1. yellow leaves in the grass
  2. leaves, dead and alive, piled up around a creek
  3. a large orange leaf sits in the middle of a wooded trail
  4. a grove of cottonwoods on the linear trail
  5. aspen trees draped in fresh snow
  6. yellow leaves of autumn
  7. orange leaves against a blue sky
  8. Mountain Biking Through Aspen Trees in Autumn
  9. orange leaves against an out of focus green background
  10. red leaves against a blue out of focus background
  11. green leaves
  12. yellow leaf
  13. red berries
  14. fresh snow on red leaves
  15. yellow leaves
  16. yellow leaves backlit by the afternoon sun
  17. bright orange leaves juxtaposed against a bright bluebird sky
  18. orange-brown leaves hanging from a tree on a trail
  19. yellow leaves backlit by the autumn sun in the mountains
  20. droplets of melting snow on the frozen leaves of a small bush sitting in the shade of a mountain canyon
  21. bright red and orange leaves covered with a wet autumn snowfall
  22. bright orange leaves hang from a white-trunked tree
  23. bright yellow leaves with red stems
  24. dark red leaves covered in a wet snow
  25. peering through young aspen trees and fresh tall grass on the galligator trail
  26. leaves bare fall colors in the mountains
  27. a branch with pink flowers and red leaves on a cool spring morning
  28. a brown haired girl in jeans and boots walks through a vine-covered brick alley
  29. small pink flowers and deep red leaves hold little droplets of water on a cool spring morning
  30. red berries hang from a sparse green twig
  31. dark purple berry obscures the view of vancouver washington
  32. bright red leaves of a plant dangle over a concrete wall
  33. red, yellow, and green leaves backlit by the setting sun in a residential subdivision
  34. snow covers red leaves in a park between the willamette river and condos
  35. yellow leaves filter the light reflecting off a burly tree trunk, complimenting the blue sky
  36. tree losing its leaves partially hides the landscape on a bright, frosty autumn morning
  37. Red-tipped green leaves in Glacier National Park
  38. yellow tri-leafed plant in the woods
  39. bright yellow and green aspens sit in a meadow of patchy, fading snow in early fall in the Hyalite Recreation Area
  40. rain coverd red leaves on a bridge railing on an overpass looking back at the fog enshrouded west hills of portland near portland state university
  41. yellow aspen leave speckled with green and red backlit by the setting sun in a rural subdivision
  42. ants view perspective looking up the trunk of a tree at yellow leaves against a bright blue sky
  43. red berries set in a sea of green leaves
  44. Bright red leaves shrouded in a dusting of wet snow with a building out of focus in the background
  45. Yellow aspen leaves backlit by the afternoon sun
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  48. 08-02-06.jpg
  49. 06-28-06.jpg
  50. Portlands park blocks covered in wet leaves on a rainy winter night
  51. 01-27-06.jpg
  52. IMG_0050.jpg
  53. IMG_0109.jpg
  54. IMG_0004.jpg
  55. IMG_0036.jpg
  56. ivy.jpg

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