1. labradoodle shaking
  2. black lab puppy
  3. two dogs lead a skiier up a skin track at bridger bowl with another dog following
  4. black lab sitting in the snow
  5. dog splashes water running across the west boulder river
  6. labradoodle puppy stands up on a concrete curb
  7. a dog walking down the street of a costa rican town
  8. a girl puts climbing skins on her backcountry skis, watched by a dog
  9. black lab puppy walks towards the camera with big puppy paws
  10. a dog trying to get a bite of food out of someones hand
  11. small black dog in cahuita
  12. supermercado safari in cahuita at sunset
  13. happy dog looking at the camera
  14. brushing stray hair off a yellow lab
  15. small, wet, black lab puppy chewing on a stick
  16. small black labrador puppy with big puppy eyes
  17. mountain bikers on montana's mile creek trail, on top of the continental divide at targee divide
  18. a very happy, smiling golden retriever dog
  19. dog laying on a cement step looking up with big dark eyes
  20. a yellow lab running up the beach
  21. black lab head against the sky; bugs eye view
  22. a shaved golden retriever plays in tall green spring grass
  23. narrow-focus photo of a hound dog on the lawn
  24. dog looking up, face poised, at attention
  25. a brittany spaniel and yellow lab play in high yellow autumn grass
  26. a yellow lab running through the surf on the beach with a toy
  27. small black lab puppy in the grass with a purple ball
  28. six month old black lab puppy sniffs around in fresh snow
  29. small black labrador retriever puppy yawning in a yard
  30. black lab peeking over the edge of the table, begging for food
  31. a small dog under an awning on an old pickup camper
  32. a dog bends down to grab its toy in the water at oswald beach
  33. two black labs and a yellow lab running along a sun bleached trail in pine covered mountains
  34. a golden retriever stands over the camera
  35. half of the face of a black labrador dog lit up while the other half is in shadow.
  36. a brittany spaniel yawning
  37. black lab puppy lays with his feet stretched out to the camera
  38. a wet golden retriever running along a trail
  39. black labrador dog with a befuddled expression on his face
  40. two surfers and a dog surfing in the green ocean off diamond head
  41. a wet black labrador dog sitting on a river bank in a park lit by the setting sun
  42. mature golden retriever dog lays in a backyard chewing on a tennis ball in the distilled green light from full foliage trees
  43. a few month old black labrador puppy dog sits in the bathtub while he gets a bath
  44. black labrador in a field of fresh snow
  45. a seven (7) week old black lab puppy lays in the grass - black and white
  46. a black labrador retriever runs through deep white snow bare trees in the background
  47. a dog standing on a snowy hill backlit by a snow machine
  48. a black labrador shakes off after swimming in a river spraying droplets of water
  49. dogs playing in bozeman creek
  50. solarized black and white image of a couple week old puppy dog
  51. lab puppy sleeping on the floor
  52. black lab puppy lookin gup
  53. two month old black lab puppy in a creek
  54. wet brittany spaniel gets a bath in the tub
  55. small wet black lab puppy dog shakes to get dry
  56. puppy licks his nose
  57. black labrador retriever blinks in heavy snow
  58. 7 week old labrador retriever puppy laying in the grass
  59. small yellow lab puppy in the grass
  60. 2 year old black labrador covered in snow
  61. A wet black labrador dog in Phelps Mill Park by the Otter Tail river.
  62. Black labrador puppy running through a field near Fort Ellis in Bozeman at sunset.
  63. Golden Retriever
  64. 2008-09-11.jpg
  65. 20080819.jpg
  66. dog dries off
  67. female holds a puppy
  68. yellow lab
  69. wet dog shaking off
  70. small black lab puppy
  71. small lab puppy dwarfed by the grass she's laying in
  72. black lab nosing rocks
  73. golden retriever running along a trail
  74. golden retriever sitting in the grass
  75. dog peers over the ledge of a wall at the camera
  76. female brushing extra fur off a shedding yellow lab
  77. small black lab shakes to dry off
  78. wet lab puppy with a bumper
  79. brittany spaniel
  80. black lab puppy smiling with his mouth open and tongue hanging out
  81. male in a red beanie and a dog wait on top of a mountain helipad
  82. black lab puppy on a trail
  83. small yellow lab in grass
  84. very young black lab puppy coming out of the water
  85. golden retriever on a blue leash being held by a female in an orange coat on a sidewalk at sunrise
  86. black lab puppy looks down at the camera in a suburban park
  87. wet brittany spaniel in the bath tub
  88. soaking wet black lab puppy sitting next to hyalite reservoir
  89. seven week old black lab puppy lays with paws outstretched
  90. 9 month old black lab puppy sits by a chain link fence
  91. crowd gathered on top of a hellicopter pad at bridger bowl waiting for runners to come by
  92. an 8 week old black lab puppy yawns in the arms of a young woman
  93. dripping wet black lab stands in the water tugging on his leash to go the other way
  94. an 8 week old black lab pup follows along a dry trail on a leash
  95. a 7 week old black lab looks at the camera as he sits in the shade
  96. a yellow lab standing on the sidewalk on a crisp spring morning
  97. a shaved golden retriever runs next to a creek in the patchy morning sun
  98. small dog looks into the camera
  99. a yellow lab peering down into the camera on a sun-lit street
  100. girl walking up driveway holding mail and a stick to throw a dogs ball
  101. golden lab peering down into camera on a suburban street
  102. curiously sad yellow lab peering up at the camera
  103. girl and a yellow lab with a grooming brush
  104. brittany spaniel poking around in a field of snow and dry grass
  105. girl and a dog walking along a ridgeline trail
  106. motion blur capture of dog shilouetted against the rear window
  107. yellow lab pushing her nose up against the car window shes inside
  108. yellow lab running along the backside of a high mountain ridge
  109. small britney spaniel digs through snow, covering himself in the process
  110. 07-18-06.jpg
  111. 06-02-2006.jpg
  112. 02-09-06.jpg

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