1. stairwell descending into a park somewhere in prague
  2. a coblestone floored tunnel in prague
  3. a stained glass window at st. stephen's basilica in budapest
  4. bright, primary colored blocks painted on an apartment building
  5. clock in vienna
  6. a garden wall in downtown Prague
  7. walking along Ringstrasse Boulevard in vienna on a summer evening
  8. a castle on the danube river
  9. classical structure with a copper roof surrounded by gardens in downtown vienna
  10. top of a tree partially hides the architecture of the buildings behind it and a hill
  11. peak of roof catches yellow light from rising sun and the shadow of a chimney
  12. Colorful flowers fill out the gardens of the Schnbrunn Castle in Vienna, Austria
  13. red-roofed buildings on the Prague skyline from a park on a hill
  14. slightly blury image of a crowd gathered to watch the football playoffs in the town square in Prague, Czech Republic
  15. 2006-09-15.jpg
  16. 2006-09-14.jpg
  17. 07-29-06.jpg
  18. 06-27-06.jpg
  19. 06-26-06.jpg
  20. 06-22-06.jpg
  21. 06-20-06.jpg
  22. 06-07-2006.jpg
  23. 05-12-06.jpg
  24. window display in a shoe store depicting two girls kissing
  25. 02-02-06.jpg
  26. euro_trip0012.jpg
  27. euro_trip0016.jpg
  28. euro_trip0046.jpg

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