1. cyclists on cyclocross bikes race around a berm
  2. labradoodle shaking
  3. following a cyclist through the woods over fallen leaves
  4. the village in bozeman
  5. The wingtip of an airplane caught in silhouette against the rising sun over central Washington.
  6. man jumps over a barrier carrying his cyclocross bike during a cx race
  7. a couple in a rowboat silhoutted against the sunset reflected in the water of tempe town lake in phoenix arizona
  8. yellow leaves in the grass
  9. two dogs lead a skiier up a skin track at bridger bowl with another dog following
  10. dog splashes water running across the west boulder river
  11. a large orange leaf sits in the middle of a wooded trail
  12. two trains on railroad tracks at sunset with autumn turned trees wait to pass each other
  13. an el train in downtown chicago
  14. cyclocross racer rides by spectators at a race
  15. flowers in a planter box in downtown chicago
  16. a grove of cottonwoods on the linear trail
  17. people crowd michigan avenue in downtown chicago on an autumn morning
  18. yellow leaves and mountains in shadow
  19. sunset on downtown main street bozeman washes a man with a bike in a warm yellow glow
  20. deep snow on a residential street in south bozeman
  21. yellow meadow in bozeman
  22. red new holland 688 round bailer parked in the front yard of a house with the bridger mountains rising behind
  23. heavy early season snow in south bozeman
  24. pink building turned orange in the rising sun shimmers behind a fog bank
  25. yellow leaves of autumn
  26. blue mountains with snow in the background, sun dried grass in the foreground yellow leaved trees in the middle
  27. orange leaves against a blue sky
  28. yellow and green aspen leaves
  29. girl rides up a road surrounded by red and orange leaves on a mountain bike in bozeman.
  30. man rides up a singletrack mountain biking trail
  31. mountain biker crusing through fall foliage
  32. deep snow in a park in south bozeman
  33. Mountain Biking Through Aspen Trees in Autumn
  34. bokeh photograph of orange leaves against a blue sky
  35. clouds over the bridger mountain range
  36. a shriveled red berry in front of brown leaves
  37. narrow focus image of autumn leaves merging together the red and orange colors in the background
  38. orange leaves against an out of focus green background
  39. mountain biker riding the shaft house singletrack in the east bridgers
  40. narrow depth of field photograph of orange leaves against a blue sky
  41. yellow leaves along a rural road in south bozeman
  42. mountain biking in bozeman with autumn colors: red and yellow leaves
  43. autumn sunset over montana wheat fields
  44. cross processed photo of a forest service cabin along the west boulder river on a sunny day
  45. out of focus green yellow and red leaves
  46. a row of mailboxes buried beneath a foot of snow
  47. heavy wet snow on a residential street in south bozeman
  48. yellow tips on green leaves at the beginning of autumn
  49. old white lighthouse with a red roof on lake michigan
  50. black and white photo of a dead tree stump silhouetted against a sky
  51. a female wades through a creek barefoot holding her shoes up above her head
  52. a brittany spaniel and yellow lab play in high yellow autumn grass
  53. waterfalls running under a natural bridge at natural bridge state park south of mcleod montana
  54. waterbottle, coffee mug, shoes, bag, socks, down coat
  55. bright yellow and orange and red leaves out of focus
  56. six month old black lab puppy sniffs around in fresh snow
  57. a brown bear sits in a pool of water
  58. small, pink flowers on a wilting bush in a flower bed in downtown chicago
  59. cars on a wide chicago street
  60. pink purple white flowers blow in the wind silhouetted against a cloudy gray sky
  61. bright orange berries and yellow leaves on a bush
  62. green and red and yellow leaves out of focus on a tree
  63. an l train rolls through elevated tracks over the river in downtown Chicago
  64. bright yellow leaves and a clear blue sky from a tree in its autumn colors
  65. an old brick building on a tree-lined street in the illinois medical district of chicago
  66. looking through my apartment window at the rising sun over downtown Portland
  67. sun light reflects off the aluminum sides of an l-train high on a platform in downtown Chciago
  68. south west chicago sprawls out below the sears tower
  69. bright yellow aspen leaves
  70. an l-train leaves a platform where people mill about in downtown chicago
  71. dry brown leaves in a low-perspective shot of the sidwalk looking out towards the street with tall trees standing between
  72. cars on a street in downtown chicago
  73. out of focus flowers and cement highway behind in downtown chicago
  74. black labrador in a field of fresh snow
  75. a train on an elevated track in downtown Chicago
  76. yellow grass heads shot against a blue sky
  77. the sears tower rises on the horizon of a lonely side street in chicago
  78. the l train track runs between apartment buildings in down town chicago
  79. purple flowers with pale pedals and yellow centers in front of a green background of the bozeman public gardens
  80. runners on the galligator trail surrounded by trees turning autumn yellow
  81. yellow trees in south bozeman
  82. looking out over lake michigan and the city of chicago from the Sears Tower
  83. bright yellow autumn leaves on a tree in portland
  84. looking out at lake michigan and downtown chicago from the sears tower
  85. a man walks down the street holding a sign on a stick
  86. orange leaves against a pale blue and yellow sunrise
  87. looking down on downtown bozeman from peets hill
  88. window washers on a platform
  89. red leaves covered in moisture on a railing on an overpass on I405
  90. a red building is reflected in the aluminum and steel of an l-train
  91. bright orange berries on a bush with fall-withered leaves
  92. newspaper dispensers in downtown chicago on the corner of wacker and madison
  93. Sears Tower
  94. an old brick train station along the railroad tracks in downtown seattle
  95. purple flowers bent in a stiff breeze
  96. old knots on an aspen tree trunk
  97. An L train on an elevated track in downtown Chicago.
  98. geese on a lake in fergus falls, minnesota
  99. red leaves against a cement wall
  100. Chicago skyline including the John Hancock Building and Trump Tower
  101. scattered clouds against a blue sky
  102. Historic Chicago building reflected in the windows of a newer building
  103. Asian girl in red sweater walks alone down Chicago sidewalk while buildings loom in the background
  104. Runners approach a leaf-strewn bridge on Bozeman's Gallagator Trail off of South Garfield Avenue.
  105. Chicago's L train goes around a curve in the track overhead with the sun beaming down.
  106. Violet flowers in the Bozeman Public Gardens.
  107. Leaves and wet rocks in the creekbed of Bozeman Creek up Sourdough Canyon.
  108. out of focus image of a tree with orange leaves and the portland skyline on an autumn day at sunrise
  109. Red Leaves
  110. Bozeman Public Gardens
  111. Black labrador puppy running through a field near Fort Ellis in Bozeman at sunset.
  112. 2008-09-22.jpg
  113. 2008-09-12.jpg
  114. autumn leaves, orange
  115. yellow leaf
  116. red berries
  117. bridger mountain range
  118. an old fence surrounded by shrubs
  119. standing outside
  120. wet dog shaking off
  121. yellow leaves
  122. hazy warm autumn sunset
  123. black lab nosing rocks
  124. dog peers over the ledge of a wall at the camera
  125. yellow leaves backlit by the afternoon sun
  126. black and white self portrait of myself walking along a trail with a fairly wide focal length
  127. a jack rail fence leads out through a wheat field in the direction of the bridger mountains
  128. bright orange leaves juxtaposed against a bright bluebird sky
  129. sunset warmed grass and mountains sporting alpenglow
  130. black lab lays alongside galligator trail on a warm fall afternoon
  131. yellow leaves backlit by the autumn sun in the mountains
  132. black lab puppy looks down at the camera in a suburban park
  133. droplets of melting snow on the frozen leaves of a small bush sitting in the shade of a mountain canyon
  134. bright red and orange leaves covered with a wet autumn snowfall
  135. bright orange leaves hang from a white-trunked tree
  136. bright yellow leaves with red stems
  137. orange berries, lonely on a bare bush, on the southeast end of bozeman
  138. hyalite peak brushed with fresh snow sticks up through storm clouds
  139. subaru outback wagon sits in the shadow of the bridger range on the outskirts of bozeman montana
  140. rooflines of the brick breeden fieldhouse and msu dorms
  141. dark red leaves covered in a wet snow
  142. leaves bare fall colors in the mountains
  143. the bridger range rises over bozeman montana at sunset
  144. a redhead in a black pullover wears a pink beanie on a fall day
  145. red berries hang from a sparse green twig
  146. red mini cooper backlit by a pink sunset
  147. girl and a dog walking along a ridgeline trail
  148. bright red leaves of a plant dangle over a concrete wall
  149. residential bozeman street reflected in bright autumn greens and yellows
  150. first ray's of morning sunshine catch a fresh coat of frost on autumn leaves.
  151. yellow leaves filter the light reflecting off a burly tree trunk, complimenting the blue sky
  152. a lonely bench sits in a park on a corner lot, in the background a church and a yellow tree
  153. fog from a yellowstone geyser drifts across a barren landscape
  154. tree losing its leaves partially hides the landscape on a bright, frosty autumn morning
  155. out of focus apartment behind an equally blurry tree decked in autumn colors
  156. yellow tri-leafed plant in the woods
  157. bright yellow and green aspens sit in a meadow of patchy, fading snow in early fall in the Hyalite Recreation Area
  158. ants view perspective looking up the trunk of a tree at yellow leaves against a bright blue sky
  159. Yellow aspen leaves backlit by the afternoon sun
  160. 08-17-06.jpg
  161. 08-02-06.jpg
  162. 05-03-06.jpg
  163. 02-07-06.jpg
  164. 01-27-06.jpg
  165. IMG_0109.jpg
  166. IMG_0004.jpg
  167. IMG_0036.jpg

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