1. stanley park seawall
  2. an orange cruiser outside a shop in hanoi
  3. people on a street in hanoi
  4. the las vegas strip
  5. fountain at the bellagio hotel
  6. las vegas night cityscape looking out at the rio and the palms
  7. gold medal flour building
  8. looking down on a rainy afternoon in seattle
  9. a vietnamese family of four rides a scooter in hanoi
  10. trump tower and the wrigley building against the sky
  11. people on the elliot bay trail with the seattle post intelligencer (seattle pi) sign behind them
  12. First Presbyterian Church in Portland with a purple steeple
  13. a cyclist in washington dc
  14. ducks float in a lake in denver
  15. packed in buildings in new york city
  16. snow on the grass in portland, oregon
  17. the empty district around the convention center
  18. looking down lombard street at san francisco
  19. looking over a hazy city and military ships
  20. sticker of a monkey begging on a trash can
  21. looking down the chicago river
  22. jackson in tile
  23. fog shrouds the mountains beyond north vancouver
  24. condos and sailboats reflected in false creek, vancouver
  25. sausage and cheese for sale in the granville public market
  26. streetcar in downtown portland
  27. elevated train platform in downtown chicago
  28. stacked rock art
  29. a train on the lower track of portland's steel bridge at night
  30. cars and signs on broadway avenue in portland
  31. girl crosses the street in front of the park central hotel in new york city
  32. spindly trees and puffy clouds in seattle
  33. a large orange leaf sits in the middle of a wooded trail
  34. the space needle against an inky blue sky
  35. a runner running on a paid trail alongside the lake in lake shore park, chicago
  36. quiet street in downtown seattle
  37. an el train in downtown chicago
  38. pedestrian mall in san jose costa rica
  39. flowers in a planter box in downtown chicago
  40. vertical lines in chicago
  41. pedestrians crowd an intersection on new york's upper west side
  42. an overcast sky reflects the san diego cityscape
  43. looking down at cargo and passenger trains alike in the vancouver train yards
  44. city lights reflected in the water of false creek
  45. twilight in chicago
  46. pink and orange lights of new york city reflected in the fog and river
  47. red doors on the old stone of new york's engine company 31 firehouse
  48. people on the street in chinatown
  49. bright lights illuminate the structure of the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego
  50. an el train rumbles overhead on elevated tracks in downtown chicago
  51. people crowd michigan avenue in downtown chicago on an autumn morning
  52. bikes chained up to a bike rack in downtown portland while a streetcar passes behind
  53. birds eye view looking down on an intersection in new york city
  54. the sun times building looms over the chicago river
  55. lofts in the pearl district of portland oregon
  56. people and taxis in times square at midnight
  57. shadows on the stone of the chicago mercantile exchanage
  58. skeletal frames and high rises stand above waterfront park in downtown portland
  59. tourists stand on top of the rockefeller center
  60. children's bikes chained to a rack in northwest portland
  61. buildings in downtown portland
  62. street car sitting in a terminal in san diego
  63. Parking lot for the US Navy behind a chain-link fence.
  64. subaru crosstrek used by san diego lifeguards on coronado beach
  65. unconditional surrender, a statue of a sailor kissing a woman in san diego
  66. fire truck and ambulance in front of a cheap motel on colfax avenue
  67. two men confer behind some flowers on a new york city street in the rain
  68. bokeh of storm lighting on big pink in portland oregon
  69. a cyclist carries their bike up a steep flight of concrete stairs on a hill in the woods
  70. narrow depth of field photo of yellow rose with blurry background
  71. pink reflections off of 1000 broadway tower in portland
  72. group of students stand on the north side of the whitehouse
  73. an old green truck and an alley
  74. yellow taxi going down a dark street
  75. a ford f150 and hipster portlandite meet at an interstection
  76. looking out over I405 and downtown portland
  77. self portrait reflected in an elevator with portland in the background
  78. graffiti on a wall in portland's pirate town
  79. hawthorne bridge and waterfront park
  80. heavy rain in new york
  81. passengers wait on a platform for an arriving subway train
  82. tourists stand on the brooklyn bridge taking photos in the rain
  83. blurry out of focus photograph of a southeast portland street
  84. cars pass on a road below the el tracks in the loop, chicago
  85. the spire of the space needle and glass highrises of downtown rise over lake union in this overcast photo
  86. pale pink flowers
  87. street vendor selling fruit in san jose, costa rica
  88. orange streetcar in san francisco
  89. US Capitol Building
  90. girl walks along the sidewalk in nyc's flatiron district
  91. snow crystals on red leaves
  92. purple pillars in the nyc subway
  93. breakdancer on the sidewalk
  94. panning photo of yellow nyc taxi
  95. crowded pedestrian walkway in san jose costa rica
  96. san francisco streetcars on a sunny day
  97. looking downhill on a san francisco street
  98. cranes in portland raising new buildings
  99. bicycle on a bike rack on SW jefferson street
  100. sunny day on nw broadway in portland oregon
  101. red taxis on a street in downtown san jose, costa rica, a yellow building behind
  102. statue in front of the capitol building
  103. an airplane landing at ronald reagan international airport
  104. man walking down the street in chinatown, san francisco
  105. black and white photo of the portland bus lane
  106. creepy mannequin in a window display on hawthorne avenue in portland
  107. narrow depth of field photo of pink flowers
  108. yellow nyc taxi racing down a street in the rain
  109. twilight in chicago
  110. bokeh image of a wet street with cars and busses on it
  111. downtown chicago
  112. gray-yellow brick of the chicago merchandise mart reflected and distorted in blue glass
  113. lights from portland reflected on the willamette river
  114. looking down at yellow taxis and american flags on a new york city street
  115. pink building turned orange in the rising sun shimmers behind a fog bank
  116. orange traffic cones, tail lights and christmas lights
  117. pink flowers backlit by the california sky
  118. roadblock on the entry way to the white house
  119. san francisco skyline over presidio of san francisco
  120. the cityscape of downtown chicago
  121. baseball field with a hill of houses behind it in downtown seattle
  122. statue of a man holding an umbrella and pointing
  123. 12th avenue and stark street, downtown portland
  124. Looking across the Willamette River at Portland
  125. three stainless steel spires arch up into the evening sky
  126. Sign pointing out which side of the tracks to be on at a Metra Train Station reads "to chicago".
  127. Looking out at the Bay Bridge from Russian Hill in San Francisco.
  128. two females talk on a bench on a pier behind the ferry building marketplace
  129. orange building housing the mercado central with red taxis and motorcycles in front of it
  130. red roofs and white walls of san francisco
  131. panning photo of several new york city taxis at night
  132. dark storm clouds over downtown minneapolis
  133. warbled reflections in the glass of a building
  134. pink light on a seattle street
  135. long exposure of portland's night sky
  136. looking northwest over downtown seattle at the round towers of the westin
  137. looking south down 1st avenue in downtown seattle
  138. an el train rolls on overhead tracks while a gray line bus and other traffic cross underneath
  139. chicago waterfront as seen from the top of the john hancock building
  140. people hide under umbrellas and rain ponchos as the rain pours down on a new york city street
  141. pedestrians on opposite sides of an empty street, shot from above
  142. people wander around in the green grass of seattle's gasworks park
  143. looking through the green lens of an el train window at mercedes benz of chicago
  144. a green, orange and cream streetcar in downtown san francisco
  145. boekh image of portland, oregon
  146. hazy, overcast day in san francisco looking down at the golden gate bridge from the marin highlands
  147. dragon decorated street lamp in chinatown san francisco
  148. high key street in vancouver
  149. sunrise illuminates downtown seattle and puget sound
  150. lights from the morrison bridge reflected in the willamette river at night
  151. old department store sign over an alley in san francisco
  152. black and white photograph of downtown minneapolis street
  153. twilight on a street in vancouver
  154. portland sign outside of arlene schnitzer concert hall on broadway in downtown portland
  155. orange and white flowers
  156. night in portland, lights from the steel bridge reflect in the willamette river
  157. pink petals of a flower
  158. neon sign for the cup and saucer cafe
  159. man in jeans and a black jacket carrying a black umbrella down a new york city street in a rainstorm
  160. buildings cutting through the fog of new york city
  161. kayakers in a yellow sea kayak on lake union with downtown seattle behind them
  162. old abandoned building covered with graffiti in portland's pirate town
  163. flower garden at lewis and clark college
  164. red motel sign in the shadow of much taller towers, downtown seattle
  165. looking up at the blue windows of the willis tower at sunset
  166. inbound cta train at the mount prospect train station on a bright crisp day
  167. brick river center building in the loop, chicago, just after sunset
  168. blue and white metal door
  169. burger king off of martin luther king boulevard, lloyd district
  170. portland street. tree's line the road.
  171. chicago tribune building catching the last sunlight of the day
  172. people getting in and out of a new york city subway
  173. strong light on the brooklyn bridge
  174. cross processed photo in the west 4th street subway station
  175. trackhoe in a construction lot in downtown seattle
  176. purple lights on the w hotel in downtown chicago
  177. red, white and blue lights on the empire state building with the island of manhattan and new york beyond
  178. angie's umbrella, a red umbrella statue between bellotown and the market
  179. sunny, quiet, sunday afternoon at 6th and madison in downtown portland
  180. pedestrians hurrying through the streets of downtown chicago
  181. sculpture in millenium park off of michigan avenue in chicago
  182. green blue glass of the vancouver skyline
  183. clothes in a bebe window display on robson street in downtown vancouver
  184. an orange bnsf train rolling along the tracks below the seattle skyline on the seattle waterfront
  185. grainy, black and white photo of portland oregon stretching out to the horizon
  186. yellow taxis lined up at an intersection in times square, new york city
  187. wet wood and iron benches, a foggy new york skyline, the brooklyn bridge
  188. black and white photo of the flat iron building and madison square park
  189. red sculpture and people sitting in chairs in the olympic sculpture park in downtown seattle
  190. boyd tinsley playing violin, tim reynolds and dave matthews playing guitar on stage
  191. upskirt marilyn monroe sculpture in pioneer court in downtown chicago
  192. newspaper stands on the street outside ogilvie transportation centre
  193. ups truck in an alley in chicago
  194. cars parked under the saint john bridge in north portland
  195. a trimet max light rail train pulls up to a train stop
  196. knitting on a bike rack in northeast portland
  197. taxi and car on pine street in downtown seattle
  198. cyclist on a single speed bicycle in downtown chicago
  199. visual noise in the city: flowers, cars and people clustered together on michigan avenue at lake street
  200. spray cans and other junk in a hole in an abandoned building
  201. Power box on SW14th Avenue in downtown Portland.
  202. A large, waxy, orange flower detail.
  203. pedestrians walking on the brooklyn bridge in new york city
  204. out of focus blurry image of times square in new york city
  205. bright green blue windows of condos lining the waterfront in downtown vancouver
  206. sands of ala moana beach park with the lights of downtown honolulu and the ala moana neighborhood rising behind
  207. a giant red and white sculpture in the seattle sculpture park
  208. black and white photo of downtown seattle
  209. seattle skyline and piers on the waterfront
  210. backlit flags fly on the michigan avenue bridge in silhouette against the river
  211. the empire state building and other buildings in downtown manhattan with strong afternoon storm lighting
  212. a hipster single speed bicycle with bull horn handlebars chained up in the DUMBO neighborhood of brooklyn
  213. an NYPD police officer talks to a gentleman on the street in the Chinatown neighborhood of new york city
  214. black and white fisheye view of manhattan island from the observation deck of the empire state building
  215. beer bottle shaped billboard for grain belt beer in downtown minneapolis
  216. looking down at pine street and nordstrom and old navy at night in downtown seattle
  217. abandoned mccafe coffee cup on a newspaper stand in downtown seattle
  218. people standing on a hill in gasworks park in seattle with downtown in the distance across the lake
  219. crowds of people and busses on michigan avenue at lake street in downtown chicago
  220. purple lights illuminate the main stage of the dave matthews band caravan and throw the crowd into silhouette
  221. the willamette river and city lights of portland
  222. sunrise illuminates the tracks and poles of beaverton transit center
  223. sign in a window that says so sad closed
  224. an old red ninja bike and a black motorcycle outside a garage on belmont street
  225. black and white photo of the skyline of downtown denver rising over city park in the foreground
  226. red coffee cup neon sign against blue sky in seattle's pike place representing seattle's best coffee
  227. black and white trees and gravel in the seattle sculpture park
  228. crowd of people walks down the sidewalk in chicago
  229. security guards mill under an awning, avoiding the rain in an empty pike place market
  230. Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds and Boyd Tinsley on stage
  231. black and white high key photo of a downtown seattle street
  232. lights in buildings rise up against a dark blue sky in downtown seattle at night
  233. quiet residential street at night
  234. cross processed photo of cars on first avenue in downtown seattle in front of pike place market
  235. two BNSF train engines on the rail line in downtown seattle
  236. many people walking along michigan avenue in downtown chicago
  237. john hancock building and chicago skyline from jane addams memorial park
  238. dave matthews band on stage in chicago lit up with blue lights
  239. red chicago theatre sign seen from the street in downtown chicago's theatre district
  240. looking down at a public transit bus in downtown seattle on pine street
  241. kayakers on a yellow kayak on lake union with the skyline of seattle rising in the background
  242. a yellow cab under the washington convention center awning on pike place
  243. graffiti spray painted on a tank reflected in a muddy pool below the tank
  244. overcast night in seattle
  245. heavy fog shrouds downtown portland around pioneer square
  246. two cyclists walk their bikes off the path and into the grass in gasworks park while people lounge and play in the background
  247. black and white chaos of people sitting in times square
  248. corner of bleeker, ciao vineria concucina restaurant
  249. a street performer in red and blue break dances on a tiled surface on a sidewalk in new york city
  250. girl on a bike in the trees near lake calhoun in downtown minneapolis
  251. sunrise at the beaverton transit center in beaverton, oregon
  252. towers of downtown portland seen through the supports for the Hawthorne bridge
  253. brick wall spray painted purple with a head in a space helmet and lettering made of twisted pipe shapes
  254. strong afternoon sunlight on the U.S. Bank Tower as it stands over seattle's west lake park
  255. yellow bicycle next to an iron gate in belltown seattle
  256. sun catches towers in the background of a residential neighborhood
  257. moon obscured by clouds rises over portland state university and the I-405 corridor in downtown portland.
  258. gold and black stickers and a black kona bike chained to a metal bike rack on a street in east portland
  259. night on the east river, overcast sky reflects city lights, new york
  260. pedestrian crosses the street out side of madison square park in the flatiron district of new york on an overcast day
  261. statue of three frogs in city park in downtown denver
  262. teal and purple sunrise in the harbor around aloha tower
  263. looking down at the intersection, wet newspapers scattered across the street
  264. stairway leading under a higway in the dumbo neighborhood of brooklyn, new york
  265. blue classic schwinn cruiser bicycle chained to a sign post in brooklyn
  266. black and white photo of hennepin avenue bridge
  267. night along the willamette river with the lights of downtown portland in the distance
  268. two max trains on opposite sides of the platform at the beaverton transit center
  269. sign for pete's kitchen on colfax avenue in denver
  270. lamps on a stucco looking building in denver
  271. looking up at a radio tower at night
  272. cement head statue in orange light
  273. tungsten lights illuminate the long slab of concrete in an empty parking garage
  274. out of focus green yellow and red leaves
  275. port of vancouver between lighted windows of towers of downtown
  276. white toyota celica sports coupe shot low in a parking lot
  277. black and white photos of mannequins in a window display at nordstrom downtown in seattle
  278. blue, gold and white sign on the window of dick's kitchen in portland, oregon
  279. looking down from above at a row of brick apartments in brooklyn at night
  280. the blur of Yellow taxis speed along a new york city street in this panning photo
  281. break dancing street performer in new york city just off the brooklyn bridge
  282. dark haired girl in gray shirt with white earbuds walks across the brooklyn bridge
  283. Gothic lettering of the First Security sign in Salt Lake City, Utah
  284. An American Eagle panty display - large posters of bums in panties in a window
  285. rising sun catches the edges of the buildings of downtown seattle
  286. bright green-blue/teal building with red roof and 007 sign in se portland
  287. red bike chained up outside the blue door of the waffle window restaurant on se hawthorn
  288. a man sits on a sidewalk on a portland street
  289. The cobblestone sidewalk of downtown Portland at night as a cyclist rides by.
  290. a stained glass window at st. stephen's basilica in budapest
  291. black and white photo of people standing on a subway platform in new york city as a train approaches
  292. blurry silhouettes of people walking in front of the east river in dumbo, new york city
  293. black and white photo looking down at a new york city street
  294. old white lighthouse with a red roof on lake michigan
  295. a view of the skyscrapers of downtown chicago and the expanse of lake michigan from the observation deck of the sears tower
  296. a red volvo drives across a 4-line bridge into downtown vancouver, bc on an overcast day
  297. many small orange flowers on a bush
  298. an apartment building of brick and steel balconies
  299. a small white flower
  300. lights of downtown portland buildings reflected in the willamette river at night
  301. a white honda sits at an intersection across from a starbucks in a brick builiding
  302. cars driving on interstate 84 in portland in the pre-dawn light, mt. hood rising in the distance
  303. birds eye view of northwest portland from high in the west hills
  304. a man stands with an umbrella next to the subway tracks
  305. looking down a pink bike frame from wheel to wheel
  306. 5th avenue outside the met. taxis on a rainy street, people walking with umbrellas, an overcast sky
  307. taylor street overpass of I5, downtown portland oregon, night
  308. out of focus train tracks and platforms of the beaverton transit center
  309. staring up at the brooklyn bridge arches
  310. a foggy night, new york city, pier 17
  311. billboards, banners and busses advertise in times square
  312. a tree in front of a building
  313. dark towers of buildings rise up against an overcast sky on a rainy night in downtown seattle
  314. an overcast night and fluorescent lighting yields green windows from an apartment building
  315. blue light and yellow highlights from the settings sun on a whitewashed brick warehouse with a neon sign that reads coffee
  316. an out of focus orange flower obscures the bottom left corner of a view through a window of a sur la table store
  317. looking down at six lanes of interstate from a freeway overpass in downtown seattle rain reflecting in the pavement
  318. the lights of buildings in downtown portland are reflected in the willamette river on an overcast night
  319. men in orange overalls load fish onto an ice-covered table in pike place market early on a saturday
  320. the sun rises over puget sound lighting up the brick buildings of downtown seattle
  321. glass and red steel on the EMP building in seattle
  322. a partially raised Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 5.1 on an overcast night in Portland
  323. fire lane in new york city on a rainy summer evening
  324. gray's papaya
  325. facade of the new york times building
  326. panning photo of a new york city taxi going through an intersection in manhattan
  327. a pink rose with brown wilted parts stands alone in a rose bed
  328. bright yellow and orange and red leaves out of focus
  329. a winter evening in downtown Vancouver, people walking along the street
  330. brown down coat and a white down vest in a window display
  331. small, pink flowers on a wilting bush in a flower bed in downtown chicago
  332. cars on a wide chicago street
  333. night shot, black and white, looking down at I-405 as it winds into the Pearl District
  334. sunlight catches the posts and rails of beaverton transit center
  335. night in new york city. manhattan skyline seen from the rockefeller tower. times square glowing. red white and blue empire.
  336. narrow depth of field flowers
  337. blurry max train heads off past portland's pioneer courthouse square on a summer evening
  338. young couples cross a chicago crosswalk on a blustery november day in jeans and coats
  339. thick clouds block the rising sun from reaching the towers of downtown honolulu.  a blue morning.
  340. flecking baby blue paint reveals the red brick underneath on a wall in new york's greenwich village
  341. people, taxis, neon, billboards in times square in new york city
  342. gate 7, construction, vancouver
  343. a yellow taxi speeds down madison avenue in new york city on a rainy night
  344. a busy sidewalk and a cobblestone street in the soho neighborhood of new york city
  345. buildings rise above the trees surrounding central park
  346. three ladies walking along the pavement
  347. people mill around the floor of grand central station
  348. an l train rolls through elevated tracks over the river in downtown Chicago
  349. birds eye view of the st. johns neighborhood of north portland from the saint john bridge
  350. bright lights of cars driving across the st. johns bridge at nigh
  351. bikes stacked up against rails at pnca in the portland pearl district
  352. a panning shot of a yellow nyc taxi at night on broadway
  353. a dark summer night in new york city, on top of NBC studios at 30 Rockefeller Center, looking down at Central Park
  354. a low-angle shot of a street in downtown portland
  355. a man rides his bike on the sidewalk alongside morrison street in downtown portland in the dark of the night
  356. two police men from the portland police bureau stand between two cars setting up wires to jump one of them
  357. view looking down at southwest jefferson street and the goose hollow and downtown neighborhoods of portland oregon
  358. looking through my apartment window at the rising sun over downtown Portland
  359. narrow depth of field photograph of large pink and purple flowers in a garden
  360. an overcast night in new york city below the manhattan island bridge on the edge of the east river
  361. looking across pioneer courthouse square at pioneer courthouse on a summer night
  362. looking down at the island of manhattan from the top of the empire state building
  363. a girl in a red sweater and blue jeans walks along the brooklyn bridge on a sunny afternoon
  364. sun light reflects off the aluminum sides of an l-train high on a platform in downtown Chciago
  365. black and white photo of a rainy morning in downtown vancouver with rena heer
  366. cars driving down 5th avenue in new york city
  367. dark red strawberry tomatos for sale in a plastic container vendor stall in pike place market
  368. people sit on a bench in empire fulton ferry state park on the brooklyn side of the east river, under the brooklyn bridge
  369. side of a building in portland catches the afternoon light illuminating its bright white walls and red window frames
  370. lights reflect on pine street on a rainy evening in seattle
  371. two ladies pose for the camera in times square
  372. central park and skyscrapers at night
  373. the MAX light rail train rolls through downtown portland
  374. a ferry in front of the statue of liberty on a foggy night
  375. view from the empire state building of the flat iron building
  376. graffiti on a wall in pirate town on the university of portland campus
  377. night photo of portland's morrison bridge lit up for night and reflecting in the willamette river
  378. a red pedicab follows a yellow pedicab through a sea of taxis in the middle of times square in new york city at night
  379. people hide from the rain under umbrellas on a street corner in new york city during a summer down pour
  380. looking down at mcdonalds from the empire state building
  381. the willamette river reflects the city lights and overcast sky of portland oregon
  382. cars pass through a tunnel below washington park in portland oregon
  383. small pink flowers
  384. new york city subway
  385. girls on the steps of the MET on a rainy using mobile phones
  386. crowds of people on a sidewalk next to central park holding umbrellas
  387. passengers disembark from a nyc subway wearing brightly colored raincoats
  388. people walk along the wooden pedestrian overpass on the brooklyn bridge in harsh storm lighting
  389. red hair in a pony tail
  390. a taxi half shrouded in fog on a dark rainy street
  391. a brick path leads off in the foreground to intersect with a bridge leading into new york city shrouded in fog
  392. south west chicago sprawls out below the sears tower
  393. a chain link fence around a railway in north portland
  394. looking down at a row of houses in brooklyn
  395. dinosaur tracks on the sidewalk leading into the science museum of minnesota
  396. a building in downtown Minneapolis
  397. the skyline of the goose hollow neighborhood of downtown portland on a sunny evening
  398. people loitering on the new york city subway platform waiting for a train
  399. a fruit vendor in new york city on a rainy summer morning
  400. CNN building as seen from central park
  401. black and white photo of a ferry leaving seattle through puget sound on an overcast day
  402. sparsely crowded pike place farmers market early on a wet saturday morning
  403. a dying brown and withered rose next to a blooming orangy-pink rose
  404. girls walking down burnside avenue, the blur of lights behind
  405. andre the giant sticker on a sign post on east hawthorne avenue
  406. birds-eye view of west burnside avenue from the pittock mansion
  407. black and white photo of old brick buildings on the lower east side of new york city
  408. taxis on a street in new york city at night
  409. a purple specialized road bike chained to a bike post on southeast hawthorne boulevard in portland
  410. a church tower in downtown portland lit up purple
  411. black and white photo of a street in new york city
  412. a tour bus pulls up to times square behind street signs for 47th st and father duffy square
  413. cars crossing the brooklyn bridge on a foggy night
  414. a man boards a new york city subway carrying a pepsi in a can with a straw and wearing an apple store bag
  415. a man break dances on the sidewalk in new york city
  416. sunset light reflecting on the buildings around pike place market in seattle
  417. a yellow spray can abandoned and laying in the grass near a run down building
  418. blue evening sunset light on robson street in downtown vancouver
  419. ferrys circle around the statue of liberty in a compressed shot taken from the top of the empire state building
  420. a man wearing jeans and a dark jacket walks down madison avenue carrying a black umbrella on a rainy evening
  421. two taxis drive down madison avenue in new york city which is reflecting the lights of the buildings and cars as rain falls
  422. a young male break dances in the middle of the sidewalk while people look on in new york city
  423. Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge
  424. a green wall, flaked and stained, with a lamp post supporting a broken lamp with a working lightbulb
  425. compressed image of busses, taxis, suvs, people, advertisements and street signs in times square
  426. narrow depth of field shot of bright pink and purple flowers against an out-of-focus background of more flowers
  427. highly saturated image of the city lights of portland reflected in the willamette river at night
  428. blonde mannequin in a nordstrom window dressed in khakis and a 3/4 length red and white striped shirt
  429. an l-train leaves a platform where people mill about in downtown chicago
  430. bright, primary colored blocks painted on an apartment building
  431. scene lit by streetlights and headlights -- cars stream through the I405 corridor in portland, oregon on a summer evening
  432. bride and groom in a classic car in downtown portland
  433. spray paint on a cement wall in pirate town
  434. cars on a street in downtown chicago
  435. fountain of the pioneers on burrard street in vancouver at night
  436. looking down at tires and toyota cars waiting to be sold in a lot in vancouver, bc
  437. a rainy morning in a park in vancouver looking at the official countdown clock to the 2010 winter olympics
  438. out of focus flowers and cement highway behind in downtown chicago
  439. night photo of the steel bridge over the willamette river in portland oregon with a freight train on the bottom tier
  440. tourists crowd around on the observation deck of the empire state building
  441. highrises and condos in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn in new york city at night
  442. black and white photo, looking down at macy's from the empire state building
  443. faint pink flower petals
  444. a MAX train goes by several bicycles chained to a bike rack on southwest morrison avenue
  445. black and white photo of a minneapolis street with strong lighting and shadows on a summer afternoon
  446. very narrow depth of field shot of a public vegetable market in the pike place public market
  447. the intersection of southwest 14th ave and jefferson st in portland oregon illuminated by streetlights on an overcast night
  448. panning shot of a bike messenger pedaling with traffic on a busy seattle street
  449. a train on an elevated track in downtown Chicago
  450. a detail photo of the center of an orange flower
  451. a classically lettered facade to the bicycle renaissance store in new york
  452. yellow taxis speeding along the street in new york city
  453. black and white image of the willamette river with snow falling along the bank and ducks swimming
  454. a lonely residential street with few cars parked along it in hawaii at night
  455. a construction crane attached to a building under construction
  456. black and white condos rise above boats parked along english bay with an overcast sky in the background
  457. the sears tower rises on the horizon of a lonely side street in chicago
  458. a restaurant worker climbs up from a basement to deposit trash bags on the sidewalk for sanitation workers to pickup
  459. heavy storm clouds over condos on vancouver's west end
  460. looking south along the willamette river in portland oregon
  461. blue and green and pink lights on the columns of the morrison bridge over the willamette river in downtown portland oregon
  462. Diamond Head juts out of the island of Oahu obstructing the skyscapers of Honolulu behind it
  463. the l train track runs between apartment buildings in down town chicago
  464. a cyclist rides a road bike up a hill in downtown seattle
  465. looking down at the glass-covered awning of the grand hyatt hotel and pine street
  466. a parking attendant in hat and coat in the entrance of a hotel parking garage in downtown Vancouver
  467. surfboards lined up in colorful bags and stored away in the surfboard storage area of wakiki, pacific ocean peaking beyond
  468. looking up at the manhattan bridge, the lights of new york city and the bridge reflected in the river below, haze and fog
  469. cars and pedestrians enter the brooklyn bridge on the new york side of the bridge
  470. a black urban fixie chained to a post on a cobblestone street in the soho neighborhood
  471. an old fading paint job, once red and now blue, on a brick wall in new york city
  472. a tourist sits atop a double decker bus in front of a sea of yellow nyc taxis in times square
  473. people cross an intersection in new york city near 6th avenue
  474. a pedicab driver on a street in new york city
  475. a man rides a road bike through central park
  476. people crowded around on the top of rockafeller center in new york at midnight looking out over new york city
  477. looking up at electrical junctions in an alley
  478. american apparel building on burnside in portland as cars blur by the front
  479. an empty tronlak spray can and a towel on the cement floor of a building in pirate town in north portland
  480. bronze statue of a man with an umbrella in portland's pioneer square
  481. a street in chicago
  482. looking out over lake michigan and the city of chicago from the Sears Tower
  483. a bright red coffee pot in neon in front of pike place market
  484. people walk down 5th avenue with umbrellas while a heavy rain pours down
  485. streaks of lights from cars passing underneath on I405
  486. sand and palm trees flanked by the towers of downtown honolulu
  487. Lewiston Hotel and the Frontier Room
  488. the entrance to canal street station in china town
  489. looking south from rockefeller center at the empire state building and manhattan skyline
  490. sixth avenue in on sixth avenue in downtown seattle
  491. southwest morrison street in downtown portland
  492. portland's pioneer place mall
  493. benches in the park under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass
  494. purple supports in a subway platform under new york city near 2nd avenue
  495. a yellow NYC taxi on the brooklyn bridge
  496. a black and white photo of people in grand central station
  497. puget sound in between an apartment building and a parking garage
  498. female with a blue patagonia bag in a teal hoodie and shorts walks across an intersection on pike street in downtown seattle
  499. a fruit stand in chinatown
  500. a staircase leading down to DUMBO from the Brooklyn Bridge
  501. photo of light blue paint on a wall chipped and broken in places to reveal red brick underneat
  502. a bicyclist rides down a downtown portland street next to a MAX light rail train
  503. an old red brick apartment building in downtown Portland
  504. photo of the us bank tower and made in oregon sign with the willamette river and vera katz esplanade
  505. flowers blooming in the portland rose gardens
  506. a cruise ship off the coast of honolulu
  507. bright neon lights of times square at midnight
  508. a yellow NYC taxi speeds down a street at night
  509. looking out at lake michigan and downtown chicago from the sears tower
  510. the downtown skyline of Portland Oregon with the Willamette River in the foreground
  511. a bronze statue in Portland's Pioneer Square
  512. a pink rose against a brown background
  513. smokestacks stand silhouetted against an overcast sky
  514. a small bodega in a brick building in southwest portland
  515. a man who pedals a pedicab around new york's times square district at night
  516. bags of trash on a street in new york
  517. a mural of ronald mcdonald in a park in
  518. two tourists on top of the empire state building
  519. brick buildings in layers of fog and smoke and haze on the island of manhattan in new york city
  520. the brooklyn bridge at night
  521. supports on the hennepin avenue bridge in minneapolis just after sunset
  522. a parking meter on the north side of the mississippi river in downtown minneapolis
  523. the manhattan bridge rises over the DUMBO neighborhood
  524. a pirate ship in pirate town
  525. the eldorado apartment building rises above central park
  526. a man break dancing on the street
  527. buildings along s michigan avenue reflected in millennium park's steel bean statue
  528. the lights of portland oregon reflected in the willamette river
  529. people waiting on the platform at the 59th street subway station in new york
  530. people walk down burrard street at dusk in winter
  531. fishmongers setting up their displays for the day at the Pike Place Fish Market
  532. a pale pink and white flower
  533. a parking garage on southwest 1st avenue in portland, oregon
  534. people walk along a street in new york
  535. black and white image of the flatiron building as seen from the empire state building
  536. a black and a white silk dress in a window display
  537. a metal fire escape on an old brick apartment in downtown portland
  538. panning shot of a yellow NYC taxicab
  539. a police officer helps another police officer jump his car
  540. a cyclist in a blue sleeveless jersey on a red bike on the brooklyn bridge
  541. the empire state building rises over manhattan
  542. two kids with a video camera in portland's waterfront park
  543. a girl stands on a rock in front of english bay in sunset beach park in vancouver washington
  544. people and taxis in times square in the middle of new york
  545. lights on the morrison bridge over the williamette river in downtown portland, oregon
  546. pepsi cola billboard on the east side of the east river
  547. storm clouds build over the reservoir in new york city's central park
  548. a man and a woman stand under an umbrella outside the 77 street subway station at lenox hill hospital
  549. people standing on top of the ge building looking out over new york city at night
  550. construction cones, steam and cement barricades in the middle of wall street
  551. bride and groom taking their wedding vows on the steps of the grand central station
  552. lights of the hawthorne bridge and downtown portland reflected in the willamette river
  553. a spray can in the weeds outside an abandoned building in portland's pirate town
  554. an older model dark navy volvo drives past pike place market
  555. tiny little cardigans on kid mannequins in gap kids
  556. lights on in the windows of the vancouver sun at night
  557. the historic pioneer courthouse in downtown portland lit up at night
  558. spray paint on a building in pirate town
  559. a pink bicycle chained to a blue post
  560. a max train rolls across while a freight train goes along the lower part of the portland steel bridge
  561. blond female relaxes against a log reading a book
  562. a max train streams past a lonely bicycle chained to a post
  563. empty spray cans and other trash litter the floor of an abandoned run down building
  564. seats under the pavilion in Grant Park, Chicago
  565. flags on a bridge over the chicago river
  566. looking up the street at teh waterfront skytrain system in downtown vancouver
  567. the lights of downtown portland reflected in the Willamette river
  568. tight vertical crop of a brick building juxtaposed against a steel and glass one in downtown seattle
  569. condos along the mississippi river
  570. hipsters walk into a building
  571. red apartments in vancouver's west end neighborhood
  572. heavy rain falling at night on a seattle street
  573. looking south along north michigan avenue in chicago, illinois
  574. out of focus cars on a street in granville
  575. blond mannequin in a red dress in the window of a Nordstom
  576. the historic first security bank building in salt lake city
  577. window washers on a platform
  578. people with umbrellas walk past the countdown to the 2010 winter olympics clock in front of the vancouver art gallery
  579. a bright green curiser chained to a post in a residential neighborhood of vancouver
  580. sunset on pine street in seattle
  581. looking up from the theatre at grant park at the chicago skyline
  582. Ala Moana Beach
  583. looking down at a bus at the intersection of pine and seventh street in downtown seattle
  584. a red building is reflected in the aluminum and steel of an l-train
  585. Seattle Sunrise on Glass
  586. newspaper dispensers in downtown chicago on the corner of wacker and madison
  587. cars drive down a street in downtown Chicago
  588. mannequins in a window display at nordstrom downtown in Seattle
  589. a garden wall in downtown Prague
  590. the john vance building in seattle
  591. tourists walk down a street in chicago towing suitcases behind them
  592. apartment buildings and condos catch the setting sun along sunset beach park
  593. clock tower on the wrigley building in downtown Chicago
  594. portland skyline at night
  595. mannequins display the Bebe Spring 08 line outside the Robson Street Bebe in Vancouver
  596. a girl rides a pink road bike through downtown minneapolis
  597. an old man in a silver convertible car in waikiki
  598. an older japanese man riding an orange cruiser bike in vancouver, british columbia
  599. walking along Ringstrasse Boulevard in vienna on a summer evening
  600. a cherry tree blossoms outside an apartment building in Portland, Oregon
  601. the chicago theatre sign
  602. buildings in the ala moana district on honolulu at sunset on a summer evening
  603. view from the sears tower skydeck of a street in downtown chicago
  604. an old brick train station along the railroad tracks in downtown seattle
  605. a crane bolted to a building rises up above it
  606. lights from the grouse mountain ski area light up a hilltop above north vancouver
  607. a mannequin in a floral jacket holds a pair of sunglasses in her hand
  608. green beans in a box on a table at pike place market
  609. the numbers 121 over a doorway
  610. a black town bike locked to a post in an urban neighborhood
  611. man with a shoulder bag hikes up a hill in seattle
  612. trees line a nearly empty street in belltown, seattle
  613. people walk along english bay beach on a winter day
  614. rena heer stands under an umbrella talking into a camera in downtown vancouver
  615. Looking down Wabash Street
  616. flower beds around a glass building
  617. glass buildings catch the first rays of sun
  618. us bank tower in portland, oregon lit up at night
  619. water falls down two layers of bronze, spilling into a pool below
  620. Porch of Seattle's Best Coffee outside Pike Place Market in Seattle
  621. An L train on an elevated track in downtown Chicago.
  622. Chicago skyline including the John Hancock Building and Trump Tower
  623. bike messenger pedals his bike through an intersection in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Washington
  624. 2 men walk down an dumbster strewn alley in downtown Seattle
  625. looking south on broadway avenue on a rainy day. a porche in the foreground and the portland marriot in the background.
  626. Historic Chicago building reflected in the windows of a newer building
  627. Asian girl in red sweater walks alone down Chicago sidewalk while buildings loom in the background
  628. Sun rays break through heavy storm clouds sitting over downtown Honolulu
  629. Elliot Towers in black lettering on a white wall with a blue stripe catching a bit of evening sun
  630. Looking down on Vancouver's Fraser Port lit up at night. Heavy rain clouds overhead. Cars drive by.
  631. People sit in swings as a tilt-a-whirl spins around as part of the Rose Festival Carnival.
  632. Man in a black coat walks down a sun-drenched street in the Vancouver Heights neighborhood on a stormy afternoon.
  633. Chicago's L train goes around a curve in the track overhead with the sun beaming down.
  634. A bike messenger on a blue bike with a yellow cap at an intersection in downtown Seattle.
  635. Teenage girls in satin gowns and high heels disembark from a party bus on a rainy winter night in Vancouver.
  636. out of focus image of a tree with orange leaves and the portland skyline on an autumn day at sunrise
  637. The MarketSpice tea shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market.
  638. The Aqua Bus in Vancouver, British Columbia on an overcast winter day.
  639. busses parked along the sidewalk
  640. minneapolis cityscape
  641. city lights reflected in clouds
  642. pikes place market at sunset, 2 men outside a public restroom in waterfront park
  643. Pillsbury Flour Mill in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River
  644. the swollen spokane river surges through downtown spokane
  645. saint paul minnesota and the mississipi river on a bright summer morning
  646. shoppers walk along a seattle street at sunset
  647. predawn blues and yellows of towers in downtown seattle
  648. 2007-04-13.jpg
  649. swollen river surges through downtown spokane at night
  650. shaky lights of the skyline viewed from portland's hawthorne bridge
  651. ambient light fills a streetcorner at night in Spokane near the Smokestacks and railroad tracks on the west end of town, a pedestrian walks down the empty street past parking meters
  652. slightly blury image of a crowd gathered to watch the football playoffs in the town square in Prague, Czech Republic
  653. Shoppers crossing the street in downtown Seattle on a crisp, clear autumn day
  654. 2006-09-15.jpg
  655. 07-21-06.jpg
  656. 06-29-06.jpg
  657. 06-17-06.jpg
  658. 06-07-2006.jpg
  659. 05-12-06.jpg
  660. 01-31-06.jpg
  661. pink chair with a gold throw pillow, copper table with a green glass vase and pink flowers in a window display
  662. soft fresh snow fallen on a quiet intersection
  663. euro_trip0012.jpg
  664. IMG_0051.jpg
  665. IMG_0079.jpg
  666. Joseph Bergantine
  667. euro_trip0016.jpg
  668. IMG_0053.jpg
  669. 100_0033.jpg
  670. Joseph Bergantine
  671. euro_trip0046.jpg
  672. 100_0078.jpg
  673. an empty, and abandoned, starbucks coffee cup sits, dirty, in a parking lot
  674. 100_0031.jpg
  675. 100_0031.jpg

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