1. athletes stand in the rain waiting for the swim start at ironman canada
  2. triathletes in wetsuits and swim caps swim through tempe town lake, churning the water
  3. ducks float in a lake in denver
  4. xterra triathletes in wetsuits run down the shore to enter hyalite lake past an inflatable killer whale toy
  5. the spire of the space needle and glass highrises of downtown rise over lake union in this overcast photo
  6. sunrise and mist on yellowstone lake
  7. sunset over lake okoboji
  8. kayakers in a yellow sea kayak on lake union with downtown seattle behind them
  9. people standing on a hill in gasworks park in seattle with downtown in the distance across the lake
  10. kayakers on a yellow kayak on lake union with the skyline of seattle rising in the background
  11. summer sun sets behind a row of trees on the far side of lake okoboji leaving a tree on the near bank in silhouette
  12. the rising sun backlights steam rising up from geysers around the shore of yellowstone lake
  13. fireworks explode above forest lake minnesota on the fourth of july
  14. looking out at lake michigan and downtown chicago from the sears tower
  15. the eldorado apartment building rises above central park
  16. fireworks over forest lake minnesota
  17. geese on a lake in fergus falls, minnesota
  18. people wander around the lakefront at Lake Okoboji, Iowa on a warm summer evening
  19. 20080820.jpg
  20. clover, cattails, and lily pads grow on a lake in minnesota
  21. very young black lab puppy coming out of the water
  22. pink and white clover flowers line a lake overgrown with lilypads
  23. yellow orange sunset over lake okoboji
  24. soaking wet black lab puppy sitting next to hyalite reservoir
  25. a small black lab pup stands dripping wet on a lake shore
  26. sunsets on Lake Okoboji on a warm autumn night
  27. sunset catches the waves of west okoboji lake
  28. fireworks flare above a lake shore in northern iowa a few days after the fourth
  29. small pink and white flowers and lilly pads on a small lake
  30. a crowd sits along a park on the waterfront in forest lake minnesota watching the fireworks
  31. green glacial lake below grinnel glacier in montana
  32. warm hued peaks against cool hued water in glacier national park
  33. tree trunk laying in the water at the shore of lake mcdonald on a grey and overcast day
  34. a sliver of the waxing moon rises above swiftcurrent lake and grinnel glacier at sunset

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