1. backlit grass on coronado beach in san diego
  2. yellow leaves in the grass
  3. snow on the grass in portland, oregon
  4. sculpted heads in the grass
  5. bright day on the coast in california
  6. pink flower petals decorate a razed grass bed in a garden
  7. giant sculptures in the seattle sculpture park shot through the trees
  8. hawthorne bridge and waterfront park
  9. yellow grass against a dark blue sky
  10. a cow elk grazes on grass near a river in yellowstone national park
  11. a giant red and white sculpture in the seattle sculpture park
  12. two cyclists walk their bikes off the path and into the grass in gasworks park while people lounge and play in the background
  13. white toyota celica sports coupe shot low in a parking lot
  14. a shaved golden retriever plays in tall green spring grass
  15. a brittany spaniel and yellow lab play in high yellow autumn grass
  16. small black lab puppy in the grass with a purple ball
  17. people sit under a tree, backlit by a spotlight, in a rainstorm at an outdoor concert
  18. a large snapping turtle with curved beak, beady eyes, and long claws lays on cement, its back covered in moss and grass
  19. a yellow spray can abandoned and laying in the grass near a run down building
  20. a seven (7) week old black lab puppy lays in the grass - black and white
  21. yellow grass heads shot against a blue sky
  22. sepia toned black and white image of a bison grazing on grass
  23. stars and two heads of grass and a big blue sky over bozeman, montana
  24. a purple bike with training wheels sits abandoned on a sidewalk
  25. a female elk dozing by the river in yellowstone national park
  26. a dark blue creek spills through a wasteland of brown in yellowstone national park
  27. sunrise on a mountain hillside
  28. 7 week old labrador retriever puppy laying in the grass
  29. Girl walks barefoot through a park holding her flip flops.
  30. Black labrador puppy running through a field near Fort Ellis in Bozeman at sunset.
  31. yellow lab
  32. small lab puppy dwarfed by the grass she's laying in
  33. warm summer sunset hazes out a minnesota park
  34. black lab puppy on a trail
  35. bright green grass in a brown puddle of mud in the mountains
  36. 9 month old black lab puppy sits by a chain link fence
  37. peering through young aspen trees and fresh tall grass on the galligator trail
  38. leaves bare fall colors in the mountains
  39. a blond girl in a white hoody sits in the grass watching an outdoor concert at a summer festival
  40. a dark brown strip of a road winds through a lush green tree-lined meadow in the bridger mountain range
  41. blades of grass backlit by the winter sun
  42. brittany spaniel poking around in a field of snow and dry grass
  43. blues and yellows reflected in a snowy field at sunset
  44. the setting sun casts long shadows on a rocky peak in glacier national park
  45. sunlight streams through and backlights dried yellow grass
  46. grass lit up and silhouetted in the setting sun
  47. a large bull elk munches on grass near the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park, Montana
  48. creek running through emrald green grass surrounded by dead yellow grass in a valley
  49. dry grass backlit by the setting sun in a rural subdivision
  50. grass on the bank of the wide and dark Otter Tail
  51. wildflowers in a meadow with snow-capped mountains in the background
  52. 01-20-06.jpg
  53. IMG_0066.jpg
  54. IMG_0169.jpg
  55. wetgrass1.jpg

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