jeans and a dark jacket walks down madison avenue carrying a black umbrella on a rainy evening
  33. a young male break dances in the middle of the sidewalk while people look on in new york city
  34. Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge
  35. two skiers race each other down a mogul field in warm spring snow during a freestyle competition at bridger bowl
  36. tourists crowd around on the observation deck of the empire state building
  37. teenage male wearing goggles and a large blue coat holds a pair of busted up skis
  38. a young male jumps off a kicker on a freestyle ski competition course
  39. panning shot of a bike messenger pedaling with traffic on a busy seattle street
  40. two skiiers race through the bumps in between jumps on wet thick snow
  41. a cyclist rides a road bike up a hill in downtown seattle
  42. a parking attendant in hat and coat in the entrance of a hotel parking garage in downtown Vancouver
  43. cars and pedestrians enter the brooklyn bridge on the new york side of the bridge
  44. people cross an intersection in new york city near 6th avenue
  45. fire hoses cross a street
  46. a break dancing street performer in new york city
  47. a man walks down the street holding a sign on a stick
  48. a team intrinsik racer on a giant road bike in the tour de bozeman bicycle race sprints
  49. a man who pedals a pedicab around new york's times square district at night
  50. two tourists on top of the empire state building
  51. a man break dancing on the street
  52. two bicyclists sprint down main street bozeman during the tour de bozeman bike race
  53. fishmongers setting up their displays for the day at the Pike Place Fish Market
  54. a cyclist on a road bike sprints down bozeman's main street during the bozeman 300 road bike sprint event
  55. a police officer helps another police officer jump his car
  56. a cyclist in a blue sleeveless jersey on a red bike on the brooklyn bridge
  57. two kids with a video camera in portland's waterfront park
  58. the aerobics room of the main street gym
  59. man sits on a bike balancing off a palm tree on ala moana beach
  60. a man and a woman stand under an umbrella outside the 77 street subway station at lenox hill hospital
  61. a yellow suv taxicab on broadway in downtown portland
  62. members of the gallatin ham radio club
  63. two skiiers compete neck and neck off a jump at the bridger bumpoff ski competition
  64. family hanging a clothesline in a backyard
  65. spectators at a freestyle skiing competition at bridger bowl
  66. skier performs a backflip at a freestyle skiing competition
  67. at bridger bowl wearing ski goggles and a purple hat
  68. people walk along the sidewalk on burrard street, going home
  69. skier performing a d-roll jump
  70. tourists hide from the sun under an umbrella on diamond head
  71. tourists walk down a street in chicago towing suitcases behind them
  72. an old man in a silver convertible car in waikiki
  73. an older japanese man riding an orange cruiser bike in vancouver, british columbia
  74. man with a shoulder bag hikes up a hill in seattle
  75. people walk to work in the rain down the sidewalk on burrard street
  76. bike messenger pedals his bike through an intersection in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Washington
  77. 2 men walk down an dumbster strewn alley in downtown Seattle
  78. Man in a black coat walks down a sun-drenched street in the Vancouver Heights neighborhood on a stormy afternoon.
  79. A bike messenger on a blue bike with a yellow cap at an intersection in downtown Seattle.
  80. Protesting
  81. 2008-09-09.jpg
  82. people laying in the grass around a stage
  83. 2008-07-11.jpg
  84. 2008-07-04.jpg
  85. a cloudy afternoon in seattle
  86. man sitting on a bench playing guitar
  87. two men attaching guy wires to a tower
  88. black and white self portrait of myself walking along a trail with a fairly wide focal length
  89. 3 men put on ski gear on top of the Bridger ridge
  90. beard covered in ice on a skiier
  91. male in a red beanie and a dog wait on top of a mountain helipad
  92. man skiing through cold smoke powder
  93. a boy in a brown coat with a big hood walks along a sun-bleached street at sunset
  94. man in a blue coat with a hood watches for runners on the bridger ridge
  95. a male and female sittiing under an umbrella at a sidewalk cafe on nicollet mall in minneapolis
  96. century-old italian in a blue baseball cap and sweater sitting in a kitchen
  97. three men lift a tower in a field
  98. male smiling at camera with female in background
  99. pikes place market at sunset, 2 men outside a public restroom in waterfront park
  100. scruffy bearded male in an old dairy queen hat with an american flag attached to it
  101. man crosses a street with traffic in downtown seattle
  102. male in a baseball cap and orange rain jacket above treeline
  103. man in his 80s sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper
  104. pasta vendor in pike place market selling spicy thai linguini
  105. man wearing headphones listens for satellites during amateur radio field day
  106. young workers at a fried cheese curd stand at a fireworks show in forest lake minnesota
  107. two people put on extra clothes on a windy exposed ridge above bridger bowl ski area
  108. a man bent over a tower installs guy lines to help raise it
  109. a girl in a white jacket and pink umbrella stands next to a man with a black umbrella on a street corner
  110. scott creel running across the bridger ridge line during the 2008 bridger ridge run
  111. a group of amateur radio operators work to raise a tower for a morse code station
  112. a man in a tan coat and a woman in gray pants walk up a sidewalk in seattle
  113. a large man stands next to the old phelps mill fishing in the twilight
  114. a kid in a black hoody and sneakers walks past a line of busses in Apple iPod wrappers
  115. a couple shopping in Pike Place Market
  116. a man crosses an intersection scattered with rain-soaked newspapers
  117. woman on phone walks past a bus watching me snap a shot
  118. curly haired boy walks in a group on pine street in downtown seattle
  119. man in a dark blue hoody sweatshirt lays out fruit for sale
  120. bike messenger in seattle riding a bianchi below the monorail track
  121. half-naked male bending over backpack preparing to ski in the bridgers
  122. male taking pics on a sepia toned cannon beach with haystack rock in the background
  123. 2006-09-14.jpg
  124. boy in a red shirt walks up to an old white house surrounded by trees
  125. 06-13-06.jpg
  126. boy and man fishing on the bank of the Otter Tail next to an old mill and dam
  127. 05-06-06_adolescent.jpg
  128. euro_trip0012.jpg
  129. Joseph Bergantine
  130. Joseph Bergantine

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