skier performs a backflip at a freestyle skiing competition

Bridger Bumpoff Backflip

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Sunday was the Bridger Bumpoff, a freestyle skiing competition at Bridger Bowl. Robert, who was coming in fourth, decided to make the most of it on his last run with a massive backflip which immediately disqualified him from the competition (this event has a strict no inverts policy) but won him some good style points.

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  • This is an amazing shot. Absolutely fascinating, A perfect capture and timing. Outstanding job on this one.

  • The timing is so perfect it actually can’t be any better. You freezed action at exactly at the right moment as seen from the inverted horizontal position of the skis. Beautiful shot

  • damn! that’s an awesome shot!! i’m not familiar with the rules, but i was just wondering why he got disqualified..

  • Wow incredible photo! Great job freezing the action! Really nice work!

  • WOW! way cool action shot :) 11/10 for this one !

  • yes 11/10 for this – at least – it’s so wonderful. the figure feels to be floating – like he could still be there. the colors are fabulous too.

    i also like your commentary. extends the image and makes me think about what it’s like to be so in the moment that you just go for what you feels right and to hell with the rules and medals.

  • Man this shot is sweet. I love how you can just see the tops of the tress in the background, makes it feel like shes way up in the air.

  • Stunning image and capture – don’t know if it’s a dream into reality or reality into a dream – really superb !!

  • quel bel envol! impressionnant! en plus sur le ciel magnifique. très belle image

  • IMPRESSIVE!!!! Great action shot, love the moment in time your froze….now the question….do you do that, can you jump like that??? Thanks for sharing.

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