black and white photo, looking down at macy's from the empire state building


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Macy’s Department Store and what I believe is 34th Avenue as seen from the Empire State Building.

Have you ever looked down over a city while flying and felt an odd disassociation with what is going on down below? Not just spatially but in purpose? That’s kind of how this photo makes me feel. All those people down there occupied with carrying themselves through this intersection and me up above, just observing.

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  • great capture.. that’s probably why batman / spiderman loves perching high up above those buildings too, eh? :D

  • Great angle and great view, nice location to take a view of the city.

  • the texture in this is really lovely. almost like film grain. what i notice here are the huge fans on the building top – at least they look like fans or some sort of ventilation. they are a cool shape anyway. sorry that’s not what you mean for us to notice – maybe it’s part of that disconnect you talk about – the people feel abstract here.

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