police car sits in front of an array of fire engines on bozeman's main street.


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A midday update for today. Bozeman woke up to a massive explosion on Main Street this morning. An entire city block was destroyed by a natural gas explosion and the resulting fire. I wasn’t able to get into town until about 4 hours after the event but when I did I took a number of photos of it which I posted to flickr.

The pile of lumber on the left-hand side is the remains of Boodle’s which was a restaurant and was at the epicenter of the explosion.

Additional photos can be found by clarko17, Cary Silberman, who was downtown this morning when it happened, and in this collection compiled by Philip Downer. Additionally searching twitter and/or flickr for the hash-tag #bozexplod returns a wealth of information about the explosion.

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  • woah.. now that’s intense.. great work covering it..

  • very cool shot. looks like chaos and yet this sense is also tempered by the white snow.

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