a max train streams past a lonely bicycle chained to a post

Portland's MAX Train at Night

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A MAX light rail train flys past a lonely bicycle left chained to a post on Southwest Morrison Street near Pioneer Square in downtown Portland, Oregon.

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  • I love the sense of motion you have captured in this image, WOW

  • awesome motion blur here.. i really like how it blurs out the background.. nice work! :)

  • you have a way of photographing bikes that makes them feel like people or animals or some sort of animated beings. they just seem very full of feeling and this isn’t the first time i’ve seen this in your work.

  • the bright ghost train behind the lonesome bicycle is a very nice ballad of the city!
    I didn’t know that you’ve trams in Portland.

  • @grapf oh yeah, Portland has one of the best public transportation systems of any city in America — I think that’s an actual statistic not just me pimping it up :) They have a light rail system, a street car system and an extensive bus system. Plus they’re super bike and pedestrian friendly.

  • Awesome shot, love the composition and timing of the shot.

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  • Shutter speed: 8 sec
  • Focal length: 72 mm
  • Aperture: f/5.6


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