1. trump tower and the wrigley building against the sky
  2. First Presbyterian Church in Portland with a purple steeple
  3. northeast bozeman
  4. wind blown fresh snow on the slopes of the bridger mountains
  5. spindly trees and puffy clouds in seattle
  6. the setting sun catches the trees on a golf course on kauai turning them golden
  7. bokeh of storm lighting on big pink in portland oregon
  8. the spire of the space needle and glass highrises of downtown rise over lake union in this overcast photo
  9. yellow flowers backlit by the setting sun
  10. three stainless steel spires arch up into the evening sky
  11. smokey sunset over west bozeman
  12. flowers backlit by storm lighting
  13. dark storm clouds over downtown minneapolis
  14. buildings cutting through the fog of new york city
  15. palm trees against a cerulean blue sky
  16. a ferry in the waters of puget sound moving into the sunset
  17. cross processed photo of storm clouds dropping fresh snow on a southwest montana mountain range
  18. mountain biker on slick rock trail outside of moab on an overcast day
  19. peet's hill and the bridger mountain range
  20. jet plane in the clouds
  21. clouds over the bridger mountain range
  22. the willamette river and city lights of portland
  23. Soybean fields outside of Jackson, Minnesota.
  24. kayakers on a yellow kayak on lake union with the skyline of seattle rising in the background
  25. overcast night in seattle
  26. snowboarder and tele skiier in deep snow on the nose of the ridge at bridger bowl with a clear sky
  27. strong afternoon sunlight on the U.S. Bank Tower as it stands over seattle's west lake park
  28. moon obscured by clouds rises over portland state university and the I-405 corridor in downtown portland.
  29. teal and purple sunrise in the harbor around aloha tower
  30. raising a yagi antenna in a field
  31. cross processed photo of a forest service cabin along the west boulder river on a sunny day
  32. dark haired girl in gray shirt with white earbuds walks across the brooklyn bridge
  33. thick dark storm clouds against a bright blue sky over a hill
  34. a red volvo drives across a 4-line bridge into downtown vancouver, bc on an overcast day
  35. clouds blow off saddle peak on the bridger mountain range, shrouding it in white
  36. taylor street overpass of I5, downtown portland oregon, night
  37. a foggy night, new york city, pier 17
  38. heavy storm clouds brewing over a hilltop with a tree in silhouette
  39. thick clouds block the rising sun from reaching the towers of downtown honolulu.  a blue morning.
  40. birds eye view of the st. johns neighborhood of north portland from the saint john bridge
  41. looking down at the oregon coast and pacific ocean from a high wooded bluff
  42. old faithful geyser exploding after dark in yellowstone national park
  43. sun emerges from behind a dense cloud
  44. a large sun dog halo around the sun
  45. dinosaur tracks on the sidewalk leading into the science museum of minnesota
  46. harsh silhouettes of clouds and mountains against a bright orange sky created by the setting sun
  47. white puffy clouds against a gray-blue sky
  48. night photo of the steel bridge over the willamette river in portland oregon with a freight train on the bottom tier
  49. black and white photo of a minneapolis street with strong lighting and shadows on a summer afternoon
  50. looking down at harrison avenue with a thick cloud cover overhead reflecting the city lights and fresh snow
  51. trees growing in a kind of park in downtown lahaina with mountains rising behind
  52. dark heavy clouds roll across the sky obscuring the sun and diffusing the light
  53. black and white condos rise above boats parked along english bay with an overcast sky in the background
  54. snow dusts railroad tracks running into the Bangtail mountain range from east bozeman with a thick gray sky overhead
  55. the sears tower rises on the horizon of a lonely side street in chicago
  56. heavy storm clouds over condos on vancouver's west end
  57. looking south along the willamette river in portland oregon
  58. blue and green and pink lights on the columns of the morrison bridge over the willamette river in downtown portland oregon
  59. Diamond Head juts out of the island of Oahu obstructing the skyscapers of Honolulu behind it
  60. heavy snow and overcast skies in south bozeman
  61. bronze statue of a man with an umbrella in portland's pioneer square
  62. looking out over lake michigan and the city of chicago from the Sears Tower
  63. spires of the cathedral of st paul against a cloudy sky
  64. storm clouds dropping over waikiki
  65. sand and palm trees flanked by the towers of downtown honolulu
  66. looking south from rockefeller center at the empire state building and manhattan skyline
  67. sixth avenue in on sixth avenue in downtown seattle
  68. clouds tearing apart
  69. fresh snow in the crazy mountains with heavy clouds overhead
  70. the eldorado apartment building rises above central park
  71. a cyclist in a blue sleeveless jersey on a red bike on the brooklyn bridge
  72. the empire state building rises over manhattan
  73. two lonely palm trees against the pacific ocean and cloudy horizon
  74. storm clouds build over the reservoir in new york city's central park
  75. a lonely old brick barn
  76. a max train rolls across while a freight train goes along the lower part of the portland steel bridge
  77. ice cream vendor with a colorful umbrella atop her cart on the stone arch bridge in minneapolis
  78. orange leaves against a pale blue and yellow sunrise
  79. looking out at kaneohe station on honolulu hawaii
  80. the historic first security bank building in salt lake city
  81. Ala Moana Beach
  82. snow covered residential street in Bozeman at night
  83. sun streaming out of clouds over the city of honolulu
  84. the remains of boodles restaurant, montana trails gallery, the r bar on bozemans main street
  85. heavy clouds blanket the sky over a valley in Honolulu, Hawaii
  86. buildings in the ala moana district on honolulu at sunset on a summer evening
  87. lights from the grouse mountain ski area light up a hilltop above north vancouver
  88. diamond head point rises over the pacific ocean
  89. group of tourists ride horses along the rim of haleakala
  90. A red Saab drives down a wet main street bozeman past Holy Rosary Church and First Interstate Bank
  91. sun slips behind a cloud over the Pacific Ocean and the Auau channel
  92. scattered clouds against a blue sky
  93. Sun rays break through heavy storm clouds sitting over downtown Honolulu
  94. Looking down on Vancouver's Fraser Port lit up at night. Heavy rain clouds overhead. Cars drive by.
  95. Pillsbury Flour Mill
  96. Lahaina Boats
  97. Bozeman Public Gardens
  98. pillsbury flour mill on the banks of the mississippi
  99. honolulu emerging from a cloud bank
  100. pacific ocean at ala moana beach at sunset
  101. 2008-07-04.jpg
  102. 2008-07-02.jpg
  103. 2008-06-27.jpg
  104. 20080818.jpg
  105. ski hill looming over the ocean
  106. sunset
  107. a tree is caught in the point light of a stormy afternoon turning it bright
  108. a white suburban pulls into a snowy driveway
  109. city lights reflected in storm clouds
  110. heavy snow blankets cars parked along the street
  111. subaru with open hatch under a cloudy night sky
  112. clouds blowing off the hyalite range south of bozeman
  113. dry yellow grass sticks out of white snow against blue mountains
  114. people walk down a sidewalk on a dark street in seattle
  115. yellow-jacketed sailors pilot a sailboat through the harbor in everett
  116. hyalite peak brushed with fresh snow sticks up through storm clouds
  117. spring sunset on south bozeman avenue
  118. Pillsbury Flour Mill in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River
  119. the gold medal flour mill along the mississippi river in minneapolis
  120. creek running through the north end of yellowstone national park
  121. subdivision in south bozeman as seen from the galligator trail
  122. summer eve at 11th and burnside in portland
  123. cars parked on a snowy side street in downtown bozeman montana on a chilly winter morning
  124. sailboats in the waters of the everett marina
  125. walker shilouetted against the ocean and horizon at cannon beach, oregon
  126. large bull elk sitting on a snowy hill in Yellowtone National Park
  127. green and red sign of motel on a hill in gardiner, montana
  128. snowy trees line a dark avenue, city lights color the clouds overhead, cars race by on a cross street
  129. red creek in a dead white landscape in yellowstone national park
  130. tailights streak north along I405 into the Pearl District through a wire fence at night
  131. geysers bubble in a meadow surrounded by dead trees in yellowstone national park
  132. bubbling, muddy hot pot in Yellowstone National Park against a dark and angry sky
  133. 01-24-06.jpg

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