an orange door on a yellow house

Orange and Yellow

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Not a great photo, I went for a unique crop (or at least I hope so) to add some interest. What really interests me about this photo is the color. Everytime I walk by this house, which is a couple-times-a-day event, I notice it because of the orange doors hidden behind the white storm doors. It has a fence to match and and beautiful white cottonwood trees in the backyard. It’s quite a cheery sight to behold.

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  • I see what you’re saying.. the colors of this place is really nice.. nice capture..

  • Fascinating contrasting colors and tones in this shot. Like the way you framed this one too. Interesting find and capture.

  • funny how we experience images differently. for me what stands out as juicy are the shadows of the vines and the lovely draped shadow of the chain.

    it like that you photographed something you walk by often. of course i would like that – how predictable i am.

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