snowboarders riding down the edge of saddle peak

Riders on Saddle Peak

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Looking across at two snowboarders on Saddle Peak which is newly accessible from the Schlashman’s (often mispelled Slushman’s) chairlift at Bridger Bowl.

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  • These skiers are crazy : this mountain is too impressive.

  • what i find impressive are the patterns made by the skiers/boarders on the slope.. nice shot.. :)

  • yes it looks as if someone has scribbled on the mountain. which is fascinating and disturbing at the same time. this image feels very powerful and i really like your processing with it.

  • Nicely composed shot, love the B&W. [note: Bridger Bowl named it the Schlasman’s lift based on research about a person in the historical record. It is located in the Slushman’s creek drainage, which is the legal place name and spelling based on USGS Maps and other documentation. So both are probably OK. Most locals say “Slushman’s” …

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