a fruit vendor in new york city on a rainy summer morning

NYC Fruit Vendor

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Can you spot (the soaked) Montanan? We believe in the power of sportswear not umbrellas. Turned out that New York’s weather is way worse than anything you’ll encounter on the west coast.

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  • What a shot, the lion king, cool line. I love this picture, gives a great feeling. Its raining hard but they are working. Great capture

  • lol.. it’s the east coast, dude.. ;D good decision to buy from these guys, they sell it for much cheaper than those in the grocery.. :)

  • oh, my bad.. i get it.. yeah, you’re right.. ;D

  • haha – love your description. same with Vancouverites – we won’t be seen with umbrellas. it sure looks wet here though. great colors.

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