an army national guard humvee parked on south bozeman avenue in front of first security bank

Humvee In Downtown Bozeman

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An Army National Guard Humvee blocks off access to Bozeman’s Main Street via South Bozeman Avenue last spring following a natural gas explosion. The city was allowed to use the National Guard to secure the scene since the fire took something like 20 hours to get under control and all the local police resources were quite literally exhausted.

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  • looks like a scene from a martian themed game! :) nice shot! :)

  • i remember that explosion and all your great photographs from it. i think this might be my favorite so far from that event. the cross-processing really brings out the lights and emphasizes the sci-fi like shapes of the structures behind the humvee.

  • martial game or a science fiction movie.
    The people from outer space have just landed and prepare their invasion now…

  • @grapf the orbs — if you want to call them that — behind the humvees were the awnings for the drive through of a bank on that corner. as part of the construction of a new facade for the bank (you can see some evidence to the left of the frame) they tore down the orbs. obviously they were of a bygone era but they had a certain charm. not sure what will replace them yet. won’t be quite the same though.

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