1. fog shrouds the mountains beyond north vancouver
  2. fog covers the hills silhouetting a bare tree in the foreground
  3. pink and orange lights of new york city reflected in the fog and river
  4. pink building turned orange in the rising sun shimmers behind a fog bank
  5. heavy fog around trees in the pacquare river valley
  6. buildings cutting through the fog of new york city
  7. wet wood and iron benches, a foggy new york skyline, the brooklyn bridge
  8. snow and fog cover a hillside in the mountains near big sky, montana
  9. night on the east river, overcast sky reflects city lights, new york
  10. blurry silhouettes of people walking in front of the east river in dumbo, new york city
  11. staring up at the brooklyn bridge arches
  12. a foggy night, new york city, pier 17
  13. an overcast night and fluorescent lighting yields green windows from an apartment building
  14. a ferry in front of the statue of liberty on a foggy night
  15. a brick path leads off in the foreground to intersect with a bridge leading into new york city shrouded in fog
  16. cars crossing the brooklyn bridge on a foggy night
  17. a foggy, snowy day on north bowl road at bridger bowl
  18. looking up at the manhattan bridge, the lights of new york city and the bridge reflected in the river below, haze and fog
  19. brick buildings in layers of fog and smoke and haze on the island of manhattan in new york city
  20. orange leaves against a pale blue and yellow sunrise
  21. construction crane on a rainy, foggy night
  22. fog shrouds haystack rock on the oregon coast
  23. fog rises over a river
  24. dense fog distorts the lights from strip malls along TV highway
  25. fog distorts the lights of passing cars on the interstate between bozeman and livingston
  26. morning fog catches and distorts the reflection of the sunrise on a glass building
  27. frosty window lit up by sunrise and a streetlamp
  28. steaming baby blue geyser in yellowstone national park
  29. rain coverd red leaves on a bridge railing on an overpass looking back at the fog enshrouded west hills of portland near portland state university
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  31. 01-08-06.jpg
  32. IMG_0120.jpg

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