bridesmaid adjusts the bride's hair before the ceremony

Bride's Hair

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Bridesmaid adjusting the hair of the bride before the wedding. Shot on ISO 800 Isochrome. I think.

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  • I like the timeless, grainy feel to this shot. You have captured one of a brides most treasured moments, and the light on the woman on the lefts face is perfect. Great job!

  • i really dig the graininess of this image, and the timelessness of it, as andrew pointed out.. i’d definitely want to go back to film if it weren’t that pricey.. excellent shot! :)

  • Great candid moment! I like the grain in this shot makes it seem older.

  • such an intimate image – for a photograph in which two people are not facing one another you have captured an intense feeling of closeness and support. would be an image for the bride or the bridesmaid to treasure.

  • Classic bridal shot. Good job Joe. So have you been to Romania?

  • Great capture. I like the expressions on their faces great lighting and tones too.

  • oh i love the look of film

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