1. trump tower and the wrigley building against the sky
  2. looking down the chicago river
  3. jackson in tile
  4. elevated train platform in downtown chicago
  5. a runner running on a paid trail alongside the lake in lake shore park, chicago
  6. an el train in downtown chicago
  7. flowers in a planter box in downtown chicago
  8. vertical lines in chicago
  9. an el train rumbles overhead on elevated tracks in downtown chicago
  10. people crowd michigan avenue in downtown chicago on an autumn morning
  11. the sun times building looms over the chicago river
  12. shadows on the stone of the chicago mercantile exchanage
  13. a bus pulls up to a bus stop in the twilight of a winter evening on south michigan avenue
  14. cars pass on a road below the el tracks in the loop, chicago
  15. silhouettes of the heads of people watching an outdoor concert
  16. twilight in chicago
  17. downtown chicago
  18. gray-yellow brick of the chicago merchandise mart reflected and distorted in blue glass
  19. orange traffic cones, tail lights and christmas lights
  20. the cityscape of downtown chicago
  21. Sign pointing out which side of the tracks to be on at a Metra Train Station reads "to chicago".
  22. an el train rolls on overhead tracks while a gray line bus and other traffic cross underneath
  23. chicago waterfront as seen from the top of the john hancock building
  24. spotlight operators on a scaffolding in chicago
  25. looking through the green lens of an el train window at mercedes benz of chicago
  26. looking up at the blue windows of the willis tower at sunset
  27. inbound cta train at the mount prospect train station on a bright crisp day
  28. brick river center building in the loop, chicago, just after sunset
  29. chicago tribune building catching the last sunlight of the day
  30. a complicated interchange in downtown chicago
  31. commuter line railroad tracks in north chicago
  32. silver audi suv driving down michigan avenue at sunset
  33. purple lights on the w hotel in downtown chicago
  34. pedestrians hurrying through the streets of downtown chicago
  35. Metra passengers crowd off a train onto a platform in the hyde park neighborhood of chicago
  36. sculpture in millenium park off of michigan avenue in chicago
  37. boyd tinsley playing violin, tim reynolds and dave matthews playing guitar on stage
  38. jet plane in the clouds
  39. upskirt marilyn monroe sculpture in pioneer court in downtown chicago
  40. newspaper stands on the street outside ogilvie transportation centre
  41. ups truck in an alley in chicago
  42. cyclist on a single speed bicycle in downtown chicago
  43. visual noise in the city: flowers, cars and people clustered together on michigan avenue at lake street
  44. backlit flags fly on the michigan avenue bridge in silhouette against the river
  45. crowds of people and busses on michigan avenue at lake street in downtown chicago
  46. purple lights illuminate the main stage of the dave matthews band caravan and throw the crowd into silhouette
  47. crowd of people walks down the sidewalk in chicago
  48. Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds and Boyd Tinsley on stage
  49. many people walking along michigan avenue in downtown chicago
  50. john hancock building and chicago skyline from jane addams memorial park
  51. dave matthews band on stage in chicago lit up with blue lights
  52. red chicago theatre sign seen from the street in downtown chicago's theatre district
  53. old white lighthouse with a red roof on lake michigan
  54. a view of the skyscrapers of downtown chicago and the expanse of lake michigan from the observation deck of the sears tower
  55. small, pink flowers on a wilting bush in a flower bed in downtown chicago
  56. cars on a wide chicago street
  57. young couples cross a chicago crosswalk on a blustery november day in jeans and coats
  58. an l train rolls through elevated tracks over the river in downtown Chicago
  59. an old brick building on a tree-lined street in the illinois medical district of chicago
  60. sun light reflects off the aluminum sides of an l-train high on a platform in downtown Chciago
  61. south west chicago sprawls out below the sears tower
  62. the numbers 1819 on a wall
  63. an l-train leaves a platform where people mill about in downtown chicago
  64. cars on a street in downtown chicago
  65. out of focus flowers and cement highway behind in downtown chicago
  66. a train on an elevated track in downtown Chicago
  67. the sears tower rises on the horizon of a lonely side street in chicago
  68. the l train track runs between apartment buildings in down town chicago
  69. a street in chicago
  70. looking out over lake michigan and the city of chicago from the Sears Tower
  71. looking out at lake michigan and downtown chicago from the sears tower
  72. buildings along s michigan avenue reflected in millennium park's steel bean statue
  73. seats under the pavilion in Grant Park, Chicago
  74. flags on a bridge over the chicago river
  75. looking south along north michigan avenue in chicago, illinois
  76. window washers on a platform
  77. looking up from the theatre at grant park at the chicago skyline
  78. a red building is reflected in the aluminum and steel of an l-train
  79. newspaper dispensers in downtown chicago on the corner of wacker and madison
  80. cars drive down a street in downtown Chicago
  81. Sears Tower
  82. tourists walk down a street in chicago towing suitcases behind them
  83. clock tower on the wrigley building in downtown Chicago
  84. the chicago theatre sign
  85. view from the sears tower skydeck of a street in downtown chicago
  86. an old brick train station along the railroad tracks in downtown seattle
  87. girl in high boots stands on the platform waiting for an l train to come by
  88. Looking down Wabash Street
  89. An L train on an elevated track in downtown Chicago.
  90. Chicago skyline including the John Hancock Building and Trump Tower
  91. Historic Chicago building reflected in the windows of a newer building
  92. Asian girl in red sweater walks alone down Chicago sidewalk while buildings loom in the background
  93. A window washer works his way up Chicago's Lake Point Tower on an overcast day.
  94. Chicago's L train goes around a curve in the track overhead with the sun beaming down.

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