1. trump tower and the wrigley building against the sky
  2. packed in buildings in new york city
  3. looking down the chicago river
  4. red doors on the old stone of new york's engine company 31 firehouse
  5. bright lights illuminate the structure of the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego
  6. the sun times building looms over the chicago river
  7. lofts in the pearl district of portland oregon
  8. shadows on the stone of the chicago mercantile exchanage
  9. Old grain silos against a cloudy sky.
  10. tourists stand on top of the rockefeller center
  11. buildings in downtown portland
  12. pink reflections off of 1000 broadway tower in portland
  13. US Capitol Building
  14. gray-yellow brick of the chicago merchandise mart reflected and distorted in blue glass
  15. 12th avenue and stark street, downtown portland
  16. strong afternoon sunlight on the U.S. Bank Tower as it stands over seattle's west lake park
  17. sun catches towers in the background of a residential neighborhood
  18. concrete and steel skeletons of building
  19. lamps on a stucco looking building in denver
  20. port of vancouver between lighted windows of towers of downtown
  21. a residential neighborhood in honolulu
  22. rising sun catches the edges of the buildings of downtown seattle
  23. bright green-blue/teal building with red roof and 007 sign in se portland
  24. black and white photo looking down at a new york city street
  25. a view of the skyscrapers of downtown chicago and the expanse of lake michigan from the observation deck of the sears tower
  26. an apartment building of brick and steel balconies
  27. lights of downtown portland buildings reflected in the willamette river at night
  28. a tree in front of a building
  29. dark towers of buildings rise up against an overcast sky on a rainy night in downtown seattle
  30. an overcast night and fluorescent lighting yields green windows from an apartment building
  31. the lights of buildings in downtown portland are reflected in the willamette river on an overcast night
  32. a red volkswagen beetle amidst the apartment towers in vancouver's west end neighborhood
  33. the sun rises over puget sound lighting up the brick buildings of downtown seattle
  34. glass and red steel on the EMP building in seattle
  35. fire lane in new york city on a rainy summer evening
  36. facade of the new york times building
  37. cars on a wide chicago street
  38. black and white image of the front steps and facade of the cathedral of st. paul
  39. buildings rise above the trees surrounding central park
  40. people mill around the floor of grand central station
  41. an old brick building on a tree-lined street in the illinois medical district of chicago
  42. view looking down at southwest jefferson street and the goose hollow and downtown neighborhoods of portland oregon
  43. looking down at the island of manhattan from the top of the empire state building
  44. two females in pink walk along the sand of ala moana beach park at sunset with the shopping centers of honolulu behind
  45. bright sunny afternoon at the wailuku public library
  46. side of a building in portland catches the afternoon light illuminating its bright white walls and red window frames
  47. central park and skyscrapers at night
  48. south west chicago sprawls out below the sears tower
  49. a building in downtown Minneapolis
  50. the skyline of the goose hollow neighborhood of downtown portland on a sunny evening
  51. CNN building as seen from central park
  52. black and white photo of old brick buildings on the lower east side of new york city
  53. a street lined with old brick buildings in the spring sun
  54. bright, primary colored blocks painted on an apartment building
  55. black and white photo, looking down at macy's from the empire state building
  56. setting sun warms up the walls of buildings surrounding pike place market
  57. a train on an elevated track in downtown Chicago
  58. the l train track runs between apartment buildings in down town chicago
  59. looking up at electrical junctions in an alley
  60. american apparel building on burnside in portland as cars blur by the front
  61. balconies jut out of the glass facade of a condo in portland's pear district
  62. Lewiston Hotel and the Frontier Room
  63. looking south from rockefeller center at the empire state building and manhattan skyline
  64. sixth avenue in on sixth avenue in downtown seattle
  65. an old red brick apartment building in downtown Portland
  66. the patagonia store at the corner of lenora and 2nd
  67. 4 times square 10 stories of typography atop the conde nast building
  68. smokestacks stand silhouetted against an overcast sky
  69. a small bodega in a brick building in southwest portland
  70. brick buildings in layers of fog and smoke and haze on the island of manhattan in new york city
  71. the lights of portland oregon reflected in the willamette river
  72. people walk down burrard street at dusk in winter
  73. black and white image of the flatiron building as seen from the empire state building
  74. the empire state building rises over manhattan
  75. brick apartment building
  76. a spray can in the weeds outside an abandoned building in portland's pirate town
  77. lights on in the windows of the vancouver sun at night
  78. the historic pioneer courthouse in downtown portland lit up at night
  79. tight vertical crop of a brick building juxtaposed against a steel and glass one in downtown seattle
  80. offices in a skyscraper
  81. red apartments in vancouver's west end neighborhood
  82. the historic first security bank building in salt lake city
  83. window washers on a platform
  84. the brick facade of the bozeman hotel catches the setting sun while mount baldy in the background catches some alpenglow
  85. looking up from the theatre at grant park at the chicago skyline
  86. Fountain of the Pioneers on burrard street
  87. white sun drenched hotels and palm trees in waikiki
  88. a red building is reflected in the aluminum and steel of an l-train
  89. Seattle Sunrise on Glass
  90. an orange door on a yellow house
  91. a garden wall in downtown Prague
  92. Sears Tower
  93. the john vance building in seattle
  94. apartment buildings and condos catch the setting sun along sunset beach park
  95. clock tower on the wrigley building in downtown Chicago
  96. portland skyline at night
  97. walking along Ringstrasse Boulevard in vienna on a summer evening
  98. the chicago theatre sign
  99. buildings in the ala moana district on honolulu at sunset on a summer evening
  100. view from the sears tower skydeck of a street in downtown chicago
  101. an old brick train station along the railroad tracks in downtown seattle
  102. a crane bolted to a building rises up above it
  103. the numbers 121 over a doorway
  104. man with a shoulder bag hikes up a hill in seattle
  105. flower beds around a glass building
  106. white buiilding with a red roof and a well-manicured yard in wailuku on maui
  107. glass buildings catch the first rays of sun
  108. us bank tower in portland, oregon lit up at night
  109. Porch of Seattle's Best Coffee outside Pike Place Market in Seattle
  110. an old house on a hill in Phelps, Minnesota
  111. The back of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City with a United States flag flying.
  112. 2008-08-30.jpg
  113. foshay building, a concrete structure spouting antennas against a stormy minnesota sky
  114. euro_trip0016.jpg

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