wine bottles on display over a bar in the belltown neighborhood of seattle

Belltown Bar

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Wine bottles in a bar in the Belltown Neighborhood of Seattle.

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  • hmm.. booze.. :D this looks like a nice place to hang out in..

  • @Calusarus haha. this image reminds me that i need to buy a monitor calibrator for my imac. it’s way brighter than it should be. the chiaroscuro is intentional but it looks like i’m loosing a lot of shadow detail on a calibrated display. whoops :P

  • just saw your comment joe – i understand what you mean about loosing detail in the shadows – as this shows up on my monitor though all that rich dark under the counter gives the bar counter an impression of floating in the air and also zooms my eyes in on those bottles. i like how it looks.

  • wow i can’t take my eyes off those deep colored bottles! and it’s because of the image not what they contain. this is really great – i love how dark your darks are in this. and the wheel reflection is great too.

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