grainy, black and white photo of portland oregon stretching out to the horizon

Portland Oregon: The View from the Pittock Mansion

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Portland, Oregon on a sorta hazy, sorta cloudy day. Shot from the Pittock Mansion looking east. I tried to process this to look like a ISO 400 black and white print on satin or pearl paper of a photo shot with a yellow filter. Turned out pretty close to what I wanted although its hard to tell at the small size on the blog.

Whether that effect improved the photo or not though, I’m uncertain. My photos from this day have some awkward ranges as a result of the atmospheric conditions. They tend to be low key with intense highlights. The black and white conversion on this one, especially at a small size, has reduced every element of this photo to resemble every other element. There’s a lot of very small, very dark areas next to small very bright areas. The leaves in the foreground mingle and mix into the apartments and offices which merge into the bridges and underpasses and on into the trees of the east hills.

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  • it does have a filmy look to it.. but yeah, that’s a nice vantage point you shot this scene from.. nice work.. :)

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  • Shutter speed: 1/125 sec
  • Focal length: 70mm
  • Aperture: f/6.0


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