two helicopters over an island in hawaii

Helicopters over Mokoli'i Island

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Two helicopters over the Chinaman’s Hat (Mokoli’i Island) on the rainy side of O’ahu. There were some people out on the island that had gotten trapped by the tide coming in that thought these helicopters were coming for them. They started climbing up when the bigger one came up on the top of the island. It didn’t stay though, going around to three other points, the guy dropping down on a line all three times. I checked the tail numbers when we got back to Honolulu. The big one is licensed to the DEA while the smaller one, which seemed to be spotting the bigger one, is licensed to a flight school. Wacky stuff. I don’t think the people ever got rescued, probably had to swim back once the tide went out again.

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  • you totally got the action in this one.. you don’t get to see people hanging out copters as you normally would.. :D nice shot!

  • you’ve captured a real feeling of the drama here.

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