1. snow covers the sidewalks around brick houses, overcast sky reflects the lights
  2. looking down at cargo and passenger trains alike in the vancouver train yards
  3. a ford f150 and hipster portlandite meet at an interstection
  4. 12th avenue and stark street, downtown portland
  5. buildings cutting through the fog of new york city
  6. rooflines of brick buildings against a slate gray sky and fresh snow in downtown bozeman
  7. brick wall spray painted purple with a head in a space helmet and lettering made of twisted pipe shapes
  8. blue classic schwinn cruiser bicycle chained to a sign post in brooklyn
  9. snowy sidewalk and neon lights of the murray hotel
  10. looking down from above at a row of brick apartments in brooklyn at night
  11. an apartment building of brick and steel balconies
  12. flecking baby blue paint reveals the red brick underneath on a wall in new york's greenwich village
  13. an old brick building on a tree-lined street in the illinois medical district of chicago
  14. yellow sunlight in an alley warming a brick building
  15. black and white photo of old brick buildings on the lower east side of new york city
  16. a street lined with old brick buildings in the spring sun
  17. black and white photo, looking down at macy's from the empire state building
  18. setting sun warms up red brick of buildings on bozemans main street
  19. the l train track runs between apartment buildings in down town chicago
  20. a black urban fixie chained to a post on a cobblestone street in the soho neighborhood
  21. an old fading paint job, once red and now blue, on a brick wall in new york city
  22. Holmes Business College, a faded old sign on a brick building in portland
  23. snow and mud puddles in an alley behind main street in downtown Bozeman
  24. Lewiston Hotel and the Frontier Room
  25. photo of light blue paint on a wall chipped and broken in places to reveal red brick underneat
  26. an old red brick apartment building in downtown Portland
  27. a small bodega in a brick building in southwest portland
  28. brick buildings in layers of fog and smoke and haze on the island of manhattan in new york city
  29. brick apartment building
  30. tight vertical crop of a brick building juxtaposed against a steel and glass one in downtown seattle
  31. window washers on a platform
  32. the brick facade of the bozeman hotel catches the setting sun while mount baldy in the background catches some alpenglow
  33. a red building is reflected in the aluminum and steel of an l-train
  34. an old brick train station along the railroad tracks in downtown seattle
  35. man with a shoulder bag hikes up a hill in seattle
  36. heavy clouds reflect the city lights back down of fresh snow on a roof
  37. Chicago's L train goes around a curve in the track overhead with the sun beaming down.
  38. 2008-09-20.jpg
  39. sunrise over a brick roofline
  40. red brick against a bright blue sky
  41. brick building and trash can at night
  42. blue and gray tarps hang from a steel structure under construction next to an old brick building
  43. a dumpster for recycling cardboard in an alley
  44. sunrise turns a red brick building yellow-gold on a crisp morning
  45. cars parked along main street in jackson, minnesota
  46. Pillsbury Flour Mill in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River
  47. brick buildings front a lonely street in rural north dakota
  48. the gold medal flour mill along the mississippi river in minneapolis
  49. a brown haired girl in jeans and boots walks through a vine-covered brick alley
  50. a brick building stands on a street corner in a deserted midwest town
  51. sunset caught by the brick building of plonk on main street bozeman
  52. a brick wall on a muddy, snowy alley at sunrise
  53. brick apartments and a rain-soaked parking lot reflecting the city lights
  54. brick mansion looking out at a snowy evening
  55. old brick house sits on a corner surrounded by snow and the bare trees of march
  56. brick apartment building turned yellow by the sunrise
  57. peak of roof catches yellow light from rising sun and the shadow of a chimney
  58. dark shadow of a tree against a brick apartment building lit up at sunrise
  59. graffiti spells out .pp. Loser HQ on the top of a brick building, shaded yellow by the rising sun, near burnside on 11th ave in portland, to the left fading lettering can be seen from an old, hand-painted sign
  60. 01-14-06.jpg
  61. 100_0031.jpg
  62. 100_0031.jpg

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