1. palm trees and sand on coronado beach
  2. hawthorne bridge and waterfront park
  3. chicago tribune building catching the last sunlight of the day
  4. storm clouds brewing over the mississippi river and downtown minneapolis
  5. jet plane in the clouds
  6. visual noise in the city: flowers, cars and people clustered together on michigan avenue at lake street
  7. pedestrians walking on the brooklyn bridge in new york city
  8. out of focus blurry image of times square in new york city
  9. bright green blue windows of condos lining the waterfront in downtown vancouver
  10. the empire state building and other buildings in downtown manhattan with strong afternoon storm lighting
  11. bridger bowl. skiers hiking along the ridge on a spring afternoon getting ready to drop into routes off of the north end of the ridge.
  12. many people walking along michigan avenue in downtown chicago
  13. john hancock building and chicago skyline from jane addams memorial park
  14. kayakers on a yellow kayak on lake union with the skyline of seattle rising in the background
  15. graffiti spray painted on a tank reflected in a muddy pool below the tank
  16. corner of bleeker, ciao vineria concucina restaurant
  17. a street performer in red and blue break dances on a tiled surface on a sidewalk in new york city
  18. a surfer walks along the beach on the oregon coast backlit by the afternoon sun
  19. strong afternoon sunlight on the U.S. Bank Tower as it stands over seattle's west lake park
  20. sun catches towers in the background of a residential neighborhood
  21. pedestrian crosses the street out side of madison square park in the flatiron district of new york on an overcast day
  22. concrete and steel skeletons of building
  23. a yellow lab running up the beach
  24. red bike chained up outside the blue door of the waffle window restaurant on se hawthorn
  25. black and white photo looking down at a new york city street
  26. old white lighthouse with a red roof on lake michigan
  27. a young man holds a surfboard on the sand of the oregon coast waves crashing in the background
  28. staring up at the brooklyn bridge arches
  29. billboards, banners and busses advertise in times square
  30. people walking along the sidewalk in downtown portland near pioneer square
  31. a red volkswagen beetle amidst the apartment towers in vancouver's west end neighborhood
  32. a yellow lab running through the surf on the beach with a toy
  33. a brown bear sits in a pool of water
  34. cars on a wide chicago street
  35. an l train rolls through elevated tracks over the river in downtown Chicago
  36. a girl in a red sweater and blue jeans walks along the brooklyn bridge on a sunny afternoon
  37. sun light reflects off the aluminum sides of an l-train high on a platform in downtown Chciago
  38. cars driving down 5th avenue in new york city
  39. bright sunny afternoon at the wailuku public library
  40. side of a building in portland catches the afternoon light illuminating its bright white walls and red window frames
  41. grayscale image of a sandstone rock formation in the afternoon light in arches national park
  42. yellow sunlight in an alley warming a brick building
  43. looking down at mcdonalds from the empire state building
  44. girls on the steps of the MET on a rainy using mobile phones
  45. crowds of people on a sidewalk next to central park holding umbrellas
  46. people walk along the wooden pedestrian overpass on the brooklyn bridge in harsh storm lighting
  47. south west chicago sprawls out below the sears tower
  48. dinosaur tracks on the sidewalk leading into the science museum of minnesota
  49. a building in downtown Minneapolis
  50. a purple specialized road bike chained to a bike post on southeast hawthorne boulevard in portland
  51. black labrador dog with a befuddled expression on his face
  52. ferrys circle around the statue of liberty in a compressed shot taken from the top of the empire state building
  53. a young male break dances in the middle of the sidewalk while people look on in new york city
  54. Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge
  55. compressed image of busses, taxis, suvs, people, advertisements and street signs in times square
  56. mature golden retriever dog lays in a backyard chewing on a tennis ball in the distilled green light from full foliage trees
  57. tourists crowd around on the observation deck of the empire state building
  58. strong horizontal lighting illuminates a chain link fence and trees along a snow-covered field
  59. dark heavy clouds roll across the sky obscuring the sun and diffusing the light
  60. heavy storm clouds over condos on vancouver's west end
  61. the l train track runs between apartment buildings in down town chicago
  62. a man rides a road bike through central park
  63. looking out over lake michigan and the city of chicago from the Sears Tower
  64. spires of the cathedral of st paul against a cloudy sky
  65. aa runner in sunset beach park in vancouver british columbia's west end neighborhood on a winter afternoon
  66. a boutique on hawthorne Boulevard named eight women
  67. smokestacks stand silhouetted against an overcast sky
  68. a MAX light rail train rolls past Pioneer Square
  69. looking between two gigantic rocks at the la sal mountains
  70. a cyclist in a blue sleeveless jersey on a red bike on the brooklyn bridge
  71. the empire state building rises over manhattan
  72. two kids with a video camera in portland's waterfront park
  73. People walk past the adidas store in the pearl district
  74. a girl stands on a rock in front of english bay in sunset beach park in vancouver washington
  75. pepsi cola billboard on the east side of the east river
  76. a parking lot near seattle center in downtown seattle
  77. busses in minneapolis
  78. a man and a woman stand under an umbrella outside the 77 street subway station at lenox hill hospital
  79. flowers and other beach flora in front of haystalk rock on the oregon coast
  80. a spray can in the weeds outside an abandoned building in portland's pirate town
  81. a lonely old brick barn
  82. pink flowers on a tree
  83. looking down on south burnside avenue from the pittock mansion
  84. ice cream vendor with a colorful umbrella atop her cart on the stone arch bridge in minneapolis
  85. blond female relaxes against a log reading a book
  86. flags on a bridge over the chicago river
  87. members of the gallatin ham radio club
  88. a bright orange poppy
  89. looking out at kaneohe station on honolulu hawaii
  90. the historic first security bank building in salt lake city
  91. a bright green curiser chained to a post in a residential neighborhood of vancouver
  92. cyclist in yellowstone national park
  93. clock in vienna
  94. bright orange berries on a bush with fall-withered leaves
  95. the remains of boodles restaurant, montana trails gallery, the r bar on bozemans main street
  96. an older japanese man riding an orange cruiser bike in vancouver, british columbia
  97. female sitting in arches national park, with her hair backlit by the strong afternoon sun
  98. two ladies walking on the top of peets hill in bozeman, montana on a winter day
  99. a black town bike locked to a post in an urban neighborhood
  100. flower beds around a glass building
  101. gold medal flour mill and new condos rise up alongside the mississippi river
  102. An L train on an elevated track in downtown Chicago.
  103. A red Saab drives down a wet main street bozeman past Holy Rosary Church and First Interstate Bank
  104. Vapor trail of an airplane going over arches national park
  105. 2 men walk down an dumbster strewn alley in downtown Seattle
  106. looking south on broadway avenue on a rainy day. a porche in the foreground and the portland marriot in the background.
  107. Historic Chicago building reflected in the windows of a newer building
  108. Main Street Bozeman from the perspective of a passenger on a winter evening
  109. Spires in Arches National Park catch the afternoon sun as the La Sal mountains looming in the background.
  110. Runners approach a leaf-strewn bridge on Bozeman's Gallagator Trail off of South Garfield Avenue.
  111. Man in a black coat walks down a sun-drenched street in the Vancouver Heights neighborhood on a stormy afternoon.
  112. Chicago's L train goes around a curve in the track overhead with the sun beaming down.
  113. Red Toyota Yaris going through an intersection in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia on an overcast winter day.
  114. 2008-09-24.jpg
  115. The Aqua Bus in Vancouver, British Columbia on an overcast winter day.
  116. The back of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City with a United States flag flying.
  117. 2008-09-04.jpg
  118. 2008-09-02.jpg
  119. 2008-08-27.jpg
  120. 2008-08-23.jpg
  121. 2008-08-22.jpg
  122. sailboats in everett bay
  123. 2008-08-08.jpg
  124. pillsbury flour mill on the banks of the mississippi
  125. busses parked along the sidewalk
  126. 2008-06-22.jpg
  127. dog dries off
  128. two bison laying down in a field
  129. sandhill cranes walking
  130. female holds a puppy
  131. white barn against a deep blue sky
  132. minneapolis cityscape
  133. an old fence surrounded by shrubs
  134. standing outside
  135. moving yellow vw beetle
  136. wet dog shaking off
  137. yellow leaves
  138. group of young people cross the street
  139. brown river flows under dark storm clouds
  140. black lab nosing rocks
  141. snow falling on green and yellow apartment building
  142. golden retriever sitting in the grass
  143. minvan parked on the side of an alley under telephone poles across from a dumpster
  144. yellow leaves backlit by the afternoon sun
  145. 3 men put on ski gear on top of the Bridger ridge
  146. gray sky reflected in green windows
  147. black lab puppy on a trail
  148. a mercedes heads down a street in seattle washington in afternoon rush hour traffic
  149. man crosses a street with traffic in downtown seattle
  150. people walk past a bright pink and green ipod wrapped bus on a seattle street
  151. foshay building, a concrete structure spouting antennas against a stormy minnesota sky
  152. subaru outback wagon sits in the shadow of the bridger range on the outskirts of bozeman montana
  153. rooflines of the brick breeden fieldhouse and msu dorms
  154. Pillsbury Flour Mill in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River
  155. people look over the railing of the stone arch bridge at the mississippi gushing below
  156. a man in a tan coat and a woman in gray pants walk up a sidewalk in seattle
  157. woman rides a bike over the mississippi river in minneapolis
  158. creek running through the north end of yellowstone national park
  159. bright orange poppy backlit by the afternoon sun
  160. subdivision in south bozeman as seen from the galligator trail
  161. a tree casts a sharp blue shadow on cristally white snow
  162. cars speed under an overpass of seattle's interstate 5
  163. women crossing a lonely intersection in a small town, setting sun casting long shadows
  164. large bull elk sitting on a snowy hill in Yellowtone National Park
  165. a lonely cup of coffee sits on a porch

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