the sun sets behind a hill on the other side of the otter tail river on a summer evening in phelps mill park

Sunset in Phelps Mill Park

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Hmm, I’ve posted a lot of sunset photos this week. And lots of summer time images. Getting antsy for longer, warmer days I guess :) This is in Phelps Mill Park in Otter Tail County, in the west central part of Minnesota.

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  • YOU are not the only one getting antsy for the warmer days, I am finding i am doing the same thing with my postings as well. How far of a ride from the twin cities? and would you recommend a side trip here if visiting the twin cities?

  • haha – exactly what i thought when this one came up. the sun in this is really inspiring.

  • Aaww man this is just what I need. In the middle of a massive snow storm right now. Could use a nice warm and lazy afternoon spent just lazying about. This looks like one of those

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