a bright orange poppy


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The people who owned the house before us evidentially liked these. I definitely don’t have a green thumb but they bloom every spring along the side of the house. So far anyway. I think there’s less every year :)

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  • the lighting is the first thing i noticed here.. nice shot! :)

  • the sunlight through the petals is so beautiful. especially where the orange meets that grey/blue sky.

    oriental poppies will keep coming back for 100 years. you might try a bit of compost in your soil or putting a bit of bone meal in in the fall. doesn’t take more than a few minutes to do this. (and sorry if you’d rather not have unsolicited gardening advice)

  • The light through the petals just adds to the delicate feel of the flowers. Love the color of the orange against the sky, just makes things pop!

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