1. a vietnamese family of four rides a scooter in hanoi
  2. two trains on railroad tracks at sunset with autumn turned trees wait to pass each other
  3. two mountain bikers change the tube on a flat tire while mountain biking
  4. looking out over I405 and downtown portland
  5. yellow nyc taxi racing down a street in the rain
  6. three stainless steel spires arch up into the evening sky
  7. spotlight operators on a scaffolding in chicago
  8. man in jeans and a black jacket carrying a black umbrella down a new york city street in a rainstorm
  9. buildings cutting through the fog of new york city
  10. looking up at the blue windows of the willis tower at sunset
  11. brick river center building in the loop, chicago, just after sunset
  12. pedestrians hurrying through the streets of downtown chicago
  13. cross processed photo of a palm tree against a blue sky
  14. steam spouts out of old faithful geyser in yellowstone national park
  15. Soybean fields outside of Jackson, Minnesota.
  16. pink alpen glow on the cliff bluffs in fruita at sunset in the spring
  17. stairway leading under a higway in the dumbo neighborhood of brooklyn, new york
  18. cottonwood trees with strong accent lighting
  19. dog looking up, face poised, at attention
  20. fire lane in new york city on a rainy summer evening
  21. heavy storm clouds brewing over a hilltop with a tree in silhouette
  22. looking up at palm tree leaves on the hawaiian island of maui on a summer evening
  23. a paper container of tapas including bacon wrapped dates and lamb samosas
  24. gray blue house with a white porch catches the light of the setting sun adding a yellow tone to the image
  25. a cyclist rides over the camera on bozeman during the main street sprints bike race
  26. sunset light reflecting on the buildings around pike place market in seattle
  27. panning photo of a a stock car racing around the track at the Jackson County Fairgrounds
  28. blue evening sunset light on robson street in downtown vancouver
  29. a man wearing jeans and a dark jacket walks down madison avenue carrying a black umbrella on a rainy evening
  30. two taxis drive down madison avenue in new york city which is reflecting the lights of the buildings and cars as rain falls
  31. sign atop the baxter hotel during a snowstorm
  32. heavy snow falls on west main street on an evening in downtown bozeman
  33. setting sun warms up red brick of buildings on bozemans main street
  34. trees growing in a kind of park in downtown lahaina with mountains rising behind
  35. Bicycle Race
  36. a staircase leading down to DUMBO from the Brooklyn Bridge
  37. a team intrinsik racer on a giant road bike in the tour de bozeman bicycle race sprints
  38. dead horse point outside of moab utah
  39. two female cyclists sprint past the ellen theatre on bozeman's main street on road bikes
  40. people walk down burrard street at dusk in winter
  41. a cyclist on a road bike sprints down bozeman's main street during the bozeman 300 road bike sprint event
  42. man sits on a bike balancing off a palm tree on ala moana beach
  43. female staring at the camera
  44. the watertower for the city of jackson, minnesota
  45. deliberately out of focus photo of robson street near lost lagoon lake
  46. the rainbow colored sign outside empire theatre in livingston, montana
  47. black and white palm tree
  48. traffic on interstate 90
  49. pink and orange flower petals
  50. sunset on pine street in seattle
  51. delicate arch in arches national park
  52. a bicycle chained to a streetlight on Bozeman's main street, covered in fresh snow
  53. 7 week old labrador retriever puppy laying in the grass
  54. people walk along the sidewalk on burrard street, going home
  55. portland skyline at night
  56. walking along Ringstrasse Boulevard in vienna on a summer evening
  57. a cherry tree blossoms outside an apartment building in Portland, Oregon
  58. buildings in the ala moana district on honolulu at sunset on a summer evening
  59. orange volkswagen bus parked behind a house with a tree out front on a rainy afternoon
  60. sun slips behind a cloud over the Pacific Ocean and the Auau channel
  61. scattered clouds against a blue sky
  62. People sit in swings as a tilt-a-whirl spins around as part of the Rose Festival Carnival.
  63. The Bridger Mountain Range looms over the Fort Ellis community at sunset in autumn.
  64. Girl walks barefoot through a park holding her flip flops.
  65. A wet black labrador dog in Phelps Mill Park by the Otter Tail river.
  66. Bozeman Public Gardens
  67. 2008-09-26.jpg
  68. 2008-09-16.jpg
  69. 2008-09-06.jpg
  70. 2008-08-19.jpg
  71. guy on a bike on Ala Moana beach
  72. 2008-06-28.jpg
  73. 20080820.jpg
  74. water surges over a dam
  75. mill reflected in water
  76. still blue river
  77. water rushing over a dam
  78. heavy snow falling on a dark street
  79. gravel road at sunset
  80. a cloudy afternoon in seattle
  81. a jack rail fence leads out through a wheat field in the direction of the bridger mountains
  82. warm summer sunset hazes out a minnesota park
  83. sprint car on the jackson raceway
  84. a car at the intersection of Jefferson and Broadway in Portland
  85. people walk down a sidewalk on a dark street in seattle
  86. rain droplets glisten on bright purple lilacs against a periwinkle evening sky
  87. flowers along the otter tail river fill the foreground while the red and white phelps mill stands in the background
  88. a girl walks barefoot through freshly mown grass at sunset in a park
  89. bikes locked up to a street lamp in a parking lot on the edge of downtown
  90. a blond girl in a white hoody sits in the grass watching an outdoor concert at a summer festival
  91. driving along I-90 West just outside of Missoula Montana
  92. small pink and white flowers and lilly pads on a small lake
  93. a large man stands next to the old phelps mill fishing in the twilight
  94. a fencepost along the galligator trail in bozeman montana
  95. feet in flipflops and shorts walking on the sidewalk
  96. american flags wave above pine street in seattle
  97. bikes stacked against the side of the 2nd Street Bistro
  98. sunset plays with the colors of the sky behind the Baxter Hotel and the Rialto Theatre on Main Street Bozeman
  99. neon vacancy sign of the murray hotel
  100. girl in a white honda watches me take a photo of her
  101. girl washes dishes on the other side of a window
  102. a person and a car cross paths in a busy seattle intersection at evening rush hour
  103. towers of the westin hotel against an evening sky
  104. woman on phone walks past a bus watching me snap a shot
  105. curly haired boy walks in a group on pine street in downtown seattle
  106. sunset caught by the brick building of plonk on main street bozeman
  107. lights from an approaching white vehicle on a snowy evening
  108. boy and man fishing on the bank of the Otter Tail next to an old mill and dam
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  110. 02-04-06.jpg
  111. 01-16-06.jpg

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