1. lightning crackles in a purple sky
  2. pink and white pitcher
  3. purple flowers on a tree against a blue house
  4. cottonwood trees with strong accent lighting
  5. gray blue house with a white porch catches the light of the setting sun adding a yellow tone to the image
  6. a very old living room
  7. bright, primary colored blocks painted on an apartment building
  8. a bright pink tree in the yard of a small bungalow in north portland
  9. a bright orange poppy
  10. an orange door on a yellow house
  11. orange volkswagen bus parked behind a house with a tree out front on a rainy afternoon
  12. an old house on a hill in Phelps, Minnesota
  13. steep driveway in a valley
  14. 2008-07-01.jpg
  15. sunset
  16. golden retriever sitting in the grass
  17. a white suburban pulls into a snowy driveway
  18. subaru with open hatch under a cloudy night sky
  19. rooflines of the brick breeden fieldhouse and msu dorms
  20. a yellow lab standing on the sidewalk on a crisp spring morning
  21. subdivision in south bozeman as seen from the galligator trail
  22. girl washes dishes on the other side of a window
  23. redheaded girl on a patio in the sun on a spring morning
  24. sunrise warms a quiet neighboorhood street in south bozeman
  25. brick mansion looking out at a snowy evening
  26. old brick house sits on a corner surrounded by snow and the bare trees of march
  27. yellow lights from inside illuminate the snowy porch of a small bungalow
  28. boy in a red shirt walks up to an old white house surrounded by trees

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