a national guard soldier sits in a humvee at the end of the closed off area of main street

Bozeman Explosion, Next Day

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Another mid-day update today. The Governor declared a state of emergency yesterday and got National Guard support to help local police resources. Here, a soldier sits in a Humvee on the East end of Main Street. The soldiers are unarmed and are on deployment for 72 hours at least. In the background you can see fire crews continuing to work from the ladder truck.

I’ve posted more photos to the #bozexplod flickr set I created yesterday. Including photos from last night.

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  • i mean lazy, peaceful looking snow – never feels lazy or peaceful when you’re out in it.

  • were people killed or injured in the explosion? i hope not.

    this is a fantastic image. i’m again struck by the contrast between the activity and emergency and then this lazy, peaceful snow.

  • @michele There’s one missing person, no reported injuries or fatalities yet. That is incredible unto itself, that more people weren’t hurt in the incident. The explosion happened right when downtown is normally starting to pick up with people going to work. The snow yesterday made for a quite downtown though.

  • it’s good that not a lot of people were hurt by this blast.. the scene you’ve captured reminds me of a stephen king movie (i just can’t quite remeber what it is yet.. :D) great shot!

  • good to know – it seemed like it could have been tragic for people.

  • @michele Yeah, it wasn’t good. A couple people missed being killed by the skin of their teeth. The missing person is probably a fatality but there’s still no official word on it. The area is still smoking, they’ve finally pulled full-time fire suppression off of it though it looks like and were running through the area with dogs according to the paper.

  • It takes all kinds of resources to handle a situation that big. I’m glad we live in a country were multi-service participation is possible. I am also glad the incident wasn’t worse. Your image sets the scene well, for those of us that weren’t there. Excellent.

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