empty spray cans and other trash litter the floor of an abandoned run down building

Pirate Town

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Spray cans and trash litter the floor in Pirate Town, a series of run down abandoned buildings on the University of Portland campus in north Portland. It has some of the coolest graffiti I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it has long on this earth though. There was a multitude of CAT equipment that seemed to be destined to take down the brick and cement structures. A friend who had been up a month or so before noticed that it changes fairly frequently. It was totally different when we were there than when she had been at the beginning of the spring.

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  • i agree, this are some amazing graffiti work here.. great shot too.. :)

  • that patch of sunlight on the wall really makes this. also like that you’ve shown the paint cans and trash as well.

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