portland skyline at night


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The Portland skyline on a winter evening from the Wells Fargo Tower to the U.S. Bank Tower, shot from the Hawthorne Bridge.

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  • An interesting PoW, but why not a crop ? the whatsit (?) on the left down corner is useless

  • @Calusarus this photo actually sat in my rejected pile for almost 5 years because of that stupid railing. :) I took a number of better shots that day… in flipping back through the archives I decided to pull it back out — mostly for the colors. For me this photo is about a perspective and a moment more than being a good photo. It definitely has its short falls there :)

    My original goal was to capture the city as I described — bank tower to bank tower — additionally I wanted to get the puddle on the roof and some of the colors there — a lot to ask. I never tried a full on crop… I might have to and re-post. I guess I’ve never gone for it before because I’m going to loose the Wells Fargo tower. I’m torn :)

  • I was thinking about a panoramic crop (only the buildings), but your explanation is right…

  • a crop would make it a more traditional photograph. i like that railing and i like the modern feeling it gives the image. a pano of buildings in the evening – it’s been done hundreds of thousands of times. leaves me cold. the puddle reminds me of coastal winter. the cool humidity. the puddle and the railing make this your image. surely we can move beyond the rules of 50 years ago. (sorry for the rant – i’ve need to get that off my chest for a while).

  • As a sometimes art director, if a photographer sent me this image I’d reject it on the spot. It’s not a commercial image by any means. This blog being a sort of photo-diary though I’m keeping it :) I appreciate the criticism, both good and bad. To some extent I was lazy in not cropping it (at least to kill that damn railing) but on the other hand well… you know, as @michele says it makes it mine :P

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  • Shutter speed: 1/13 sec
  • Focal length: 173 mm
  • Aperture: f/2.8


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