a pedicab driver on a street in new york city

Pedicab Driver

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A pedicab driver on 5th Avenue in New York City (that glass cube in the background is the Apple store ). I suppose pedicab sounds more american than rickshaw. I read an article about these a while back, that they’re the way to get around in China. The only reason to own a car in China, it said, is so you can enjoy the privilege of sitting in traffic. It’s funny how the concept of sitting in traffic can be something to aspire to.

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  • Today, I’ve learned a new word : pedicab%u2026
    And an interesting thought about it

  • lol, well, that sure is funny.. :) i never got to ride in one of these pedicabs, i keep thinking that they’re to expensive.. :)
    i like how you framed this scene.. very nice clarity as well.. :)

  • love the hits of yellow throughout this – but the real stars of this one are the buildings i think – you have such an affinity for photographing city buildings.

    smiled at the idea of aspiring to sitting in traffic. not me.

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